Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Computer broke, Stillness in the Storm on hold!

UPDATE March 11 2015 6:55AM: We have recently received donations which will cover the cost of a new Apple charger!!! We are extremely grateful to our passionate supporters and friends, we can't say it enough...truly, thank you so much we could not do this without you all!! <3 

We will still be on our quest for the charger tomorrow.

Brief Announcement. 

We are posting this using the blogger app on android, forgive the unusual format.

Unfortunately we have no access to our only remaining computer. Originally we had two which allowed us to share more content, but it was stolen from our apartment two months ago. We have been making due with just one, but now that is unusable as well.

The charger cable for the MacBook broke at the magsafe tip, knock off quality rendered it useless within six months.
We thought we found a replacement but it was too expensive. Probobly going to be about $50 for a knock off charger $70 for an official one.

We are going to Tetouan, Morocco tomorrow to look again, wish us luck. Until we get this resolved, blogging and posting will be on hold.

We are also in the middle of trying to find our way back to the U.S., and this puts the breaks on that too. Gotta love lifes challenges!

We will post an update once we have everything worked out.

Thank you for your patience and support!

Justin & Julian

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