Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lisa M Harrison and Mel Ve... The Untold Story - March 11th 2015 (Video and Audio)

Mel, the founder of CCN, recently did an interview with Lisa M Harrison discussing her life experience with Dark Occultism and hidden activities of earth. One more link in a chain of recent disclosures about the hidden (occult) aspects of our collective experience. 

We are very happy to be participating in this global effort of disclosure on CCN and joining in the growing unity movement. 
- Justin

Source - Lisa M Harrison

Join Lisa and Mel Ve as Mel shares her story in depth for the first time.
Mel’s experiences with her Biological father and the mainstream media in London in relation to cults, and it’s relevance to current headlines surrounding the satanic ritual abuse of children in Hampstead Heath.

Audio Only

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