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SITS Morocco Diary #3: Part 2 - Removing the Veil from One People Community Aouchtam

In Part 1, I (Justin) shared an experience detailing the reconciliation of debilitating pain in my body. Those personal experiences are of course part of what unfolded here, but one need not read that post to understand the story I am about to tell.

In this post we are going cover the 'big picture' during the early stages of our Moroccan Adventure ending with the QEG build closure. The community's journey from Cabo Negro to Aouctham, a span of time from February 13th to mid May 2014. As far as the group's activities here are concerned, this was the most creative and inspiring period.

Mel V recently did an interview with Brian, Lisa and Dani about Morocco, which you can find here. This is an unveiling in its own right, directly from some of the key figures and goes along perfectly with the below material.

I am going to reveal the truth from my perspective in an open way, and if some find it disagreeable, please comment accordingly so we can engage in a compassionate discussion. There were many amazing things happening during this time, and I do not want to give the impression with the below material, that only problems were happening. But, I feel it is my moral duty to share the darkness with you, so we can transmute it consciously as the One People we are. Hard truths are the ones which can be the most empowering once we reconcile them fully.


I want to answer some questions I have been receiving from various places about the 'blackout' of media coverage and why Bob Wright is not with the One Network, from my point of view.

Why has there been no discussion about what happened in Morocco since the QEG time ended and the 5d Media Network came to a close? 
- After the QEG build ended, and Jamie was not able to produce Self-Running Over Unity (although he is still working on it as of this writing), our efforts as a collective began to disintegrate. I say this from a practical point of view, not from a spiritual or energetic point of view; of course we are always doing exactly what is needed in every NOW moment. It was suggested by Heather, and agreed to by the majority of people here (myself included), to limit our communications, so as to reflect on what happened, and move forward from a space of reconciliation.

Is there still a One People Community Aouchtam?
- No. After the QEG build ended, many of the long term people who came to Morocco were still gathered in Aouctham, but no major community projects took root. People split up into smaller groups and worked on projects they felt passionate about. Julian and I went to ChefChaouen with seven other people attempting to find property and create sustainable community. Jorge, Youssef, (Heather's husband) looked for properties in various places all over northern Morocco, with the same intention. At the end of September nearly everyone from Aouchtam moved to other cities - some to Oud Laou, some to Tangier, some to Chefchouen; simply live life. A large group, including Hope, Brian, along with several others moved to Restinga and set up the Fix the World Headquarters there.

Why is Bob not part of the One Network?
- I do not have explicit consent to share all the details of what happened. Generally speaking, there were some disagreements between Bob and Lisa, as well as several others which, eventuated in a separation of their collaborative efforts. Those involved choose to part ways.

We had a chat with Brian and Lisa in August about this time period, as I informed them of my intention to produce a candid Diary. They shared many things about the OPAL tour, as well as events here which I included below. I also spoke with Bob Wright and nearly everyone here about their experiences at various points as well, which are also reflected below. Throughout their stories and accounting's of this time, a theme of miscommunication presented itself repeatedly.

In my usual style, I will share events and facts, within a context of concepts I feel are important, attempting to reconcile them for our collective edification. My goal, as always, is to share the truth (as I presently know it) inviting others to discuss their thoughts.

Recounting the OPAL Tour Dynamic

Communication is an essential part of any agreement; the key to harmoniousness. For Julian and I, the prospect of a group of people starting community, to to realize a New Paradigm on Earth, was incredibly compelling. The OPAL tour was part of that push, a gathering of people who shared an interest in living the principles we have come to understand intellectually; Personal Responsibility, Liability and Integrity. Harmony with Natural Law principles.

RV's encircled in Panama City Florida, during the OPAL Tour

The OPAL tour gave many a sense, we could let go of our old lives, and step into a New Paradigm. In a way, this was and is the case, however what became apparent early on, is the lack of an infrastructure to accommodate so many people coming to join the Tour. The OPAL crew did their best to anticipate all the needs of the Tour, but a constant influx of people joining the RV's (caravans) presented logistical challenges. How are food, gas and other material needs going to be provided for?

Many people thought the OPAL tour was going to be a community on wheels, with all things being provided for, without explicitly negotiating this between new arrivals and facilitators. This is known as a Tacitus agreement, or an implied agreement. As people arrived on the tour, the OPAL crew became increasingly aware of the expectations others were placing at their feet.

From what Lisa and Brian shared with us, they did their best to notify the growing flock that financial resources were limited, and no truly sustainable projects were being developed to assist in the generation of new resources. There were donations coming in to help fund the tour, but this was simply not enough to go around. No explicitly stated agreement or notice as to how all these various needs were going to be managed was brokered; as a result many small issues began to present themselves. When we lack complete data to understand something fully, we often speculate on what we do know, giving rise to fears hidden within us. As such, some felt like the OPAL crew was hoarding the donated funds for themselves, but as Lisa and Brian shared with me this was not their intention.

I was not present for the entire tour, but I have dealt with similar situations in the past. Ambiguity almost always leads to conflicting interpretations of events, giving rise to perspectives that are not reflective of reality; especially within a climate of Scarcity. If you have ever invited a guest into your home without setting ground rules, you probably experienced discord as a result of conflicting expectations; the realm of implied agreements. Especially if we are in a scarce financial situation. Many times we feel we are not getting our "fair share," or that we are a burden on our host. It seems that this dynamic was at play during the OPAL Tour, in conjunction with the wonderful things that happened.

Morocco Development: More Conflicting Expectations

After the US OPAL Tour ended in early December, the crew got word from Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, that Morocco was going to be a major meeting place and gathering center for the next year (2014); Sacha Stone was intended to hold an event here, but was unable to. This was was in direct conflict with the crew's plans for an Australian tour.

