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Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 12 & 13 - Don’t be fooled by globalist rebranding | The globalist-run “people’s revolution” has begun in Europe

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Update 12 – Don’t be fooled by globalist rebranding

How would you like a mouthful of Ayds?…

…Probably about as much as you want to be financially ruled by the IMF and the BIS, and the globalists know this.
When I was young, I remember seeing commercials for the weight loss chews pictured above.Their Wikipedia entry tells what happened to them…
“Ayds (pronounced as “aids”) was an appetite-suppressant candy which enjoyed strong sales in the 1970s and early 1980s…
By the mid-1980s, public awareness of the disease AIDS caused problems for the brand due to the phonetic similarity of names. While initially sales were not affected, by 1988 the chair of Dep Corporation announced that the company was seeking a new name because sales had dropped as much as 50% due to publicity about the disease. While the product’s name was changed to Diet Ayds (Aydslim in Britain), it was eventually withdrawn from the market.”
As you can imagine, the public formed negative associations with the name of the product, so the manufacturer recognized the need to change it. The problem was that they didn’t change it enough to get rid of the bad associations. As we head into the public debut of the multilateral / multipolar New World Order, it’s important to note that many of the globalist brands (such as the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements) have also garnered negative associations, so don’t be surprised if they move their offices and change their nameplates when the system resets.
If we look back to the 1988 Economist article “Get ready for the phoenix,” we see that it hints at the replacement of the existing IMF brand with something new…
So what will be the name of the new world central bank? They probably won’t call it “The Illuminati Central Bank” because they’ll want to avoid using words in the name that have bad associations in the public consciousness. Words like “global(ist),” “bank,” “central bank,” “authority,” etc. will likely be omitted and benign-sounding words will be used instead. The name might be “The New Monetary Council” or something along those lines.
As for other globalist entities, the Bank for International Settlements might be renamed something like “The Financial Coordination Council” and the UN’s World Bank might be folded into the BRICS-founded “New Development Bank” (which might explain why they left “BRICS” out of the name). If you think about it, how hard is it for the globalists to take the BIS and World Bank coversheets off of their reports and planning documents and replace them with new FCC and NDB coversheets? Not hard at all.
The replacement of tainted existing brands by fresh new brands extends beyond globalist organizations of course; it includes political figures as well. Many of the leaders people associate with the current crises (the scapegoats) will be swept aside by “heroic” controlled opposition figures who “saw it all coming” and could have prevented it “if only we’d had the power.”
As I’ve shown in previous entries, the globalists seem to be positioning the “right wing dissenters” to take the political stage after the transition. This is symbolically appropriate given the whole Left Hand/Right Hand approach of the “elite.” They use the Left Hand to cause chaos and destruction and the Right Hand to bring about order and construction. It is for this reason that they’ve carefully built-up a public image of foresighted/conscientious dissent for “right wing” figures like Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz. They have also done this for “left-winger” Elizabeth Warren, so she must have some role to play in bringing the “political left” into the fold after the transition.
All this being said, we are heading into the biggest mind f*ck that has ever been foisted upon the human race. The “elite” will be “changing the guard,” so expect them to make a big show of…
> “taking down the wrongdoers” (like they are in China right now). In reality, though, they are not taking down the corrupt; they are merely disposing of those who have outlived their usefulness or who “know where the bodies are buried.”
They might even make a show of scapegoating certain Western “elite” families that have become tainted in the public eye (such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers), but no real harm will come to them. That’s why disinfo agents like David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford tell sob stories about how the Illuminati were abused as children (“so they shouldn’t be blamed for doing things they didn’t really want to do”) and suggest that the Illuminati face “truth and reconciliation commissions” rather than punitive criminal courts. The “elite” don’t mind having some of their Family members wear dark hats and play the fall guy, but they don’t want their Bloodline brethren actually harmed.
> “replacing corrupt institutions” (like I’ve explained in this entry). In reality, though, they’ll simply be moving their operations from one shell to another…
> and “building a fair economic system based on sound money.” In reality, though, you’ll find the asset/commodity backing of the new currencies to be more theoretical than actual, especially when it comes to “elite”-coveted gold.
According to a Chatham House (the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a globalist think tank / propaganda center) paper titled Adding Gold into the Valuation of the SDR, these are some methods the banksters might use to keep the gold securely in their hands…
…So good luck trying to trade an SDR or national treasury note for physical gold.
Like I’ve said many times before, any global solution to our problems is a globalistsolution. There is no other group of people who have the organization and power to erect a global solution at this time. So no matter what they call the new institutions or who they say are behind them, just look at what the institutions actually do. If they centralize power over your life at the global level, they are your enemies, no matter how nicely they might treat you at first.
And with that, I’ll call it a day. For the previous updates in this series, click here. To see all the updates, visit the Globalist Agenda Watch category.
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Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 13 – The globalist-run “people’s revolution” has begun in Europe

