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David Wilcock Introduces his Secret Space Program "Insider": GoodETxSG

David Wilcock recently commented on Benjamin Fulford's update with a link to a forum where GoodETxSG, one of Davids insiders, has been releasing information found below.

For a good summary of GoodETxSG's work see this post Summary and Data Analysis of GoodETxSG.

We are sharing more information being brought forth about the Secret Space Program. If you didn't hear Davids last interview check it out here. GoodETxSG (the insider) introduced himself after Ascension With Earth blog posted an update and we decided to link that first in this post. Which is then followed by the Secret Space Program update. 

SourceAscension With Earth blog

Hello Readers of AscensionWithEarth Blog,

We got a visit yesterday from Luke aka GoodETxSG who introduced himself and left an update on the AWE blog.  I will be following Luke's updates and posting them on this blog to keep you informed.  The story he shares is quite interesting and if true provides valuable insight into the ongoing saga of the real life Star Wars taking place in our Solar System.   You can visit Luke's blog at .

~ enerchi

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Hello "Luke" aka "GoodETxSG" here,

A Series of Major "Alliance Conferences" at LOC/Lunar Operation Command (Same time frame as "Putin being reported as Missing"). SSP Alliance & "Defectors" from Secret Earth Governments & "Other SSP's" present for presentation by "Blue Avian" (Raw-Tear-Eir) & "INTRODUCTION"/FIRST VISIT by Second of Four "Sphere Alliance" Being (10+ Ft Tall, Golden/Brown Skin, Triangle/Teardr op Shaped Head etc.). Full Report that is available so far of this "Being" and the LOC Conference/Briefing on the Web Site Below until David Wilcock does his complete Article and Download of this information

And Note fully taken and agreed with about what is coming out of "Avalon" right now. I was used and abused in that Forum. I had no idea what I was getting into or I would have come to DW directly for the full SSP and "Other" Black Ops Programs History involvement I had. 

Do note that there in coming weeks on there are going to be some extremely extensive and through articles and reports on all of this subject matter. DW spent weeks and many hours vetting me with his other SSP Insiders and to this point he stated I have had over 230 points of correlation with no "Red Flags" or signs of deception. This includes insider information from the programs that has never been shared by anyone on the Internet or in SSP Presentations. It was quite a process but DW does not mess around when it comes to vetting his sources. This coming information/articles are going to be extremely interesting and eye opening. 



Latest Updates from Luke at this link

Quote Originally Posted by Maunagarjana View Post
Maybe think of it like this....perhaps it's not a matter of a new system being imposed on us, as you are envisioning. Maybe it's more a matter of them planning for a new system organically and it naturally arising within a very loose and adaptable framework once the old system has been dismantled. I know you will most likely interpret the word "framework" in the most sinister way possible. But if you can't see how something like that would ease the transition into a new workable way of doing things, then I'm just glad that you are not involved in planning these things out, because I would bet your way would be a disaster in the short term.

With the availability of certain technologies mentioned (energy/healing/food replication, etc) certain old ways of doing things will become immediately obsolete. Now, there's many ways things can go from that point. And I'm sure we all have our visions of what might come of that. I think people vastly underestimate the social ramifications of free energy. With abundant energy production, and with people being unshackled from oil, gas, coal, nuclear, etc., the landscape of possibilities will look quite different when it comes to every aspect of society.

Everyone would be able to generate vast surpluses of energy. This virtually eliminates dependency on government and corporations. But there may be some uses for these things in a limited way, but nothing resembling how they were before. I would envision many people choosing to form co-ops where they voluntarily pool their surplus energy resources in order to use it in vast projects that would benefit everyone. Energy itself could become a unit of exchange, if exchange is required in a certain situation.

So what I am trying to say are reflexively assuming that the alliance has this rigid system they want to install, rather than a loose framework designed to anticipate the social ramifications of these actions. And much of the ramifications are actually pretty predictable, up to a point. In the way I see things, it would be completely irresponsible of them not to have such plans. For instance, it would be irresponsible to not anticipate how things can become chaotic and cause great harm. Do you really think that is a minor issue? Is there some point where your pragmatism overcomes your paranoia and you see some sort of planning as being not only beneficial but necessary?