As the OPAL crew arrived in Morocco, and began shifting plans away from an Australian Tour to Sustainable Community projects, there were several bitter reactions. Lisa said, some of the people from Australia felt betrayed they were not going to be able to host the OPAL crew in early 2014 as expected. Given the plan was explicitly stated by the crew, these reactions are understandable. However, the OPAL crew's philosophy of "following the energetic trail" gave rise to a shift, changing their plans to Morocco. All was healed quickly after a cooling off period. Ironically, as events unfolded over 2014, the 'best laid plans of mice and men' would be shattered, and what we thought was going to happen here, did not reflect what actually happened.

Setting the Context

As we shared in SITS Morocco Diary #2: Birthing the Aouchtam QEG; 'She is showing us the New Way', there was a furious level of activity happening during this time.

Let me describe to you the dynamic here in Aouchtam.

There were two general areas where community activities were taking place.
  • The house known by many names as: The Sanctuary, Consciousness Community Clubhouse, The Welcome Center, the QEG workshop, the Compound - a house near the center of Aouchtam, across the street and up the road from one of the only large shops in town. During QEG time, up until mid May, this was a main gathering place. Afterwards, it was converted into a Private residence for Heather and Dani's family along with several others. 
  • The Apartment Complex, known as: the Pleiades, the SeaSide Apartments and Beach Apartments - is a 9 unit apartment building where a large portion of people were housed.
The "Clubhouse"

The "Seaside Apartments"
These places were the setting for most of the group activities here in Aouchtam. There were other places where people lived in town as well. Bob was housed in a building just up the road from the Clubhouse (photo below). Before the QEG activity took place, the focus and discussion for Morocco changed several times.

Mountain side view of the "Clubhouse" with Rune and Helgas RV, right behind Bobs's apartment building in blue and white on the bottom right side of this photo.
"Aouchtam by Night" Photo by Hans Sigmundsønn

Sustainable Community Transformation

The road from Cabo Negro to Martil

When Julian and I first arrived in Morocco on February 13th, 2014, the focus was on finding a suitable place to create a Sustainable Community. A place where we could begin to produce all the various things for life, without dependency on the former systems. This was our focus for much of this early period. A small population of 12 to 18 people, whom were living in Cabo Negro, were looking to find land and housing to begin developing projects. 

Before our arrival, Brian, Lisa and several others, found the Village of Aouctham with the help of a contact named Youssef (not Heather's husband) via Nanaco, before she left to go back home in early January 2014. We were told upon arriving, Aouctham was owned by local Berbers or Tribal people who did not want to sell the land, but instead develop it within a New Paradigm model of Custodianship. This was how we came to understand the dynamic in Aouchtam, but as events unfolded, we discovered this was not actually the case.

Anna, a major land owner in Aouchtam talking with Heather.

A Cafe was shown to us by Mustapha, a person claiming to be a representative of Aouctham, who we met through Tetoaun Youssef, as he was being called. The "One People Cafe" was to act as a central meeting place, and help earn income for the community. There were many discussions about how we could organize this project around the New Paradigm ideals we were inspired to realize.

Inside the Cafe 

How could a business be repurposed to support our efforts, while also supporting the local community? Hanz discussed his ideas for a gift based economy, which many resonated with. Lisa shared an experience during the OPAL tour, when they were in Texas exemplifying this idea. Upon entering a cafe there, the menu disclosed costs of items transparently, and instead of marking them up for profit, the shop encouraged patrons to provide 'love offerings' or donations if they had a good experience. This was a successful model we wanted to emulate here. 

I have been contemplating the mechanics of how a New Paradigm business model of Honor, Integrity and Transparency could work. I think it is crucial knowledge for remaking this world, eventually transitioning society away from an Egocentric Profit driven model, to a Holistic Service to Others driven model. There seemed like a real interest in those present, to create a truly Honorable model, one which we could share with the world once perfected. I think our principles are paramount in discovering this new way, if we can adhere to them fully.

These discussions unfolded "organically" as some have come to call this process. No clearly stated time or topic of discussion was known, but if the right people were there at the right time, then we would find ourselves sharing core principles and discussing ways of expressing them in our group activities. Within the context of a Contract, this was the 'meeting of the minds' phase of our negotiation between ourselves as a community; one way of establishing consensus for harmonious action. 

Tetaoun Youssef

We met a contact for the town of Aouchtam who began showing us properties. Prior to our March 2nd move to Aouchtam, all of us went to see the Cafe, along with four apartments above the Cafe. You can see Julian's photo's from this trip here.

For clarity, let me tell you now about one of our 'guides' here in Morocco; Youssef. Youssef is a very popular name here, along with Mustapha and Mohamad. Heather's husband is named Youssef, but this is not the Youssef I am referring to. Tetaoun Yussef, was a man in his late 40's, who wore baseball caps covering a thick mane of silvery hair. He had a rather nervous way about him and was already working with the group when Julian and I arrived. He helped me get the Guitar I have been using for 800 MAD within the first week of us being here. He works for Club Med in Cabo Negro as a concierge and as a man who can "get you anything you need." This is how he describes himself, with all the bravado and salesmanship of someone from The Sopranos HBO series.

Pride is an integral part of Moroccan culture, which is essentially a Meritocracy, a society based on people's abilities as they are demonstrated; a general practice the world over. The more one is able to express behaviors the social order deems valuable, the greater one's pull within the society; one's prestige.

For example, Haggling or the process of negotiation a buyer and a seller engage in to come to an agreed price, is a way of life here. Pretty much everything in Morocco is open to negotiation. I find this to be in harmony with the Contractual Nature of our reality (alluded to in Natural Law); encouraging us to think for ourselves in ways we usually never do in the West.

Typically, a vendor will offer a price, which may be open for negotiation. In my observations, haggling seems to be part of the proof of the salesman's prowess; the more they are able to sell, the more proud they feel. Often times, but not always, a Moroccan merchant would rather sell you something below cost - loosing money - gaining the pride that comes with making a sale, then to turn you away due to poor haggling skills.

