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Gaia Portal - March 9th 2015: New steps are collectively taken upon the Higher Pathway - with possible meanings by Justin

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Possible Meanings - "Stabilisations continue as asynchonicities are resolved." - The term asynchonicities is very similar to asynchronicities, which I will assume is just a miss spelling. An asynchronicity is a non synchronous event, the opposition to a synchronicity. Taking the full statement into account, there is a stabilisation occurring as a result of non synchronous probabilities being resolved. A synchronicity, as it is known in the awakening community, is the phenomenon of two seemingly unconnected events appearing to be connected in subjective experience. For example, Julian and I often watch popular fiction for allegorical meanings. The TV shows The Mentalist and Sherlock had 2 episodes wherein the story involved creating a false event using fake blood (which rarely do we actually see them pouring on film, but did in these to episodes) - The Mentalist created a fake murder and Sherlock faked his own death using MI6 False Flag techniques (a rather revealing episode in its own right). The synchronous experience occurred for us because we watched the Mentalist Episode and then Watched the Sherlock Episode back to back; we experienced a synchronicity. Therefore, Synchronicity is a subjective phenomenon, 2 events which have objective similarity are observed by a human mind, and consciously linked together, a recognition of commonality. As such, awareness vs ignorance literally causes more synchronicities, and most people who have "gone down the rabbit hole" experience an increase in synchronous events, usually related to numbers on clocks and signs. The stabilization discussed in this statement, given the mechanics described, suggests awareness and consciousness is being expanded, and the capacity to maintain ignorance in humanity at large is diminishing. 

"Baricentrics have completed growth phase." - The term baricentric is very close to barycentric, which I will assume is just a miss spelling. A barycentric is a term relating to a center of gravity - which have completed growth phase. The term growth here suggests that a fundamental change has taken place, a shift in a center of gravity. There are 2 possible meanings we can ascribe to this which relate to each other. One, that material gravity has changed, that Gaia has completed a growth phase resulting in a shift in the material gravity center of the planet. Consciousness has the ability to affect gravitational fields, describe in detail in Dan Winter's work. This leads to our second meaning, which links to the first. That as humanity develops greater truth reflectivity within, and ignorance is dispelled, consciousness becomes more coherent and affects the gravity fields of not only earth, but the surrounding solar system. As such, the causal chain is as follows: first consciousness is up stepped in coherence, humanity is more grounded, truth receptive and harmonious in mind, which alters the coherence patterns of humanity affecting material gravity on Gaia. Given the above statement of stabilization above, this interpretation has resonance. 

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"Particulates of off resonance have been removed." - A particulate refers to minute separate particles of a substance, usually in reference to pollution, and off resonance being removed. This suggests that thought-forms, beliefs, and ideas, which are polluting the collective consciousness of humanity are being removed, possibly as a result of the aforementioned stabilization. When we consider the nature of beliefs, ideas and thoughts which are accepted in the minds of humanity, this statement is of particular importance. Those who are developing an accurate understanding of what a truth is vs The Truth, are able to escape the perceptions of duality and move into unity consciousness. "A web of lifes is woven with strands of truth" is an aphorism which comes to mind. Essentially, because a mind charges ideas with energy as a result of belief, a human being literally acts like a resonator for thought forms. If these thought forms are not accurate (if they are Negative Knowledge or False) then this creates dissonance within consciousness, which affects the whole of humanity. The false belief of authority, that leaders deserve our blind allegiance is one such example of a dissonant thought form, and reveals why the Cabal spends so much energy pushing ideas subtly on to the masses, which is maintained by humanity accepting the idea that 'experts' are needed because 'we are too stupid to understand reality ourselves.' Of course this is not true, each of us is capable of knowing reality at an expert level, if we are willing to do the work of understanding it personally. 

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"Dormant pathways now awaken." - This statement suggests that possibilities which were once blocked from our perception, are now becoming active. Given the above analysis, this resonates strongly with the notion of consciousness awakening. Just like developing an understanding of a written language can allow one to see meanings that they could not before, as humanity sheds its self imposed ignorance, and more Positive Knowledge is infused into the mind, possibilities which were once inconceivable are now seen as possible. Consider Rupert Sheldrake's work on the so called Morphogenetic field. In his work, he conducted experiments wherein he showed an image with over 50 faces to audiences across the globe, asking participants to identify faces. Initially only a handful of faces could be recognized, but after he revealed all of them to an audience in the UK, people were able to recognize more faces despite having no contact with the UK group. This observation, in addition to many similar experiments, reveals that as the mind is exposed to experiences they ground in the collective consciousness, becoming more accessible to other people as exposure increases. This all is reflective of an Entrainment mechanism of mind, that as more minds reflect the ideas in their minds, charging them with belief, they literally increase the mental amplitude of the thought forms, allow for the information to be accessed more easily. 

Slide 18 from The Presentation on The Orders of Life, Consciousness
Evolution and Personality Emergence
"Dormant Gaia Beings awaken."- Recently, a commenter shared that Gaia Beings are starseeds, or ascended souls of Hue-manity who have been doing 'energy work' to activate Gaia, and bring in the Nova Earth. These energy workers meditate and perform energy activations during key times and on key locations on earth. I can not confirm the validity of this assertion, but we can cite the affects of meditation on global events. Using a broader meaning, the term Gaia Beings suggests humans who have attained spiritual vision and a measure of activism. This interpretation resonates with the aforementioned analysis, in that as humanity is cleansed of false beliefs, dormant pathways awaken.

"New steps are collectively taken upon the Higher Pathway." - Here is a culmination of the preceding statements. New steps are collectively taken upon the Higher Pathway suggests as humanity continues to stabilize as a result of opening their minds to truth, reflecting it within and acting on the once dormant pathway, collectively we open the doorway for a Higher Path. This resonates with the preceding analysis, suggesting that a momentum of awakening consciousness is increasing in humanity, which will continue to assist those who have refused the offer by way of entrainment. As we discussed recently, the order of life which humanity belongs, is that of free will. We evolve because we choose to, not because of an unconscious and automatic process.
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

Stabilisations continue as asynchonicities are resolved.

Baricentrics have completed growth phase.

Particulates of off resonance have been removed.

Dormant pathways now awaken.

Dormant Gaia Beings awaken.

New steps are collectively taken upon the Higher Pathway.



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