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Gaia Portal - March 13th 2015: Ambrosian energetics awaken in the Gaia field - with possible meanings by Justin

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Possible Meanings - "Ambrosian energetics awaken in the Gaia field." - Ambrosia is a term referring to a very pleasing smell or taste. The it is also the food of the gods, within Greek and Roman mythology. There are a number of possible meanings which can derive from this statement. Mana from heaven, white powder or Monoatomic gold comes to mind, what apparently the Anunnaki Enki and Enlil came to mine from earth, creating the human race from the local evolving hominid population. This theory is very popular now a days, and is also discussed in Dan Winter's work, although his data is a basket of other researches - whether or not it is 100% accurate remains to be seen, but is helpful for this analysis. This relates to the statement, but it is not a direct meaning association. 

Briefly, monatomic gold, the 'Spice Melange' as it is called in Frank Herbert's Dune Series, is an artificial ascension technology, for all intents and purposes. The white powder, when consumed, binds to DNA within the body, stabilizing it, and forcing a reorientation of the geometry to cause implosion or fire in the blood; as Dan Winter describes it. This extends life, gives one access to psi abilities (time-travel, claire-smelling, sight, hearing, etc.) but has the unfortunate effect of shattering the personality instead of unifying it. When enough monatomic gold is consume, the "voices of your ancestors" come ringing in the ears, and one begins to lose their identity. 

Artificial manipulation of the geometry of DNA is what the Anunnaki were after because they lost the ability to naturally activate the implosive mechanism. During a natural course of evolution, the 'bliss experience' creates an implosive geometry within the DNA, accelerating the consciousness to 'higher vibrations', or to use a scientific vernacular, beyond the speed of light into the time-space region, or etheric planes. This of course all works by Entrainment, and varies depending on the free will choice of each being; evolution is a choice for humanity not fate. 

The fact that monoatomic gold apparently has this property, confirms the notion that human organism, and by extension all life, is designed to 'ascend' in continuing degree's of conscious evolution. As one chooses to search for truth, serve others, and honor thyself, they literally begin creating a body vehicle and mind structure capable of receiving more vibrational energy from within and with out. This is also reflected in Reciprocal Systems Theory, and Dewey Larson's work. 

Getting back to the statement, this all suggests higher, more coherent vibrational energies, that literally activates DNA implosion, and the hardwired 'immortality' mechanism latent in each human. The true 'food of the gods' is not monoatomic gold, but bliss, a conscious choice to see the love in all experience and situations, the indication of mental and body harmony. 

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"Fraternities of Light collectively assemble." - A fraternity is usually suggestive of a brotherhood of men or man, but here I think we can use the classical definition of man, which includes women. "All men are created equal" some claim is the proof the founding fathers were paternal in their thinking, but given their awareness of Natural Law principles, I think they probably used the classical definition. Given the influx of Ambrosian energetics, this suggests those of like spiritual desire and direction, on the path of truth, are assembling, whether physically, or in some other metaphysical association.

"Formations of Higher Conclaves now become apparent." - A conclave refers to a private meeting, most notably associated to the Conclave of Roman Catholic Cardinals, that vote for the next Pope. There maybe another definition proffered by Gaia Portal in the past, it seems that within the context of this update, the meaning is suggestive of either very active humans on earth doing the light craft, or beyond physical entities assembling - which is becoming apparent - presumably to humanity at large in some degree.

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"Satisfactions of lower egoics becomes low priority for all hu-manity."
 - Satisfying one's ego usually refers to narcissistic behavior - where one can turn away from the truth, if it threatens their sense of self and identity. Egocentric Behavior is usually an emotional protection mechanism, much like the fight or flight response within the R Complex of the Lower Reptilian Brain. Given the above statements, as higher energies pour in, entraining humanity with higher energies and greater potential for conscious evolution, many who are "on the fence" about their awaking experience, will begin to see the path of truth as the path of least resistance. The animal mind of emotional reactiveness will normally reject information that seems "offensive" because to consider it would change one's sense of self, the Ego. Unlike many contemporary notions of "egoless" states, the ego seems to simply be our accepted self knowledge, therefore, a truly egoless state seems unrealistic. But if we consider that our accepted knowledge of self is capable of expansion, refinement and purification - within an Alchemical framework of understanding - then any process of 'egolessness' is really just a way of opening one's mind to new perspectives, letting go of self created limitations for a time. Higher energies make this easier to do, choosing truth about one's self, and make choosing falseness all the more difficult, and energy intensive. The path of ignorance is an attempt to defend against reality itself, a losing battle and an egoic modality of personality expression.

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"Energetic enhancements affect and effect everything."
 - Again we have the suggestion of an up-stepping of energetics. And again this process undoubtedly occurs as a result of entrainment and the inducing of coherence within harmonic systems. The earth is fractal to the Sun and Solar System, which is fractal to the Galaxy, etc - and life is fractal to the earth via the Schumann Resonances.

"Partnerships of Light form at accelerated pace." - If one takes light to suggest the truth, then this statement suggests more of humanity is beginning to unify under the common banner of truth. I can personally attest to observing a great deal of unification seemingly occurring. Many old ideas, and egoic patterns of thought are being let go, without emotional upset and trauma, a very strong indication of personality attainment, and truth reflection. Continuing our work with passion will help move things along. 

This update as a whole suggests that a strong increase in consciousness expansion is occurring. How this manifests in each being depends on their free will choice, and attainment level. Those who follow truth wherever it leads, will most likely feel an increase in data streams and a greater demand for reconciliation. Any time a truth is reflected within properly it naturally creates an experience of emotional empowerment and uplift. Conversely, those on the path of falseness will find it increasingly difficult to deny the truths which are being reflected in those who seek it. The feelings of anxiety and stress will continue to build within any thought form which is not reflective of what IS. This is part of the mechanism of personality expansion, that a thing which is false, tends to 'hurt' over time, drawing our conscious attention to it, and allowing us to expand and transform this mis-truth, into a reflection of what IS. 
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

Ambrosian energetics awaken in the Gaia field.

Fraternities of Light collectively assemble.

Formations of Higher Conclaves now become apparent.

Satisfactions of lower egoics becomes low priority for all hu-manity.

Energetic enhancements affect and effect everything.

Partnerships of Light form at accelerated pace.


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