Haggling Honorably and Dishonorably

This haggling expresses itself in two ways based on the criteria of Honor. An Honorable Salesman will earn your trust by giving you a 'fair price' which may change due to negotiation; they are open to reaching a mutually agreeable price. A Dishonorable Salesman will tell you anything you need to hear, in order to gain your trust, which usually means lying, bravado and Machismo tactics. Tetaoun Youssef was the later variety in my opinion, however all his dealings were not dishonorable.

The Moral basis for such a mode of salesmanship is: what one agrees to is honorable and therefore moral. If you agreed to it, regardless of how you were manipulated into such an agreement, the culpability is not on the salesman's shoulders, but your own (sound familiar?). Of course in truth, culpability is on both sides. The later mode is a Morally Relativistic schism dominant throughout the world (Corporations Masquerading as Government), and here in Morocco, it is more apparent. In the West, profiteering has blinded many to this fundamental reality of negotiation between two Sovereign beings, and haggling is nearly unheard of.

Tetaoun Youssef sold me a Guitar for 800 MAD, claiming it was one of the best guitars - hand made - going to a special place to find it for me. I knew as soon as I saw the Guitar it was a cheap mass produced product, probably made in Asia. I was just happy to have something, and it sounded good for a 'boxed guitar.'

A few weeks later, I found myself in Marjane, the Moroccan Walmart, only to discover the very same Guitar on the racks with four others just like it. These guitars were selling for 500 MAD brand new. This was to be one of many examples of Youssef's dishonorable dealings with us, and while I cannot claim to know everything he did was dishonorable, many of the negotiations he did on our behalf we later discovered were to his benefit financially; which he did not advertise. Some of the housing Brian attempted to secure fell through because Youssef was trying to secure a stipend from the Landlord inflating the rent by nearly double.

In Moroccan culture, what is held up as the pinnacle of a salesman's pride, is making the sale or earning trust. This notion traces back to hospitality, and the core concepts of Islam, which are generally positive and honorable; but as many do not have Gnosis of these truths (only Dogma), their application in life is diluted. There are many, many honorable people in Morocco whom do not engage in dishonorable dealings, however some salesmen would easily sell you crap with a smile, thinking they provided a good service. Morocco is hardly unique in this sense.

The economy here is highly dependent on tourism, as such many locals see tourists as an opportunity for financial gain; we heard this directly from several Moroccans. Since foreigners normally pay more for certain items in their home countries, the merchants first inclination is to charge the "European" price instead of a local Moroccan price. Ignorance is not an asset here (nor elsewhere), as you could easily pay 10 times as much if you do not exercise your haggling abilities.

Morocco vs the West

Frankly, I find this mode of business refreshing. Deep down the person you are dealing with knows negotiation is always an option, and if you stand in your power, you can get a fair price. In the West, most salespeople are beholden to the policies of their Corporations, and no room for negotiation is possible. Nor are they even aware that fraud is taking place for the most part.

Dishonor is institutional the world over, as many consent to deceptive business practices out of fear of
losing their job, their identity - or even worse - because they believe their actions are Moral. Institutions (companies) do a great job of making people believe they have no choice in the matter. Unlike in the Corporate world, the choice to be dishonorable in Morocco is more of an individuals choice, justified by cultural norms, rather than Company policies.

Oud Laou Saturday Souk (state fair)

From a Soul Growth perspective, Morocco is an amazing place for all the reasons I just described. Because everything is negotiable in TRUTH, Moroccan haggling practices provide a wonderful opportunity for one to develop negotiation skills and stand in their power. Morocco will either make or break you, as there are constantly pitfalls weak and gullible minds fall into.

For instance, Tetouan Youssef came in, sold us on bogus deal after bogus deal, revealing the potential for growth in all of us. Our Egocentric identity does not like acknowledging mistakes to change for the better, but the responsibility to gain knowledge and change ourselves is always within our grasp.

"Let he who would be duped be duped" is the Vatican's moral justification laid out in the Papal bulls creating our Corporate legal structure. I think this has wisdom to it, as we must stand in our power, look for knowledge, acting within it to cease being 'duped.' We are response-able after all.

One People Cafe

One People Cafe, Sherri running in front
A group of us here decided to invest in the Cafe, putting down a deposit to for it and the apartments above. We agreed to occupy the building by March 1st. However, there were complications.

Our contact in Aouchtam, Mustapha, a man who purportedly was working with the Royal family, disappeared and we were unable to reach him for several weeks despite his assurances the building would be available by March 1st. Do to Mustapha's dishonor, Brian searched for other places and found houses we ended up using for most of our time here. Nearly 10,000 MAD (Moroccan Dirham) was tied up in the One People Cafe we could not use, and most of us had no idea what was going on after the 1st came and went. Synchronistically this building would never have been able to accommodate the QEG build. 

The energy was pulling us elsewhere, although we did not know why at the time. Upon arriving in Aouchtam, we had nothing but time to discuss the course for our group; as the plans for the Cafe were put on hold. Brian and Jorge began searching for other properties in Aouchtam during early March, while HopeGirl revealed the QEG project she planned to bring to Morocco with Brian privately. The Build location was not secured yet, but the seed was being planted and excitement was mounting. 

The Clubhouse

View from second floor patio.

View from entrance gate.
The ClubHouse was a major center for activity (as of October 15th 2014, it has been vacated due to water issues and problems with the landlord). In my view, everything that happened since moving to Aouchtam has been a perfect drama for our collective edification. And like all good stories, there are ups, downs, disagreements and confrontations; along with beautiful sharings and collaborations. A microcosm of the macrocosm. 

In early March 2014, as a result of losing the Cafe, a small group here began to quietly look for a community center. I say quietly, because this group's intention, was to procure a location, furnish and prepare it as a gift to the community. 

Synchronistically, another group who did not move to Aouctham with the majority in early March, also began looking for a house. Both groups found the same location and fell in love with it. In an interesting turn of events, one group came to the Seaside apartments to share their find with us, only to discover that both groups had different intentions for the same property. It was a bit tense at first, but one group conceded to the other, and all was settled very quickly. 

