Saturday, March 14, 2015

We're Back! Mackbook Charger Replaced and a Brief Update about Stillness in the Storm's Next Adventure

We're back! Julian and I were able to finally get a replacement charger for our Macbook. We started sharing data again yesterday.

The magsafe tip on our charger broke on tuesday after only 6 months, apparently it was a knock-off brand from China. Our good friend and roommate Ayoub, a local Moroccan from Chaouen, was invaluable in helping us find a replacement. Morocco does not have an apple store and this item was hard to track down. He asked friends, went to Tetuan for us, and negotiated a good price in the Moroccan fashion.

As you can see in the photos we "jimmy-rigged" the charger so the same thing does not happen again. Basically this charger has a weak point where the cable attaches to the tip due to continued bending. We watched some videos on how to possibly repair the cable before we decided to purchase a new one. However we didn't have the proper tools or parts necessary for the repair. This time we are taking the precautionary steps by what you see below, so that the cable's weak point is not stressed.

Thank you everyone for your support during this time. We would be unable to continue our work of posting, editing, illustrating, researching and sharing information online if it was not for the support of readers like you.

General Update about Stillness in the Storm

We are revamping our efforts on the blog, expanding to produce MEME's or Images containing information to help spread awareness. We recently did some research on popular methods of sharing data, and apparently images is one of the fastest growing mediums. The average attention span is about 2 to 3 seconds with social media users - if they haven't started reading the post before then, it is passed over. As such, we decided to use these tools of information sharing as one more item in the box for expanding consciousness and doing the great work.

Most social media users are drawn to eye catching imagery, which has the greatest reach vs links and text only. Images can also catch the attention of an unawakened consciousness more easily than a research paper or in depth article, and we have been noticing a stark increase in exposure as a result of this new effort. We encourage others to use this medium to help spread their unique perspectives and hope to one day offer more diversity of media for this purpose.

The feedback we have gotten from readers is they are looking for information to share with their fellows, and images that can be read in a few seconds are a great way to crack open the door. In our modern day high paced life, most people can't devote more than a few moments to reading something, an image helps entice curiosity without abrogating free will in the process.

CCN, Workshops, Presentations and Co-Authors

We partnered with Sierra Neblina on Galactic U Radio, sharing a compilation of information on Practical Knowledge for the Awakening. This effort on our part is the culmination of years of research, study and contemplation drawing from hundreds of different sources and works, assembling them into a narrative to provide a practical and easy to understand foundation. Our intention is not to create some dogmatic following, but to offer a complete tapestry of information providing the basis for a practical awakening within ourselves and others. To demystify the fundamental aspects of our reality and encourage the individual to become their own expert and guru. We discuss truth seeking, what truth is, how we come to understand it, and how it can transform us, imparting increasing degrees of empowerment for ourselves and others once we begin seeking it whole heartedly.

This type of data is usually not as popular as more "sensational" pieces, but the interest has grown more than we could have hoped for. We intend on expanding this to Workshops and Presentations in the near future, with the goal of creating an on going discussion and group exploration of these deeply embedded aspects of our reality; as partners in truth seeking vs Guru's who need to be followed. The goal is to collectively discover the truth, and once found, begin acting on it to develop a consciousness of personal growth and fraternal service to our fellows in the universe.

In addition to working with Lamplight Group, SoulTalk Radio and Manifest Destiny Triforce, we also began working with CCN, Conscious Consumer Network, in a cooperative effort to continue the great work. This has been a desire of ours for many years, and we hope to expand this to a cohesive and coordinated global effort of data dissemination and personal empowerment. Instead of bickering about whose truth is more valuable, we hope to unify all the various efforts into a major force of change and activism.

Finally, we have been receiving a great number of article suggestions and data from readers who have a great perspective to share. We would love to have Stillness in the Storm become a venue for other inspired truth revealers to share their unique perspective and continue in the discussion. If your interested please contact us.

Soon to be, On the Road Again

Julian and I initially came to Morocco with the goal of taking action in our own lives to help bring in a paradigm shift. While that did not come to fruition as we had envisioned, the past year of experiences has been tremendously rewarding. And has indeed created a shift within us.

We are presently looking to move back to the US, and continue our work sharing information, helping others and discovering more about ourselves. Several of our contacts there have voiced an interest in cooperating on many projects and we are currently brainstorming on how to get back before the end of May.

Thank you again for all the support and for helping spread data you feel is important for the continued awakening of consciousness on Earth. We are all in this together!
- Justin and Julian



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