IIRC, both Wilcock and Fulford has specifically said that when they talk about the alliance including these nations, they are not talking about their governments. That's a common misconception. So, who are they talking about? Of course, you want to know who these people are. But considering that they are in the middle of a war, and they are working under very necessary conditions of the utmost secrecy, I would say there is zero chance that you will get a list of names and a chance to grill them all to see if they pass muster when it comes your philosophical ideals. You must realize what they are up against. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. If any liberation effort were going to succeed, things would have to be done in a certain stages, I would think. You're getting a bit ahead of things, I think. In the stage we are at now, the priority is getting rid of the cabal and their system.
I couldn't have put some of this better myself... I know elements of the Alliance keep close tab's on these postings. So if you really want to be in contact with them and they research you and your past/present agenda's match theirs they may contact you (I don't know). But yes, this is war... How far would the French Resistance have gotten during WWII if they had passed out leaflets of their plans and agenda and went door to door of all of the French asking "Do we have your permission to overthrow the NAZI Regime and free you from this tyranny? Check here for YES, Check here for NO, by the way here are pamphlets of all of our members and our tactics please read and enjoy..."

There is a war going on weather you want there to be or not... Sorry you were not asked for your consent. Those who were behind the scenes and the "Curtain" and watched the wizard at work decided it was time for the charade to end and the truth to come out and people to be FREE and to then decide to be Good or Evil of their own volition... There will always be plenty of time for "Choice"... (People have NO idea what has gone on for so long behind this curtain/veil and most haven't wanted to know...)

There are those that are going to try to turn every word and idea put forth about this topic and war between the "Alliance's" and the "Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates" (Aka "Cabal") as something being worse than what we are living under. Fear mongering and twisting words and agenda's to match their own belief systems and reality bubbles as they cannot bend their 3D minds around some of these concepts... 

These are things that will happen in stages, that is the point of a "PLAN"... But until you experience these "Technologies" you do not understand how meaningless the concept of MONEY is... They skip over the fact that Money was only set up as a way to control people, a Debt System setup that the Elite call the "Babylonian Money Magik Slave System" has been running strong for thousands of years... Many people only know it and will be afraid to see it go. "Cashless System" is a loaded term... That implies that there is some other sort of payment system other than CASH... You do not understand the concept of "FREE"... "NO COST"...

These are the same people that will weep as Babylon Falls... They are entirely invested in that system and cannot imagine another one existing. They know they were controlled by the other system and cannot imagine a new one where they are not controlled... Yet with all of the "Controllers" removed this is what it will be... Ultimately over time it will be what WE MAKE IT. And this time WE will bare responsibility for the outcome and not those secretly manipulating events and people from the shadows...

This is not slighting a person but it going to be a bit frustrating for many who are locked into old paradigms and belief systems (Reality Bubbles) and do not want to let go of their Slave System (Invisible Shackles)... Yet that is why these "PLANS" have multi steps so not to shock many of these people into psych wards or into curling up into bed with the TV on, now finally sharing the truth of our Human History and our Elite...

The Blue Avians stated it would get worse before it got better and that there were some rough times we as a species needed to go through in order to break free of this "Cycle" we have been placed on by our 'Manipulators" and "Custodian Beings"... We need a shocking series of events to lodge into our "Genetic Memory" to prevent us from repeating these cycles of history if we are to finally stand on our own two feet for the first time since we "Came to be"...

I am not here to convince you one way or the other, I am also not here to have circular debates with people who are prejudiced against the information without doing the full research with an open mind. I am just delivering a message for everyone to run through their own discernment filters and then Act or Not Act On... It is completely up to them. I for one would love to see a world with a Higher Vibration, Loving and Service to Others Population... IMHO.



Source -  Ascension With Earth blog

Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB "Experiencer", GoodETxSG "Q & A"

Hello "TOT" Members and Guests,

I have been very happy with the "Vibe" (As they say) of the people and the leadership of this Forum since I recently joined. It is quite a bit different than what I was used to from the previous "Forum" I was at... 

