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Gaia Portal - March 5th 2015: Firestorms of Gaia energetics dissolve firewalls of obscuration - with possible meanings by Justin

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Possible Meanings - "Firestorms of Gaia energetics dissolve firewalls of obscuration." - An obscuration is a thing not discovered or known about - obscured from perception. Given the nature of Gaia Portal updates, and the mechanics of perception, things that are obscured from one's view is due to lack of knowledge to see it for what it is. Like the knowledge of a language allows one to decode written symbols into meaning, the whole of reality is symbolic and can only be decoded once an accurate representation of the relationships are reflected in the mind. Perception and recognition, in this sense, is like the quality of an image, the less knowledge we have, the lower the resolution. Firestorms suggests the fire of consciousness, like that which is infused into the earth due to solar activity, and is dissolving firewalls of obscuration

The Choice of Ignorance Creates a Firewall of Obscuration

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I could write a whole paper on the relationships described in this statement. Briefly, conscious awareness, the ability to receive data streams from the environment via the receiver of the body is directly related to Electromagnetic interactions. This is not a contrasting point of view to that of other popularized concepts of interconnectedness. The material reality is a 'condensed' form of 'spiritual essence,' awareness as it functions within the body is part and parcel with the super material consciousness realms. As EM coherence increases due to solar activity, the resulting bodies of the earths population are increased in their reality sensitivity due to entrainment. Free will stands as the gatekeeper to ascending degrees of consciousness, and one's desire to be ignorant is literally a firewall of obscuration. The choice to ignore reality must be met with a series of mental constructs to defend against the heightened awareness, but eventually the walls of ignorance break down and there is a massive 'slingshot' effect on consciousness, usually highly charged emotions, and if unwanted by the personality, results in trauma. 

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One of the clearest examples of this is the Vaccination "red pill." Many people blindly believe the pseudo science of vaccination, and dole out suffering on themselves and their loved ones, the truth about this is rejected as a matter of survival of the egocentric personality. But once vaccination truth is accepted, a massive wave of emotional charge sweeps over the individual, usually causing a depressive episode (the grieving response) as the realization of moral culpability is accepted. Thankfully, this is the "karma" of our own making, and the only thing that makes it difficult, is our resistance to accept what is, and the reality of our actions and beliefs. 

"Hue-manity and hu-manity complete necessary processes for removal of blinders." - Again we have the concept of removing the veil, lifting of delusion to allow for reality to be reflected within. Given the above analysis, the blinders here can be taken to mean the Negative Knowledge (false knowledge) we have accepted within, which blinds us to the truth. Again, if we learn a language improperly, we can not decode the symbols used correctly, and we are blind to the concepts being offered by the written word. Hue-manity and hu-manity complete necessary processes for removal of blinders - the necessary steps given the mechanics of  perception and consciousness, are freewill choices to receive the truth; open mindedness.

"Higher Assistance compels the ultimate sacrifices from egoic humanity." - Higher Assistance here suggests beings of a higher order, ascended humans if you like. While any concept of hierarchy has become synonymous with the control mechanism, the Principles of Polarity and Vibration indicate that this is merely a status of attainment, not some other then attainable quality inherent within these beings. Those who have knowledge impart it on to those who do not, those who choose to understand are empowered vs those who choose to be ignorant. A microcosmic example of this is raising a child, who comes into the world with a great store of potential knowledge, and actualizes it as a result of life experience; coming in contact with other beings (parents) who have actualized more of reality within. The sacrifices from egoic humanity in light of the aforementioned mechanics of personality attainment, is the choice of truth vs ignorance. Ignorance, an attempt to defend one's sense of self (the identity) against reality, is a purely selfish choice. Again taking the hot button issue of vaccination, each individual who chooses to ignore the reality of vaccination, is acting as an agent of the Cabal by proxy, and literally causes suffering of others due to inaction. As such, these higher order beings, whether advanced Hue-mans, or otherwise, are helping to show egoic humanity the ways of truth, compelling them to make the sacrifice of letting go of old, limiting beliefs and modalities of thought. 

