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Big Changes Coming, Blue Avian (History, Appearance, Attributes) and Discernment | Insider GoodETxSG (Corey)

There are two updates KP put together below. For the previous GoodETxSG updates click here.

For a good summary of GoodETxSG's work see this postSummary and Data Analysis of GoodETxSG.
- Justin

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Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG… “Makeup and Background of [the] Blue Avian Beings”…

This post showed up today, and I felt it was a great question about the Blue Avians. This time I’m presenting the colors and bolding [almost exactly] as it is in the post. Some of GoodETxSG’s (Corey’s) replies are within the question text area.
[Kp note: you may note that there are no longer any numbers (like 2/6, 7/6) in the title since I am apparently finished with that phase of personal evolution.]
Forum post #629 (3-31-15, 12:32)
[Q] Curious if you know anything about the makeup and background of our Blue Avian beings. Do they have emotional, mental and physical “bodies” similar to ours?
(Corey: They manifest in a “Touchy Physical” feeling body. They seem to be sympathetic to my emotions.)

Is there physical appearance (blue and avian-like) their “natural” form or is that how it translates in our dimension and density and/or does it change depending on who they are interfacing with? Do we know anything about their lineage? Did they originate in this solar system or are they a “future” version of an currently existing specie?
(Corey: They have only appeared to me as a “Blue Avian” type of physical representation. They have not specified which of the spectrum they are considered to be in of the “Sphere Alliance 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th Density” levels. I will not speculate. They seem to communicate with me because they state that I (As quite a large amount of people on the plant) am “Star Seed” am from “Their Family/Soul Group”. They are many Millions/Billions of OUR years more evolved than us spiritually and dimensionally etc… I don’t think they started off as “Blue Macal’s” in Brazil and evolved into what they are now.)
When I think of them they inspire ideas of the “TARDIS” – LOL! I know that may sound quirky but if you know of Doctor Who then you may get the correlation to the blue box and its transdimentional, transpacial, timeless and chameleon-like qualities. I’m not sure if this is to come in the DW vids or if you even know this info, however, I appreciate your entertaining the questions.
(Corey: I am not sure I understand this part of the question.)
Blessings to you my friend!
[GoodETxSG] Thank you for the questions. The more precise the questions the better and more precise I can respond. I have been asked to do the Q and A on Forums until this firmly goes to the next level at some point. I am doing what is asked of me no matter what certain individuals think of me or my motives. I will continue to follow this path. Experiencing and Seeing the things I am I am compelled to… Time will tell if this is and exercise in futility… I am following orders as well as my heart. I have not left my own discernment out of the equation either.
Keep using your own discernment and move forward in your journey… May our paths all cross in a positive and loving way in the near future.


SourceKauilapele's Blog

Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG… “More about ‘the Blue Beings” and “Use those Discernment Filters [dammit]!!”

First of all, the titles are mine. The “dammit” is mine. Not GoodETxSG’s or Corey’s.
That being said, this communication with AngelRising’s questions I feel brings out some excellent points to consider as we traverse this massive “Unveiling and Unfoldment” zone we are now in (shall we call it the “UU belt”?… everybody’s got a “belt”… why not the “UU belt”). So here it is, in full, and as colored by GoodETxSG.
[Kp note: you may note that there are no longer any numbers (like 2/6,, th 7/6) in the title since I am apparently finished with that phase of personal evolution.]
Forum post #645 (4-1-15, 14:46)
[Q] Originally Posted by Angelrising
Thanks for your reply. And your lack of understanding of my last comment is quite understandable. I’m sure there are some Whovians on the thread who could geek out with me on this, but I’ll spare you the details – LOL.
In essence, I was wondering if they are a type of specie that exists outside of time and space as we know it?
(Corey: Yes, They have made it known that time is something that they do not experience as we do. They are from another reality so to speak when we refer to a 6th – 9th Density existence. Time/Space and Space/Time on that level are not manifested by their shared/co-creative consciousness complexes. That is as close as I can come to explaining it for our 3/4 D minds to even begin to try to comprehend.)
There are so many different ideas of what it means to be a particular “density” of being, I was trying to bypass labels to better understand simply how they operate. Density speaks to the consciousness of a specie from my point of view whereas dimension and space/time speak to more physical attributes – in relation, dimensions contain many densities, from my perspective that is. Could it be that their “blue bodies” are simply interfaces used to interact with more dense realities (like the TARDIS for my fellow Whovians) that can change shape and form as needed (unless the chameleon circuit breaks – LOL). Do they cross dimensions?
(Corey: Yes, they exist on a higher vibrational plane than we do. Since ALL “Matter, Energy & Thought (Consciousness) are just “States of Vibration”. The 3/4D “Solid States” that they have chosen to take (Color, Humanoid/Avian Form etc…) have to do with the the spectrum of their Density (Blue/Indigo) and their physical appearance seems to have a Symbolic meaning as well as elicit a long embedded psychological reaction from “US”)

If they do exist in our localized galaxy – our “dimension” – then “where” would they hail from?
(Corey: If you think of our Galaxy as a “9 Layer Dip” and we are on the 3rd layer they would be on the 6th – 9th layers. They exist within (Sort of) the the Galaxy while being completely separate and not visible or tangible to us. This is something that most of us are not going to be able to wrap our minds around (Not to insult anyone’s intelligence) and we need to not get too lost in the details IMHO.)
I think I’ve heard that Cobra provided his perspective on possibly the same beings but I didn’t know if you had specifics from your point of view. And…. Even if we went to the “spot” in our galaxy where they “reside” – if they actually exist as individualized beings who hail from a planetary consciousness naturally – would we even be able to “see” their world or do they exist in another space-time/phase that is out of sync with our own?
(Corey: No, this is not consistent with how I understand the way they exist as a higher density group of beings. This description is very much a 3/4 D “Distortion” and “Overlay” of our concepts and existence on top of what is in reality a much different existence on “Higher Density Realms”.)
Is their “touchy” physicality their natural state? And by the way, what do you mean by “touchy”? Is their physical state aided by some external technology or has their physical evolution enabled them to modify their form unaided?
(Corey: During a communication when I was physically present with “Raw-Tear-Eir” it (No Gender) put it’s hand on my forearm while communicating to me that I needed to stop focusing on my negative traits. This was when I was trying desperately to get out of doing any of this and giving excuses that I was an Introvert, was NOT a good Public Speaker and had a “Weak Speaking Voice”. Their hand felt solid and a bit “Soft and Powdery”. It was a “Physical Encounter”.)
Understanding the nature of ‘their’ reality can go far in providing some sort of context for how they operate, if you have and can share that info.
Many thanks my friend! Blessings!
[Corey] Thank you for clearing up some of your questions for me. I hope these answers suffice and helped give you some of the information you were seeking.
Some very interesting times ace coming very soon. [Kp bolding] If you are not in touch with your “Discernment Filter” now then this is something that each of you should begin to do through what ever belief system you embrace. Pray, Meditate or use your Intellect to get back in touch with that ability we were ALL born with but ALL were at least attempted to become separated from by TPTB. There are a lot of deceptive and self serving agenda’s out there as we all know. They are going to attempt to muddy up the waters as much as possible for all of us in the coming months.
Good luck to us all in sifting through all of this information and the information of others with competing agendas who are all seeking to expand your consciousness in one direction or another for both Positive and Negative Agendas…
Thank you,

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