While I was a Member of "Another Forum" I was convinced to do a recording that was to be used by a certain Formerly Respected and Well Known Researcher for their own "Research Purposes Only". It was a VERY informal and impromptu recording of a "Conversation" (Not an "Interview") between the Former Researchers Wife (At the time) and Myself while she was in town on other business. Things aligned just so to where we were able to do over 3 1/2 hours of recordings. The Former Researcher contacted me shortly after and stated that they thought this really needed to be released (They knew my desire to help other MILAB's) to assist other MILAB's and to bring together some information in one place that some other people may find useful.

I had just had reconstructive surgery on my shoulder and bicep tendons in the two weeks prior and was not feeling my best or my sharpest. This was not ever supposed to be released to the public so I was comfortable doing a recording at the time. When the former researcher pressed for me to release it publicly I asked that they edit it and secure my Anonymity on the "Forum" and the Recording. They did so and it was released. Almost immediately there were many questions coming in and the former researcher began to push me to drop my anonymity and come out as myself and answer questions. I explained how I couldn't do this for the same security reasons that I had explained to them prior to us doing any recordings. After a few days of negotiations they made some changes to my current Forum Profile and asked Current Members who knew who I was to please not release my name in public Forum (As I am asking you to please not do here). Once this was done I began to answer hundreds of Questions.

The former researcher had edited out most of the content in the recording that covered the MILAB subjects including Entity Attachments, Mind Control and a few other Topics and because some of the topics went against their "Scientology" Belief System they removed the information out of an "Executive Decision". These topics of course came back up during the process of the questions and answers and this is when things went "South" as they say with this Former Researcher on their tightly controlled "Forum". For those interested in what all occurred you can see them as they unfold in the Q and A thread link to the other forum unless they have been removed.

(I have to say the former researcher came up with the cheesy name of the Interview recording and the Thread, not myself)

Thread on Project Avalon where hundreds of Questions were posed to GoodETxSG. Many of the important ones out of the Thread are posted here. Visit PA and the Thread to see the Posts, Q's and A's along with Videos and Images.

A major new interview with a Project Avalon Whistleblower on Bill Ryan’s (Un-Affectionately known at "The Hat" on TOT) You Tube Channel:




Related Threads: Unless they have been removed these threads have just about ALL of the talking points and full information presented from during and after the "Interview" as well as My "Journals"

THREAD: A major new interview with a Project Avalon Whistleblower (Questions for GoodETxSG) Starting at Post# 166 (Now over 600 Posts of DEEP Q and A's)

Thread: "Alien Federations", "AI's", "Multiple Secret Space Programs", "Break Away Secret Governments" & "MILAB" Exploitation

Thread: U.S. Has 8 Cigar Shaped UFOs In Space Fleet Used For “Solar Warden,” Program To Protect Solar System

Thread: Why Are the Bankers and Ex-Intel Types Running For Their Lives? (Confirmed for MONTHS by my vanishing sources)


In case some of this information has been removed from that Forum I have placed it on my Blog that is linked off of this Forum.

GoodETxSG Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB Participant 

After I ended my membership at this "Forum" the former researcher came out with a News Letter attacking MILAB's calling them "Dangerous" and "Malfunctioning Weapons"... Which upset many of the MILAB's and even more of this Former Researchers Peers and Current MILAB Councillors who were referenced in the news letter with out their permission. I write about the whole situation in my blog that is linked off this Forum. I have seen that many of the members here are familiar with this material and have formed some interesting opinions of me. I would ask that you open your mind and go over the material from the previous Q & A's and my Q & A's and interactions with you here then form your opinions again with me separate from that "Other Forum" where I had no idea what all was in store for me once I allowed the first recording to be done...  


So, please bring me your questions but do first read through the first Q & A thread so we can avoid going over the same questions and material as much as possible. I would like to also avoid circular debates by stating that I encourage EVERYONE to please run this information through your own Discernment Filter... If it doesn't resonate I accept that, If it does resonate with you that is fine too. I will not push my beliefs or ideas on anyone. 

I am only going to report from my memories and first hand experiences from being in MILAB Programs from the age of at least 8 years old, to being Drafted into both the Earth Delegation Support "Intuitive Empath" Group and One of the Several Secret Space Programs on a Research Vessel in a support role as well. There were other roles we (IE's) were called in to do but many of those were at times dark and not things I like to cover in detail very often.