I think it revealed an opportunity to strengthen our collective efforts by working together. As many of you may have heard listening to the One People and Collective Imagination Shows from this time, there developed within many of the minds here, a distinction between a Community and a Commune. Many felt like they would like to work collectively in some way, but not share the same physical space for living; pledging all their worldly possessions to some collective 'State.' 

I feel raising the distinction can be advantageous, but must be guided by an objective assessment our intentions. If our stated goal requires close living - such as working on a farm - it would be to our advantage living close together. There are many factors to consider, and blindly adhering to a communal living arrangement without clearly stated agreements leaves many doors open for conflict and frustration. The better we are able to consciously harmonize our needs and desires, the better we are able to create a space for everyone to flourish. 

A small group moved from the Seaside apartments to the top floor of the Clubhouse, and a new dynamic was born. The group residing there happened to contain a majority of radio show hosts and previous forerunners of the OPAL tour, but only for a short time. Lisa, Whitney, Brian, and Wayne lived at the Clubhouse while the majority of the people in the community lived in the Seaside Apartments. Brian and Jorge graciously volunteered to sign a one year lease with another Mustapha (the owner of the Seaside apartments), and those who had the funds could stay here, while others were able to live in the Clubhouse.

One Space, Many Projects

By this time, Hopegirl shared with Brian her desire to have Aouchtam become a CICU for QEG's in Africa; the first crowd funded QEG was to be built here! Our focus quickly shifted from long term sustainability, to accommodating the QEG build an CICU. While it was very inspiring to be apart of the activities during this time, yet the overall effect on the group as a whole would be discordant. The gathering of people here never recovered group cohesiveness after the QEG project ended in mid May, but we will get to that. 

One of many meetings.

After a week or so, a meeting was called at the Clubhouse to present the "Sanctuary" - part of Whitney's personal vision - and the QEG build to the community at large. The Clubhouse was to serve as a space for all of us to work together on our personal passions and group projects. Those who were living there, took up the role of Custodians of the Clubhouse, ensuring it would be used responsibly for the benefit of everyone. At this point, some of the challenges I mentioned earlier began to present themselves. Everyone could contribute to the Community spaces, but no system for integrating each person's vision existed, to facilitate clear communication, consensus and group cohesiveness.

Myself and several others shared some insights about developing such a project management system; which nearly everyone wanted to discuss. Lisa, Brian and I had many discussions about how we could develop methods where peoples personal skills and experience could be made known, so people with common interests could work together.

At the suggestion of Lisa, Julian began to work on the One People Aouctam website (which is offline as of this writing). Each person who wanted to participate could upload a profile with their goals, intentions and skills. I began to work on the Project Creation Board website to help coordinate the dozens of projects and ideas that were constantly being generated.

Due to poor communication and negotiation skills in the aggregate, some of these ideas never got off the ground. One problem encountered was creating a space of vulnerability between interested parties to share their ideas openly, without feeling like they be would rejected (we will cover the possible reasons for this later). The QEG project deadline was coming up and dozens of people were making plans to be here for the build. With the pressure of all these things on our collective plate, the need for communication and organization was great.

Philosophies in the Causal Plane

As Mark Passio describes beautifully in his video series on Natural Law, the plane of Causes is the Mind, the plane of Effects is the Objective World or the Physical manifestation. Our philosophies are thought-forms, ideas accepted as true, and literally shapes how we imagine our desires.

A philosophy affects the Causal Plane, where everything we do originates; our philosophies are who we BE essentially. As such, if we are not of like mind, if we have not 'made up our minds' together, unifying a cause, then the effect of our actions will be discordant. Any ambiguity results in confusion and misunderstanding eventually. Our bodies require a centralized control mechanism to manage all the activities harmoniously, therefore, we desperately needed a facilitator role to coordinate our efforts. However this was a point of contention within the group as a whole, a difference in philosophic causes which prevented harmonious actions.

We did not have a project manager or even a white board to coordinate all the various aspects of the projects together; although we did discuss this and concluded something was needed. I do not feel anyone consciously blocked the development of a system, but I do think there was an overriding impression from some, that a formal system would be 'giving energy to the Old Paradigm.' I observed several people dismissing any management system out of hand which required coordinating 'leaders.'

Listing some of the Philosophes here maybe be helpful. Many felt that only an 'Organic' management system could work, but the word used herein had the implied meaning of unconscious. Instead of discussing our goals and intentions openly in a formalized space for this purpose - creating consensus as to which goal had the greater priority - an Organic method (using the above definition) would mean everyone does what they want, and if people are meant to work together, they will be 'energetically drawn together.' In other words no coordination under this model was needed.

While this can be true sometimes, maintaining a philosophy where ignorance is an asset, will be disadvantageous to our collective goals; knowledge empowers us not blind faith. Organic in the more common meaning of the word implies natural systems; organization and life. Natural Law would be applied accordingly, consciously loving, understanding and applying the Truth wherever it leads us.

This philosophy of unconsciousness was ineffective for us in the whole. Several projects were started only to fizzle out later due to lack of resource management, prioritization and group cohesiveness.

For example, the walls in the Clubhouse had not been painted for many years. A few volunteers decided they wanted to paint the walls, but instead of asking someone with experience what the best way could be, they jumped in head first. Paint was applied to the walls only to have it start peeling off a few hours later because the old paint was not scraped away. I have experience renovating houses and did many jobs with my father, Cesar, in Lawrence MA during my teen years. Painting a wall usually means removing any paint that is ready to fall away and could involve some type of Primer, depending on the surface you are painting. While I do not hold a judgement against those who chose to act without knowledge, I do acknowledge this as a symptom of mental disharmony; a discord of philosophy. We were not on the same page, and this was just one example.

The operative philosophy in the aggregate was: individuals could 'do their passion,' acting in personal responsibility and liability to ensure there was harmony within the collective. Overall this was effective: the Gardens were kept up by volunteers, a compost was created with one person volunteering to shuttle compost from the Seaside Apartments to the Clubhouse, rooms were painted and meals were cooked for many; and so on.

