Sunday, February 8, 2015

David Wilcock (Consciousness Life Expo Video and Mp3's) 2-7-15… “Secret Space Program Disclosure”

The MP3's and Video's below have been taken down, but in a recent interview on Coast to Coast David shares the same information.

Click here to listen to that 2 hour interview.

As always do your own critical thinking and attempt to understand the data without blind belief. 
- Justin

Source - Kauilapele's Blog 

This, of course, relates to this prior post of David’s new article, about the Conscious Life Expo livestream held tonight. Another title of this (which David gave it) would be…
So I did watch this entire 3-hour presentation, and there was indeed some major disclosure from some newer (for David) intel sources which have come forward. I recorded the audio of this, and processed and pieced it into smaller MP3s (of course, much of David’s material was visual, so these do not carry the full impact of David’s Conscious Life Expo presentation).

I feel everyone should have the opportunity to hear this information (without having to pay any fees for it), so I am putting all of this here, now. And by putting out these audios, I feel it will help de-cloak all of the secrecy which the cabal has been trying to keep on this information.
A few key points I recall: Saturn’s rings were created from an original ring intended for use as galactic weapon, and were glass-enclosed living spaces; another galactic race came in and destroyed it, and the pieces from that (dust, etc.) formed the Saturn rings; almost all moons have been used as living quarters for galactic “visitors”; evidence for internal structures on several moons is present; these were inhabited by tall (up to 70 ft) beings; bones of “tall beings” have been documented; Smithsonian Institution was created as a place to hide these large bones from the public; we are getting full disclosure, a bit at a time; NASA was chartered as a defense agency of the US gov’t (and there’s a lot more…).
I have placed audio players below, but I suggest downloading the MP3s and storing them on your computer as well. All of this will help protect and move forward the disclosure process that David courageously “put out there” tonight.

The actual “new disclosure” begins at Part 3, and goes for the next 2 hours (Parts 3-6). Parts 1 and 2 are more background material. Note that I’ve arranged the players to start with the “new disclosure” material (Part 3).
MP3s (each part ~30 min., 14 MB)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Introduction [no longer works]
Part 3 (NEW DISCLOSURE starts here)

Click Here to stream the audio from the conference [no longer works]




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