I will be honest and answer what I do know, If I don't know the answer to a question I will not speculate I will say so. This is how I operated in the prior Q & A thread and it went pretty smoothly for the most part as long as there was mutual respect between everyone involved. I look forward to your questions. Please give me a little time to get used to your Forum and Members.

I will be posting the Part 2 Interview and Transcript for the Part 1 Interview as soon as I find a place to host the files.

Thank you,

The Majority of the Information comes from My Own Direct Experiences and Memories while I was "Actively Deployed". There ARE times for all high value assets when they are "Reactivated" or "Called Up" again when needed (Usually very short term). Recent developments have caused this to occur on more than a few occasions (It looks like there will be other opportunities for and increase in "UnAnnounced Reactivations" in the near future).

As for my "Sources", They are people I trust who I served with (And trained with often from the age of 8 years Old) in former Programs and who are still actively placed in SSP Programs and also in some cases Programs they have been transferred to over the years to down here on the Surface. In ALL cases I get an opportunity to meet face to face with the individuals from time to time and we exchange what we may have gleaned from our various perspectives.

Many have had changes in their access to information and went from "real time" information to having to seek out what is going on. It is hard for some of those who are active to acclimate to a position of less access (Especially IE's). So a professional courtesy for those with "real time access" sharing information (In the form of words, documentation, images and video's) although forbidden and mostly untolerated, it goes on anyway. I cannot be anymore specific than that.

In the few recent "Reactivation" scenario's that I have been involved in, there have been off world contacts involved including the mentioned "Blue Avian's" (Allies of the "Sphere Beings") in the previous thread. I am not sure if that information can be split off into this thread...

I hope this answers your question as it is as specific as I can come to doing so.

Thank you,



March 16th, 2015 Update

I am still trying to find out what these incidents were... For certain.

There have been "Unconfirmed reports of HUGE explosions on Mars sending debris into the upper atmosphere"... This seems to have occurred not far from some "Lava Tube Systems" that are known for being used for large underground base systems. (I have absolutely ZERO information on if this was a Human or Non-Human Facility that was attacked both on Mars and "Off Shore" of the "Carolina's"...)...

There has been a lot of second and third hand intel about what occurred off the coast and what was attacked but nothing that I can confirm at this point as it is complete hear say.

However, ALL OF THOSE in attendance at the "Alliance Conference" knew EXACTLY what the "Atrocities" were that the "Blue Avain" was referencing through me. 

There were many references that were made and questions answered where I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was answering or the details of the subject matter...

I have put out feelers on these "TWO ATROCITIES" that were mentioned as I very much want to know what they were referencing. These incidents seemed to be a turning point in the behaviour of the "Alliance" after the recent "Defection Groups" had joined and pushed them to act quickly on "Actionable Intel"... These were incidents done by the Alliance and were not done in their "Finest Hour" from what I gathered...


I think in coming weeks there will be more and more surprize for many who have put faith and blind faith in others... It was explicitly stated that the lower vibrational, service to self beings would begin to collapse under their own actions and negative ... They would self destruct from their own behaviours...

There are a few people that come to mind that this is happening to and who will also drag others down because of "Guilt By Association" or by "Covering Up" some of their activities... When we engage in hero worship of other humans this is bound to happen anyway. 

When we worship beings or look for salvation from outside sources we will be taken advantage of or let down as well...

At least this time we are being told NOT to turn information into a religion, NOT to look for salvation from the outside and to finally stand up and take responsibility for our own futures. It is refreshing to me to have an outside force who could easily come and set themselves up to be a "Trickster God" element do the opposite...

To stay in the back ground and deliver messages telling US to change our way of life and thinking. Focus daily on becoming of more "Service to Others", to Forgive (Let go of Karma) and LOVE to raise our vibratory state of being to match the changes that are already occurring to our Solar System.

The lower vibrational/fear based beings are watching themselves self destruct not being able to control their own behavior. Some of the more recent examples of this that a few of us have been let in on (Members of various Forums) who have talked to victims and used Citrix Go To Meeting to share desktops and view "Video's, "Audio's" and "Photographs" along with exchanges in chat sessions between a source and the clients they were supposed to help have been images that have been difficult to get out of our heads... The victims have been shut down quickly on various other Internet Mediums and it has been sad to watch... They have gathered together though and are about to release the bulk of this evidence on their own in a legal way and as a way of healing and taking back their sovereignty.