Our discordant philosophies was never really healed, we could not create a space of discussion allowing those with a smaller voice to speak and share their thoughts. Nor was there an interest in hearing all the perspectives by several outspoken people. This was not explicitly stated of course, but if you can read between the lines, the theme is clear. Generally, when one person shared a point of view which disagred with a popularly accepted one, the group reaction was to counter it with the accepted belief, instead of trying to hear it out to the end, and reach consensus. Psychologically, this is an emotional reaction to hearing an idea which does not resonate with us, and reveals the ego is harmed, reacting as an attempt to defend itself.

Side note: I share these observations and conclusions because I feel it is important to acknowledge the full breadth of what occured. I do not take comfort in sharing the 'shadow side' but I think it is important; despite my fear I will be an outcast for sharing it. In my view, working with others means giving the smallest person a voice, holding in ourselves an earnest desire to reconcile.

Language Barrier

Lets talk about the language barrier created through the different interpretations of words and their meanings. We covered this deeply in the write up for Science of Word Magic and Spells | Collective Imagination Nov 11-2014 with Cullen Smith. There were regular group meetings in preparation for the QEG, but what became obvious to me is the degree of miscommunication that was taking place; primarily based on semantics surrounding word usage.

Although most of us spoke English as the common tongue, the meanings of words was discordant in our minds as a collective. In my opinion, this is due to a profound lack of adequate communication skills employed by the modern world, which we accept as part of our educational systems. It is ingrained within our global culture (the social program), not to question anyone's meanings, ideas or beliefs. As a result, we assume the meanings of words people use to communicate, and act presumptuously (implied agreements) with others. The powers that should not be (as Mark Passio calls them) know this all too well. This is why they employ legalise to bait and trap us into implied - tacitus - agreements we would otherwise not agree to.

If there is a genuine interest to understand what another person is thinking, then most language barrier issues can be cleared up easily. But, if we are more interested in pushing our point of view, misunderstandings are usually the result. Discourse is a term meaning: a mutual and equal sharing of ideas (meeting of the minds), and while this was happening here in the main, at group meetings there were several individuals who policed the group for words they considered to be inappropriate. This seems to be a growing trend within awakening communities.

I have discovered the following truth about words and symbols which I think is the most reflective of what IS; the actual mechanic of language:

Words and Symbols are Inherently Meaningless: Meaning is a product of Mind, the Subjective Personal experience.

Words are sound forms (vibrational objects), which are symbolic (can be recognized by the mind) used to represent meanings. A Dictionary is simply the collective meanings which have been indoctrinated into society via a central dissemination platform.

These are the deep truths about reality the Powers that should NOT be hide very well. A new Dictionary needs to be released every year to update the masses; proving the point that words are inherently meaningless. This concept of Neutrality of Meaning, can be extended to all things in the Objective Reality. Our Minds, the thing that creates our Subjective experience via free will, decodes words, applying meanings to them.

Let us consider an example of the Subjective experience giving meaning to the Objective reality. Anyone who has raised a child experiences the mechanic of meanings first hand. Imagine a child over hears a 'bad' word - one which adults associate with a negative connotation - and says "damn it!" when they stub their toe. "How did they learn to use such a bad word?"

During childhood, our minds are receiving data via our experience, and making sense of it by process of association. If daddy bumped his head and said a bad word in consternation while our child was in observation, the child will associate this bad word (with all its emotive energy of releasing pain) as the proper response to accidental injury. The meaning in this case, is supplied by observation and association within the mind of our child. As we can see, the premise of our Subjective reality (what things mean) in relation to the Objective reality (what things are) is so subtle most of us never notice.

You say Tomayto I say Tomahto!

Up until recently, my normal response to hearing things like "911 wasn't an inside job" would be to issue corrections, attempting to sway another's opinion to reflect my own. I was policing the words people were using, looking for my words in their responses as an indication my idea was received. While working at a call center in 2011, I began to notice just how ineffective this was at communicating my ideas the words were attempting to express.

Instead of trying to force my way of speaking on to others, I tried to learn their way of speaking about an idea, and begin to speak their language; discussing concepts in a mutually understandable way. The process of doing this took more mental energy than I originally thought, but eventually I started to get the hang of it.

Here is the technique: During conversations with others, observe what meanings are pulled into your consciousness when hearing their words. Then try to see the idea their words are formed around, without focusing on your meanings. You may begin to notice different meanings for their words in relation to you own.

I found it can be challenging to remain objective if I am focused on words alone. Re-articulating, or saying the idea back in my own words, gives the other person a chance to validate my understanding, expanding our mutual vocabulary. After a time, it becomes easier to remain objective, focusing on ideas, instead of the words.

(During 2005, I spent a many hours writing in journals and asking myself questions like "what it is love, what is knowledge, what is blame, etc.." trying to understand nearly every word I could along with the idea behind it)

Observable in many discussions here in Morocco, I noticed some people got caught up in semantic debates about how to say something, instead of focusing on the idea. But, seemly everyone agreed on: the existence of ET's or ED's, the presence of consciousness energy we can perceive, the importance of core values and principles such as personal responsibility and sovereignty, etc.

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How these various ideas were registered within each of us, what words we used to refer to them is what fueled miscommunication. I suspect the root cause of this reaction is hearing an idea - we feel is contradictory to our own; a differing opinions. Depending on how much we identify with these beliefs, the egocentric reaction is to police the words of others in an attempt to reflect our preconceived idea. An Absolute belief - one which we maintain as unquestionably true - must be protected.

Trappings of an Ego gone Mad

From a psychological perspective, any belief we try and hold in the realm of absolute certainty, is part of our identity. The Ego is our identity, what we associate in the objective world as part of who we are. Our bodies are a great example of something that defines our ego. Therefore, if we are trapped in egoism (static ego identification), upon hearing an opposing opinion, we must defend it as if we are being attacked. We often use phrases like "they just pushed my buttons" when referring to people who incite egocentric reactions in us.