"Inner freedom notes are heard and expressed." - Notes here is suggestive of musical tones, which are heard and expressed. The tones of inner freedom suggest the pathway of true freedom, which is harmonized by an acknowledgement of personal responsibility and duty to the truth, are being accepted. The path of least resistance is often what drives an unawakened, animal minded, personality, but as truth is reflected within, the path of least resistance expands to include a duty to the truth and a vision which transcends the moment. For example, dietary practices on earth are largely in a modality of emotional satisfaction in the short term, at the cost of health in the long term. As more of the truth about food and health is understood, many people begin to see their short term food choices as detrimental, and begin eating food which may not give as much satisfaction during eating, but greater health over all. This concept of temporal harmonization, having our choices harmonize with our long term and short term goals, can be applied to everything we do. 

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"Light ampplitudes increase exponentially." - An amplitude is the 'volume' or intensity of a wave. For example, a low amplitude sound wave is quiet, whereas a high amplitude sound wave is loud. The spelling used here includes an extra "p" (ampplitudes) but I do not ascribe any particular meaning to this discrepancy. The term light is often used to symbolize awareness and truth reception. Taking all this into account, the statement harmonizes with the above analysis, suggesting awareness and truth reception is increasing at an exponential rate; doubling in intensity as each unit of measure moves along. Walls of ignorance are sure to break down as time goes on. 

"Gaia communities revise prior pathways." - Gaia communities I take to mean any population of beings on earth, and suggests a holistic relationship. They could have referred to human communities, animal communities, etc, but instead gaia communities suggest all life working in some level of harmony. Further, they are revising prior pathways, changing the paths of least resistance talked of earlier, moving away from egocentric choices of ignorance, and towards recognition of interconnectedness; which is the other end of the pole. One property of truth reflectivity, is its reciprocal nature. If a being refuses to accept the truth, this truth must be defended against by creating a thought form which is reciprocal to the actual truth. For example, the truth about vaccines is that: they are ineffective, never have cured any illness with great efficacy, and do not impart immunity. The false belief as such, is that: they are effective, have cured illnesses in the past with great efficacy and do impart immunity; a reciprocal relationship. The psychological concept of normalization reflects this mechanic of reciprocal consciousness and mind reflectivity as well. Hence the Cabal's constant program of disseminating secret projects, truth about ET's, human history, science and more in movies, films and works of fiction

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"The Flowering begins." - The flowering begins suggests that an outward expression is happening. Flowering is one phase of personality expression, first we have growth and development (inner explosion due to perfect implosive forces from the outside), then personality discovery of inner looking, finally an outward expression of sharing as a result of the compression of inner looking. Truth response has this effect. For example, when we are exposed to novel information, this causes a sharp reflection period, going within to contemplate the offered idea to see if it is true, then we express the resulting conclusion. 9/11 to an unawakened person is a major seed of truth, which once received causes this looking inward, a compression as Bashar calls it, which once completed flowers outward, the nature of which is dependent on the choice of acceptance or denial. Acceptance causes a reaction of "wanting to know more" denial causes a defensive reaction of "saying its all bull shit". In either case the mechanic is exemplified. Novel data and experience ALWAYS causes an inward flow of consciousness which is then flowered or expressed outwardly due to the personality transformation or response to the new data. Reality creates an inescapable response within the developing personality, dependent on the free will choice of acceptance vs denial. 
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

Firestorms of Gaia energetics dissolve firewalls of obscuration.

Hue-manity and hu-manity complete necessary processes for removal of blinders.

Higher Assistance compels the ultimate sacrifices from egoic humanity.

Inner freedom notes are heard and expressed.

Light ampplitudes increase exponentially.

Gaia communities revise prior pathways.

The Flowering begins.



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