There ARE also more and more people stepping forward who ARE loving and service to others who are standing firm for each and every human suffering and trying to raise them up and help them heal instead of take advantage of them. I wished those people received the recognition they deserved... I can think of Two MILAB Councilors right now who fit this category...

But I agree, sharing information and misjudging character has never been so dangerous... Especially when there aresome that leak information that is very sensitive to really unstable people on the Internet and get away with it... I too was a victim of this recently and had some VERY sensitive information of my own dispersed... It is upsetting to say the least.

Discernment is key right now...



I'm adding back some of the info I originally posted here then removed later that evening.

There were a lot of things that are going to be abrasive to some currently held belief systems and established reality bubbles. Since this was obviously the case at the conference I figured the adage "As above so below" was an apt one here. The information being presented was what was presented to and through myself at the conference (Making me an unpopular "relay" of a message/communication in that case and from what I have seen online the same is true down here so far). I in many cases do not have any broader of an understanding quite yet of some of the information as I too have the same 3/4D mind that you do.

I am a little more open to the experience being that I was one of the people that shared the actual experience. Between all of the speaking I did at this conference and the debriefing I did since being back my voice is almost gone and very scratchy (I have a very weak voice as it is). I do not profess to know everything or have all the answers, I don't know all of life or deaths secrets and I am not a "Sage" or anyone special as was once again pushed home to me by these beings and also by seeing the approximately 70 other "Wide Eyed and Excited Regular Folks" that were present at the Conferences as well.

Below is some of the info I had posted minus some that I felt the need to edit out until there is a complete and professionally put together Article producing all of the "Releasable Information" in a coherent way.

- When I first arrived I was directed to the floor of a “Theatre” type conference room that holds about 300 people in very nice swivel chairs. I was told to stand in on spot in the area right in front of all of the people present with no instructions. I was feeling extremely exposed and nervous. I was standing there with my thumbs in my front pockets of my jeans while a couple of the people asked who I was and why I was wearing the cap I was (On my way out I happened to pick up a NASA cap from the rack that I grabbed my wind breaker from) and asked a few other uncomfortable questions. Then all of a sudden they got quiet and those who weren't already seated did so looking forward. I turned and looked behind me and apparently the two beings standing behind me had just “Appeared” there. It was one of the Blue Avians I was familiar with and the New Being that had been promised to be “Introduced”, though there was no “Real Introduction”.
The New Being was at least 10 feet tall (Taller than the Blue Avian in attendance), was very thin and "Lanky" with "Golden Brown" skin, "NO Uniform" on yet was not "Naked". For being so tall it has only a 3 foot "Shoulder Breadth", Long arms and legs with 3 long fingers and toes. It's neck was a little on the long side and its "Head" looked large compared to the small shoulders. The head was shaped like an upside down Triangle (Pointing Down) with the corners "Rounded Off" in an almost "Tear Drop" shape with a somewhat "Flat Face. The mouth (Remained closed) was small but there was a crease at the corner of the mouth and a small rise where the lips would be (But no color difference). The eyes were completely oval, were "Powder Blue" with a dark "Iris" the shape of a "Diamond". When it moved it did so in a VERY fluid like manner.

- One person in uniform asked if the Avialn's were as "Rumored" recently as being the "RA" from the "Law of One" material. The Blue Avian in attendance responded only in this manner which I conveyed and the simplicity set the stage for how they answered many of the questions asked. When asked this question the Avian responded: "I am Raw-Tear-Eir"... (That was it... Raw-Rain-Eir is one of the other Two Avian's Names that I have been meeting most recently)

- One person in a suit that I recognized as being worn often by some who rotated into some conferences as "Delegates" asked details about Why do they need so many space ships referencing the 100 Spheres. The response was "We require no conveyance, there are far more than 100 spheres that are spaced out equidistantly through the Solar System. They are what you would best describe as devices and are in place to buffer the tsunami of storms of highly charged and vibrational energies entering your system so they do not effect your Star, Planets and Native Life in an adverse way as your system enters into this part of the Galaxy."