This does not mean the Ego is bad, for it is an integral part of our Subjective experience. But, we must be careful not to fall into Egoism; attempting to avoid growth because 'we have it all figured out' - maintaining absolute beliefs. Imagine everything you do as an identity. Going to work in the car, you become the "driving" identity. Eating lunch at work you, become the "eating" identity. Now imagine if you tried to switch the two identities in the wrong context. You may end up crashing your car on the way to work, or making a huge mess when you try eat your lunch.

Our Ego is created by meaning structures within ourselves as they relate to objective things in our experience. And since our experience is ever expanding, so must our Ego and identity. The key is to allow the changes that happen without, to be reflected within (changing our identity). This is a function of free will, as we have the choice to ignore reality - the truth - or to accept it, and change accordingly. Words and Language are our tools for sharing ideas, and ideas are part of the Causal realm. This is why harmonizing with others and communication is so important. But if we are trapped in Egoism (as most of us can be at times) it does not feel good to discuss ideas we do not believe in.

Old or New?

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Preparing for the QEG, while building an infrastructure for a sustainable community, was no small task. A well organized, and managed effort is essential in my view. I volunteered to help coordinate our efforts, acting as quasi project manager for the community. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, I researched project management as a result of several conversations I had with Brian and Lisa. I enjoy logistics and pragmatism, and was excited to share the results of my research, but I found this challenging as some would get caught up in the words I was using.

The terms: Business Planning, Project Management and Consensus were linked to the Old Paradigm for some. Clearly there is a big issue with the existing paradigm, but there are some principles in it, that have value. Look out in Nature, and we see Organization everywhere (Organic = Organize), the more organized and coherent the system, the better it is able to function. Looking within our own bodies we see an interconnected web of Organization, around a central control system; our consciousness.

We could think of this as the brain controlling the body by coercion (like most corporations today, based on a materialistic philosophy), but in truth the body and brain are all part of one vast harmony helping you conduct of the orchestra.

Most agreed, we need not throw the baby out with the bathwater. But some who were very vocal, felt organized systems are the old way. I did my best to discuss the ideas behind these words. When talking about the prospect of a project manager, many agreed, but when it came to actually organizing it, no tangible results could be realized. I think if we had enough time to work on this, we could have been successful. And when Hope arrived, her skills of project management where quintessentially exemplified by her ability to organize several seminars while the QEG was being built.

What makes Corporations so bad?

What is of value in the Corporate world? This is a major point I want to highlight. After learning about the reality of debt slavery pushed by Corporate philosophies, many years ago, I refused to work any corporate job. But later I thought there must be something of value in Corporations, as these systems seemed to mirror nature, and are spectacularly succesful at creating in our world. The Organizational structure of most Corporations - looking at it from a holistic perspective - is almost perfectly matching nature. We have an organizational body at the top (board of directors), managing staff issuing orders and directives to the workers, with managers and trainers at the floor level. The human body and nearly all living systems use this same model of centralized direction; As Above So Below - Fractality.

Physiological image suggestive of the Masculine and Feminine
aspects directed by a single consciousness
 or BEing (single eye at the top)

Within the body we have cells and tissues, organs and organ systems. Within a Corporation, we have workers and managers, directors and secretaries, work groups and subdivisions. Each is a Being, whether cell or organ, human or group, unified in their collective intentions by agreement. While we do not normally think of the cells of our body agreeing to do the work of the brain, in the same way humans agree to work at their jobs, the principle is the same. There is an offer or suggestion, and it is agreed and acted upon by another Being, another Unit. Cells can choose disagree with the body, manifesting as cancer. Dewey Larson refers to these units as Life Units.

The principle is highlighted in Natural Law, known as The Principle of Correspondence or Fractality as Dan Winter refers to it. The world of human relationships is determined by free will and agreements. If we analyze all our relationships, there is always this common thread. No relationship can exist without Communication and Agreement between at least two Beings.

A Contract, the principles of what makes an honorable agreement, is the science of how agreements works. This determines the level of organization there is within a group or society. For instance, a society based on tyranny and mind control - where exoteric (common meanings) and esoteric (hidden meanings) rule the day, and the idea of Authority is widely accepted - the organizational framework of agreements is implied or presumptive. Here more Egoism is needed by individuals, as a compensation for lack of true knowledge. In a society based on truth, freedom and love - where all information is freely available to everyone, and Sovereign beings choose to act in harmony with truth - the organizational framework of agreements is explicit and non presumptive. The more freedom of thought one looses within, the more control one accepts as authority without.

Authoritarian models of agreement, which are implied and presumptive, prevent the individual from making a choice based on complete knowledge. This is inherently dishonorable, because it requires subversion of free will choice by the authority using deception or coercion. Free will choice to do the wise thing is destroyed by an Authoritarian system, because the choice to act willing, and gain experience, is robbed from the individual. Wisdom, Truth or Positive Knowledge, can only be gained by experience; this is intrinsic knowledge. Extrinsic knowledge is pushed by Authorities (experts) and is accepted within as a dogma or blind belief; creating a dependency on the Authority.

We can see this clearly within our closest relationships. If we tell children what to do, without a valid reason for them to willingly make the choice to agree, we tell them things like "because I am your father/mother" - translation - because I am the Authority. The choice by the child, to honor the request made under duress creates a schism within the individual; the accepted premise of Authority; under certain circumstances, we can justify forcing another to do our will. The side effect of Authoritarian models creates chaos due to lack of experience (wisdom and true knowledge) within the individual, requiring control systems to keep the order.

On Earth, Sorcery or Corporate Piratism rules the day, where our Natural Law rights are constantly being dishonored by our closest associates, as well as our would-be masters. Despite this sobering realization, there is a inspiring thread. The key to our salvation lies within understanding the exact nature of how two beings can interact in an honorable, transparent and Sovereign way; acknowledgement of free will. We discussed this in the post about the two modes of manifestation, Wizardry and Sorcery.

