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Financial Collapse 2015? | We Are Now Set Up For One Of The Most Spectacular Financial Disasters In History

For the last year or more, many insiders have been warning of the financial fall of the United States, and USD, which in turn would lead to a global restructuring of currencies. If you've been following this blog you will have seen many updates on the BRICS New Development Bank, which has been called the answer to Financial Tyranny of the Federal Reserve and other western institutions. As with much that happens in the "public eye", there are conflicting views as to the reality behind these world changing events.

According to what David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford have been saying, it would appear as if the financial collapse of the US is exactly what is needed to get the ball going so to speak; to get rid of the evil Cabal. Bring an end to the Fed, bringing prosperity worldwide.

Another perspective we have been sharing, for various reasons, is one from Ken at Redefining God. In his writings it seems as though the hype for destroying the US economy and ushering in a new "Golden Age of BRICS" is exactly what this cabal has been planning for; the usual Hegelian Dialectic MO.

Who do we trust, the insiders saying it's all part of the plan for a Golden Age, or the Cabalists and their own writings, saying this is part of their plan for a NWO?

Below a financial report from Bill Fleckenstein, confirming the US financial collapse is taking place. Very shortly, we will either see the "Golden Age of BRICS," and a complete defeat of the Cabal, or the new prison system of the New World Order which will look as if there was a defeat as well; a softer form of slavery to entice the well trained slaves into the new system.

History has proven more often than not, the masses will happily accept a new system developed by the ruling class (the experts) instead of taking up a proactive role in ensuring this new system is truly honorable and beneficial for humanity. Unless we are to have a new type of governance, with individuals critically thinking for themselves and reigning in current governments around the world, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

However, more and more people around the world are waking up, and its up to all of us to continue or join in the great work; thinking critically and being proactive. Growing as individuals, standing for our rights, learning as much as we can and teaching those in ignorance until eventually the wave of consciousness overcomes the momentum of unconsciousness.
- Julian

Source - King World News 

With global markets recently on a tear, today one of the greats in the business sent King World News a powerful piece warning that people need to get prepared for one of the most spectacular financial disasters in history. He also discussed exactly what he is doing with his own money ahead of the coming chaos.

By Bill Fleckenstein President Of Fleckenstein Capital

March 4 (King World News) – Despite the hoopla here in America over the Nasdaq reaching 5,000 again, the rest of the world ignored that monumental "milestone" with overnight stock markets nearly all a bit lower. Even more unusual was the fact that nearly all the bond markets declined as well. I don’t want to make too much of one night, but I found the development moderately interesting (I am especially focused on the action of JGBs).

As for stocks here, they were weaker after yesterday's first-of-the-month jam job to achieve the aforementioned Nasdaq big round number, and through midday they had lost about 1% before an afternoon rally trimmed the losses to the 0.5% or so you see in the box scores.

Lesson In How Long Markets Can Remain "Insane"

Despite all of that backstory, there isn't really any point discussing the action because it is the same as it has been, with the stock bulls pretending that the Fed will be able to raise rates and the stock market will continue to go higher for whatever reasons they deem worthy. That won't turn out to be the case, but those like me who have suggested the market couldn't sustain itself without QE are getting yet another lesson in how long things can remain "insane."

Tug-Of-War In Gold And Silver

Away from stocks, green paper was a bit weaker, fixed income was as well (notably, stock weakness didn't help bonds), oil gained a percent, and the metals were lower after seeing pretty intense two-way volatility. Initially, gold dropped $10 only to rally back to up $10, then gave up its gains in New York trading. Silver followed the same pattern, and by day's end gold had a small loss while silver fell 1%. I don't know what — if anything — there is to make out of all that motion.

Nasdaq 5000 – WARNING: Incredibly Intense Speculation

In terms of the stock market, I noticed that the Wall Street Journal bent over backwards to suggest that with the Nasdaq now back to 5,000, we won't see a replay of what happened last time, with their argument sort of hinging on the fact that valuations aren't quite as extreme as they were then. Having said that, they are still extreme, and speculation is incredibly intense. If today's crop of venture stocks were public, as they would have been back in 2000, and part of a capitalization-weighted index, P/E ratios would be much higher than they currently are.

Mania Fueled By Free Money – But Financial Disaster Is Coming

Said differently, this mania is not exactly the same as the 1999-2000 version, but it is a mania nonetheless, fueled by free money and huge increases in corporate and government debt, which intensify the risks once the bubble bursts but, regrettably, don't tell us anything about the timing. So everyone who thinks they are safe because things are so much better is going to find out that, while this time is different, the ultimate outcome is still going to be quite painful.

Risks Incredibly High – What I'm Doing With My Own Money

The fact of the matter is that the risks are as high, if not higher, than they have ever been, even if the absolute downside might be slightly less (maybe). In any case, I added to my VXX position today and bought puts on Intel, as I think that company is very vulnerable to losing at beat-the-number this quarter. I also plan to buy other PC-oriented puts as events develop. (I also bought puts on Oracle.) Positions in stocks mentioned: long VXX, long INTC puts, long ORCL puts.

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