- Another asked "If you are not living in the Spheres where are you going when you dematerialize? The answer came:"Many of us adjust back to our reality while others remain in what you refer as a "Cloaked" status and observe activities on the Earth and your other Colonies and Facilities undetected by those around them."

- One asked why there was an intervention recently after there was a defection of groups with actionable intelligence that could have made a major difference and helped them win some major victories... The response to this one was info that the various SSP groups understood but I did not (Yet). "Since the defections there have been changes in tactics that have led to Two Atrocities that were unsettling. The extremely destructive incidents on Mars and Earth that caused the large loss of life of innocents was a disturbing sign that these new tactics were taking the Alliance in a direction where collateral damage of this magnitude was considered acceptable."

- There are a couple main SSP Groups that have been blocked from entering the Solar System since the beginning of the year. A few people lobbied for the "Sphere Allies" to allow the "Galactic League of Nations" (What I have referred to the "Nato Type SSP Group") to return. They stated the group would return under any demands. The responds was Denied and it was communicated that ALL of the travel within or without of the Solar System will remain suspended for the foreseeable future (This did not go over well with many)...

- One of the "Few Esoteric" questions that was asked by this "Military Minded Group" and "Earth Government Appearing" (By their "Manner of Dress") "Group Leaders" was: "Is there a "Soul Trap" setup for us after we die?". The response was: "The only traps we encounter in life and after are the ones we have set for ourselves". "The idea that there is a soul trap at the end of a white lite was a psyop and a distortion set in place that we can then create with the creative force of our consciousness". "This is the intent of the creation of this distortion". The person asking the question did not seem satisfied with the explanation. 3/4 D Human Belief systems that were in place and ranged across the spectrum were in the room so our 3/4D minds or way of thinking especially in a group environment was meeting some resistance and ruffling of "Human Feathers" at times...

A lot of the questions were of a technical and tactical nature, some being when would they be able to empty out the "Embassy Bases" on the Earth of the ET/ED Groups allied with the "Opposition". When would they be allowed to move “Hard” on the opposition etc... Much of the responses to their questions were not what they wanted to hear or in many instances were things that I was conveying for the Avians to the groups that I did not understand...

I know this is a very short summary of what occurred and many details (Some extraordinary) have been left out for now (Though communicated to DW) until we can compile the complete list of what occurred and the data that was released making sure we release what was asked and keeping classified what was requested as well. 

It was thought best not to telegraph the “When” and “How' this information will be presented at this early point.

The mostly complete recount of the encounters will be presented from the moment I was picked up to the point I was “Dropped Off” back home will be presented in the near future.

“They” again wanted to make sure that this info did not become held in a “cultish nature” or used in any controlling or egotistical ways. It was also interesting that there were approximately 70 normal human beings that were picked up and brought to these meetings who were absolutely blown away. Many of them were in their night time clothing with their hair sticking up and bare footed as though they had no warning of the meetings. There were also some people from a main stream political nature from around the world present, some that I recognized (None of which we would immediately recognize or associate with the “Establishment”.).

The info of the "post conference meeting" where we were transported to the Sphere that was manipulated to allow us to be there physically will be spoken to the Researcher directly when we can talk securely and he will decide how to release the information and present it in the most digestible way. 

There was only a few “esoteric questions” those having to do with is there a “Soul Trap” awaiting us when we die, Were the Avians the "Ra" beings and a couple other small questions that were answered very interestingly... These “Alliance” group leaders were asking more “Brass Tacks” and operational questions.

That is truly all I have to report at this time... Pardon errors as I am still incredibly exhausted and am still processing quite a lot of raw data and information in general about these experiences.

Note: As ALWAYS with ALL information from ALL SOURCES and RESEARCHERS... Run the information through your own discernment filters. Not just match up what sounds good or already goes along with your established belief system or "Reality Bubble". Be willing to step outside of that box but always keep your "Discernment Filter" firmly in place and active... IMHO...


Looks like there are more postings on Fulfords Blog. This is all leading up to the Video Interview and other work DW and I will be doing later this week for a MAJOR RELEASE! So this is just more "Bits and Pieces"... There are some more smaller comments made by DW on the Forum that were not posted:



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