Explicit Agreements vs Implied Agreements

An Explicit agreement is an offer clearly stated by someone, to another or group; "I agree to cook dinner for the family every night." An implied agreement is a presumed understanding, one person makes by observing another's behavior. For example, because you have cooked dinner for the past week, someone in the family might presume you will continue to do so, getting upset when do not. Agreements and Contracts are conceptually equivalent. If we analyze interpersonal relationships within the context of Contracts, we have a point of view which provides us with a complete understanding of how agreements affect every aspect of our lives.

The words Agreement and Aggregate have an obvious similarity. Within Green Language, the esoteric meanings of words, these two terms have the same root concept. Aggregate means: something consisting of multiple elements, but considered a whole. Agree means: to harmonize opinion, statement or action; to become unified. Agreements are literally a reflection of unified minds around a thought form; at least one or more minds creating a single unit. Disagreement, therefore, must be disharmonious, and as such cannot be unified in mind or action, without first reconciliation of mind by communication; renegotiation.

There are four essential components to a Binding (Honorable) Contract revealing the importance of clear communication and consensus of mind. These elements are:
  1. Intention to Create
  2. Offer
  3. Acceptance
  4. Consideration
    Source - What are the basic requirements for making a valid contract?
1. Intention to Create - both parties must be consciously aware their agreement creates a relationship between them, as a result of their joint efforts. There will be a time when both discuss the terms and deconstruct every aspect so they can agree completely; negotiation. For example, in order to create a piece of furniture like a coffee table - a carpenter and a painter agree to come together, in union, to make a completed product; a constructed and painted coffee table. A meeting of the minds is required, where both people sit down and communicate to form a consensus (a common unity) about the thing they are creating. If they disagree at any level, they cannot, by definition, be in unity to create the goal of the project. One's willingness to understand the mind of the other is required.

2. Offer - both parties discuss the project and make all the smaller agreements which are needed to complete the whole. Again communication and consensus is key. Using the above example, if the painter wants to create a blue coffee table and the carpenter wants to create an unpainted coffee table, by definition they do not agree. They must Offer and Counter Offer until agreement is reached. Full Disclosure and Transparency of the facts each party understands, facilitates unification of their visions. Explicit statements avoid miscommunication. When both of their minds are in harmony - aggregating intentions into a signal unit - they will be ready to start their work.

3. Acceptance - is a conscious acknowledgement made by both parties, stated explicitly. Just like an orchestra conductor initiates the playing of the musicians, so does acceptance initiate the start of the project.

4. Consideration - refers to the mutually agreed upon exchange of value, made evident by the completion of the agreement or project. Using our example above, consideration would be the product of their mutual labors; a completed coffee table that reflects the aggregated intention of their mind's.

Honor and Dishonor within Natural Law

Honoring agreements is an essential part of harmonious relations. Generally speaking, when we perform or render the service we agreed to, we are acting Honorably. Dishonor is the reverse, when we do not perform the service that we agreed to. Within Natural Law, honor is recognition of each individuals Sovereign rights, above and beyond any agreement with another; first things first. A Sovereign or Wizard, chooses to renegotiate when they discover a possibility of dishonoring Natural Law. Renegotiation is done transparently, with the aim of harmonizing the their minds while honoring free will.

If we change our minds, without revealing transparently what has occurred, a discord is created. For instance, if a drummer is playing a song for their saturday night gig, and decides halfway through, to change the song without letting his band mates know, an obvious disharmony is heard.

This concept of Honor and Dishonor is a wonderful discernment mechanism for discovering where disharmonies occur. Julian and I do this frequently to decode fiction in movies and the like, as there are many hidden gems of wisdom in popular fiction. Our tendency in the old paradigm, is to glaze over small issues of disagreement, focusing on the harmonies, but it is within these issues that we find the keys to greater harmony. Reflection on our past experience, with bravery to admit we could do better, is essential to correcting mistakes before they happen, lending insights to things we never thought possible.

Kitchen Agreement

A professional macrobiotic chef, headed up evening meal preparation due to his many years of experience. He managed to procure kilo upon kilo of food stuffs, coordinate and plan meals for over 70 people, transforming them into a banquet for all involved. Dani prepared breakfast most times, and also miraculously prepared meals with sparse ingredients. This was one of the best examples of our collaborative efforts. Many hands would often volunteer to help prepare, cook and clean up after the days work. Julian and I lived with the Chef for some time, and I can tell you, this man was a Natural born leader. His tendencies often butted up against the desires of others, due to a lack of desire to harmonize from the group as a whole. No one was to blame, but all involved played their part, including him.

One of the cutting stations in preparation for the evening meal.

One of the many banquets prepared during QEG time.
The implied agreement during meal time was the Chef had total control of the kitchen; sometimes people would be 'chased out of the kitchen.' There was even an intervention at one point because some felt 'bad energy' was getting into the food. The core issue was a logistical or practical problem, requiring a solution in the same sphere. Clearly a house with over 30 people staying as guests needed a space for people to prepare their own food and beverages.

Reconciling Perspectives

Bluestar discussed the OPC perspective many times during our talks. Bluestar clearly has an ability to see holistically, speaking to the thought forms operating on Earth. I found her perspectives and skills to act as mediator an asset for the community. In a nutshell, the OPC perspective is a mutual consensus of the values and philosophies developed as a result of listening to the Radio shows covering the OPPT filings. A sort of mutually common debriefing amongst the people gathering in Morocco.

While many were aware of the OPPT, and the general claim of its promoters, some were not. Further, even those who were aware, had their own understanding of what it meant. As I mentioned above, we spoke the same language but the meanings of our words were not harmonized. If only we had taken the time to discuss these ideas explicitly, ensuring we were all on the same page, maybe we could have worked together and avoided some disharmony. Thankfully, there is a perfect tapestry of wisdom waiting to be decoded.

