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Hidden Archeology & Secret Space Program | Coast To Coast AM Radio with George Noory - March 12, 2015

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Published on Mar 13, 2015

Coast To Coast AM - March 12, 2015 Secret Space Program & Hidden Archaeology

Dissident intellectual Michael Cremo discussed his continuing work in forbidden archaeology and human origins including artifacts and discoveries that don't fit into conventional timelines and theories of the academic and scientific communities. He addressed the recent discovery of a jawbone in Ethiopia which researchers believe may be one of the very first humans. It's deceptive to think of this artifact, which dates back some 2.8 million years, as being human-- it came from an ape-man type species that stood between 3-4 ft. tall, he noted. Cremo believes there's evidence that modern type humans co-existed with such primitive creatures going back 2-3 million years ago. For instance, a jaw fragment found around 1920 in Argentina in a rock formation that dates back millions of years had completely human characteristics, he reported.

Cremo spoke about his recent trip to the ancient Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, the largest religious monument in the world, created in the 12th Century. It's a Vishnu temple that has cosmological and astronomical information built into its very structure. There are huge stone carvings and murals depicting different historical events from the ancient Vedic (Indian) texts, including a battle in which a spaceship (vimana) was captured, and used by a combatant to attack Earth, he detailed.

The central part of the Angkor Wat temple has a tower that represents the cosmic mountain called Meru, he continued, adding that a number of ancient cosmologies had traditions which involved unseen dimensions that couldn't be observed through ordinary human perception. Cremo also touched on the use of spiritual archaeology, in which those with psychic gifts or paranormal powers sometimes assist mainstream archaeologists. This was the case with J.T. Robinson, who was working in South Africa and was responsible for important discoveries on the early hominid Australopithecus. He brought clairvoyant Geoffrey Hodson to the caves, and Hodson went into trance states to envision what the creature looked like and how it behaved millions of years ago, Cremo recounted.
Lunar Anomalies & Secret Space Program

First hour guest, civilian intelligence analyst and psychotherapist in New York City, Robert Morningstar, talked about evidence for towers on the moon, and a secret space program (related images & video). Some of the lunar structures don't look human-made, and have more of an insectoid-like architecture, he commented. The towers on the moon, which resemble spires, were first recorded by the Russians, and some stretch miles in the air, Morningstar reported. The secret space program, he continued, began as early as the 1950s, with technology compartmentalized into different divisions such as the US Navy, who reverse engineered a UFO retrieved from the 'Battle of LA' incident.



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