“Let’s get all our Greek cliches in formation…

…It’s time to march the people into another revolution against us.”
If you google “the birthplace of democracy,” this is what you get…
…So Greece is a very symbolically appropriate place to begin a revolution to restore “true democracy,” don’t you think? So does the Central Banking Cabal.
As I’ve said before, if you want to know the truth of what’s going on in the world, pick a person you know is an Establishment propagandist and back-engineer what he says. In my book, there is no better disinfo source to use than Paul Craig Roberts. Before I show you what he said yesterday, though, let me remind you of something I wrote in an old entry…
>>> It is really very simple: the Illuminati built a rabbit trap (in the BRICS alliance) that looks like a nice, safe hole to hide from danger. Now they are beating the bushes (with the Western powers) to drive the rabbits toward the trap. <<<
“The warning from the EU and Wall Street is clear: ‘Defy us and we will destroy you‘…
Can Greece escape from a situation comparable to the European Dark Ages when populations were ravaged by marauding raidersPerhaps if Greece realigns with Russia and gains financing from BRICS.”
Bingo! The entire Roberts article portrays the Western banks, the EU, and the US as insane, rapacious thugs from whom the rabbits must flee. And where should the rabbits run? To the BRICS of course.
Let me also remind you of what I said in the last update…
>>> As I’ve shown in previous entries, the globalists seem to be positioning the “right wing dissenters” to take the political stage after the transition. This is symbolically appropriate given the whole Left Hand/Right Hand approach of the “elite.” They use the Left Hand to cause chaos and destructionand the Right Hand to bring about order and construction. <<<
With that in mind, have a look at the new political party which has taken power in Greece this week, Syriza
The Coalition of the Radical Left, known colloquially by its acronym SYRIZA, is a left-wing political party in Greece, originally founded as a coalition of left-wing and radical left parties.”
And what is this party implicitly threatening to do? Bring chaos and destruction to the existing post-WW2 economic and political order in Europe. This will create a vacuum into which “nationalistic” and “independence-minded” right wing parties can flow and bring order and construction (of the New Order).
Let’s see what Roberts says about Syriza in his article…
The party’s intentions and that of its leaders are honest and deserve our respect. Syriza is a people’s party, and that is what marks it for doom. The voice of the people is no longer permitted to affect politics in the Western world. The powerful rich interest groups that rule the West could not care less about the people over whom they rule.”
So here is Roberts telling us that Syriza’s “intentions and that of its leaders are honest and deserve our respect,” which is a sure indicator that the truth is the exact opposite. And he calls Syriza “a people’s party,” which is exactly what the Russian and Chinese communists call themselves. Syriza is “about the people” just as much as the Chinese Communist Party is “about the people” — which is to say “not at all.”
We will never get out of this trap as long as we look to co-opted political parties and globalist-controlled governmental structures as our saviors. Salvation lies in our own two hands, not theirs.
For the previous update in this series, click here. To see all the updates, visit the Globalist Agenda Watch category.

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