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More David WIlcock Comments on Benjamin Fulford - March 3rd 2015: Confusion and Chaos at Highest Levels of G7 Governments as Revolution Begins

David posted 4 more comments on Benjamin Fulford's recent update, which can be found here. We are eagerly hoping some of these inspiring predictions come to pass. Until then we can persistently do the work in our personal lives of honoring truth and helping our fellows. 
- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford

Comment by dwilcock on March 3, 2015 @ 3:16 am

No one is asking anyone to give their power away.

The Blue Avians appear to be the same Ra that delivered the Law of One.

(The RA Material – Living the Law of One)

They started out as a positive source — which were drawn as the hawk-headed “Gods” well after they left — and were quickly misconstrued as negative.

They repeatedly say in the Law of One that the hawk is their symbol.

They also talk about the bird as a symbol of the “winged messenger” or angel.

The Hopis have an engaging legend about being rescued by “bird people.” Then you have the very clear Egyptian paintings. Then you have the “Tengu,” or bird-men that were seen in Japan. [see this post for an very in depth history of the Galaxy provided by Dan Winter, which matches much of the narrative offered by David here]

When Luke met these people the last time, they all introduced themselves by name, and every name started with the same prefix, which sounded either like “Rey” or “Rawl,” from what he remembers. This was another compelling suggestion.

I have had multiple insider confirmations now on the spheres coming in. This is of great concern to the Cabal.

When people say shaming things, my response is “would you rather I not share this at all?” As weird as it is, and I totally get that it’s “high strangeness” to say the least, this is all coming from insiders who have absolutely proven their credibility.

I do not know if we are ever going to actually see the Blue Avians. This group works behind the scenes. There is a huge “learning curve” for people to understand the scope and variety of ET life that is out there.

However, if the Snowden documents contain tons of data on the Secret Space Program, then we may be in store for a wild ride. That would be the closest we would get to a confirmation that this data about the spheres is correct.

(David Wilcock Secret Space Program February 25th 2015 - Coast to Coast (Video) | Disclosure and the Secret History of Our Solar System Radio Show - TONIGHT!)

My own intuitive abilities have validated that this is true information. This included yesterday putting it together and realizing this group was Ra, then being told “Go outside now” and there was a rainbow. Then later I walked, connected even more dots and there was a much bigger rainbow in a completely separate location.

Synchronicities, dreams, et cetera… it’s all coming together.

BTW, one of the things that has made the Cabal so upset is the Blue Avians have short-circuited them and have gone directly out and contacted the people. This can come in the form of a visible orb of light in the room. Most of the people getting this are being “downloaded” some sort of information that they do not consciously recall yet. Others are getting open communication.

So there you have it.

- David

Comment by dwilcock on March 3, 2015 @ 3:35 am

All I can say is this is absolutely real. The people I am talking to about this are definitely not lying. We literally thought Luke might die, or at the very least be tortured, from having this meeting. The Cabal was very, very angry about it.

Then it was an intriguing twist that after I increased his “vibration” through inspiring him to see this invitation as positive, they were then able to pull him into an OBE instead of needing him physically there in person.

They also impressed upon him the need to eat a diet with a “much higher vibration” and did not give specifics, leaving it to me to tell him about the weaponization of the food supply by the Cabal and why you should avoid wheat, refined sugar, processed and pre-packaged food, fried food, conventional produce, et cetera.

(How to Cure Food Addictions | How Sugar Affects the Brain and the Body and what you can do about it)

Their goal is to ensure that the “cycles” of war, pain and fear do not continue, and that we move into a loving society. For me the most interesting new thing in light of this was that I was told BEFORE this update that Cabal elements had recently entered the Alliance — this is what the Blue Avians said — and then you have Ben saying William is cutting a deal with the Asians.

This would make a great episodic TV show or film if written properly!

- David

Comment by dwilcock on March 3, 2015 @ 4:05 am

The weirdest thing about the Blue Avians, from the Space Program perspective, is they do not need any technology. If they want to go somewhere, they just appear there. This is exactly what Ra says they are like at their level.

For this same reason, it seems clear that they could project themselves into whatever form they choose, and have chosen this form for its various symbolic characteristics.

It’s going to come out anyway, so I will also say that the Blue Avians confirmed I was one of the people they have been in contact with.

I think a great number of us have had some degree of “downloading” from these angelic beings already, whether we realize it or not.

We knew Ra was one of two key groups managing Earth’s transformation, but I never expected they would make such a dramatic “in person” appearance at the end of the cycle like this.

- David

Comment by dwilcock on March 3, 2015 @ 4:14 am
You are much too kind.

- David

Comment by dwilcock on March 3, 2015 @ 6:02 am

Since someone asked, the Blue Avians do not speak. They communicate telepathically while simultaneously holding up their right hand, palm forward, and doing very fast sign language that corresponds with what you hear in your mind.

Luke did not understand the sign language but they obviously do. Only one hand was ever used.

- David

Comment by dwilcock on March 3, 2015 x @ 6:05 am

This is clearly another example of the Blue Avians / Sphere Beings removing all offensive capabilities that the Cabal could have used to wipe us out on earth.

Notice that it happened AFTER I did the show on Coast and announced that they were doing this, as well as announcing it in the corresponding article:

3/2: US Military Satellite Explodes Above Earth

– David

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