The truth can often 'feel negative' which is a direct reflection of our Negative knowledge associated to that truth. Negative knowledge is misinformation, or an inaccurate representation (image) of what IS within our Minds. The falsehood we have accepted within, being charged into emotion as a result of our attention on a correlative symbol in our experience. In other words, if we turn away from things that 'feel bad,' we are preventing transformation of them into Positive Knowledge. Negative emotions are the Universes way of saying "you can understand this better."

As Carl Jung profoundly stated:
Filling the conscious mind with ideal conceptions is a characteristic of Western theosophy, but not the confrontation with the Shadow and the world of darkness. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.
CW 13: Alchemical Studies, par 335, pg 265
Many felt they could not be vulnerable and share their ideas about how to solve disharmonies in large meetings due to word policing. Tomas offered up his methods for establishing clear communication, which were beginning to work, but we lacked time and focus to perfect them. Word policing has the effect of sanitizing discussions, so that only certain 'socially acceptable' perspectives can be shared. Of course this does not make these perspectives go away, it just creates a divide - a black market of ideas - ensuring people talk in secret.

For my part, I will share I had an issue with abandonment during this time. I felt, if I shared my perspective too openly, I would be rejected. However, when I was brave enough to speak openly, people were receptive. For what its worth, I acknowledge my contribution to the disharmonies here. 

Life in the Clubhouse 

The clubhouse was a private residence on top of a public community space. The influx of people arriving for the QEG build presented many logistical challenges. At one point there was nearly 30 people living there, with up to 70 present during peak times.

If you have ever lived with anyone as a roommate, then you probably know how challenging it can be harmonizing living styles. Sometimes there is no discussion about the small things, and events unfold as they may. A dish could get left in the sink too long, or someone's food goes missing, giving rise to disagreements.

What I just described was a series of implied agreements. If your new room mate leaves his dishes in the sink, and you always clean them, an implied agreement is in place, and usually can only be changed by renegotiation explicitly. You would need to have a discussion about how you feel, and may have a solution to offer; this would be an explicit renegotiation. Or it may just fix itself one day, because they notice that funny look you give them when they put a dish in the sink; implied renegotiation. Generally speaking, the more implied agreements we have in our lives, the greater the potential for disharmony; miscommunication distorting our perceptions.

The challenge of harmonizing with just one roommate can seem insurmountable, now imagine 30 to 70 people come to stay in your house for over two months. I witnessed a small proportion of exchanges between people there, which were overall transparent and honorable. Yet within the realm of explicit agreements, or contracts, all the complications I saw were due to implied agreements and miscommunication.

As the growing number of people needed food and housing there were some logistical challenges to address. With only two bathrooms, for up to 70 people during peak times, who was responsible for cleaning? One working kitchen was available to service the needs of guests, and the custodians had a small 3rd floor kitchen. After meal time, who was responsible for cleaning the kitchen and the mass of accumulated plates, cups and utensils?

Creative Solutions

The solutions to these problems was fostered by individuals who took it upon themselves to share their knowledge, attempting to reach a consensus with enough people to implement an action of change; explicit renegotiation. It was inspiring bearing witness to this 'golden time,' when everyone seemed filled with hope. Most were eager to share their wisdom.

One night as Julian and I arrived for the community meal, we found a dishwashing station containing two basins for soapy water, and one for rinsing. During the announcements before meal time, Brian asked everyone to please clean their own dishes. The vast majority of people accepted his offer, and a whole procession of dishwashers were in assembly to do just that.

As I walked into the kitchen, I remember seeing a flow of people waiting to clean their dish, while others were at the first cleaning bassen washing their plates. Rounding the corner, I saw the end of our mutual labors: clean dishes being placed neatly on drying racks by their former patrons.

Seemly everyday, a constant bustle of activity to repair, organize and maintain the property took place. A group working the garden space made a compost area, paint and repairs were taking place throughout the house, plumbing was repaired due to several leaks; and this is just what I can personally attest to. The QEG build was also being prepared for, and then accommodated when assembly began. A workbench needed to be built, requiring wood and locating tools. The large salon on the second floor was dismantled daily from the previous nights slumber, arranged into a conference area for Hope's QEG CICU presentations.

Before shot of the QEG Workshop

The QEG Workshop with completed workbench
 The 2nd floor of the Clubhouse where the majority of the presentations were held.

There was a tremendous amount of harmony at work, with 70 people from over 20 countries. Focusing on the disharmonies and learning why they occurred almost seems like a disservice to the profound accomplishments we had during this time. I would guess harmony out weighed discord by a factor of 20 to 1. But as I have reiterated numerous times within this post, disharmonies are a gift from the universe, an offer to create greater harmony.

Asked Not to Come Back

There were a few people who arrived during this time, and later banned for various reasons. None of the bannings took place as a result of group consensus. The first instance was two french speaking Senegalese women who meet a pilgrim bound for Aouctham in the Tangier airport, quickly becoming friends. They stayed at the Seaside Apartments with Bob for a time. We did our best to share our philosophies and methods with them, but it became apparent they had no intention of honoring our boundaries. Several times, they were found in other peoples apartments helping themselves to things in the kitchen. Johnny, who came from Spain, spoke french and spent nearly 6 hours talking with them. Eventually, someone took it upon themselves to inform these guests they were not welcome.

The second instance was with two alleged 'agents.' A Canadian living in Morocco for 6 years with her husband, a native Moroccan, arrived after the QEG build was announced. She interviewed Bob for a book she was writing. They came down for our usual nightly gatherings in the Clubhouse, and someone had the impression they were CIA agents. This person shared their perspective, and by the end of the night, it seemed everyone was taking on the same point of view. The next day, a handful of people, who were gathered at the clubhouse, received the couple again, and summerly informed them they were not welcome in the community.

For my part, I cannot confirm with any degree of certainty if they were in fact agents. Some of the reports I heard definitely sound suspicious. However, I was troubled by the response of what to do with these reports. Someone decided to issue a ban on the communities behalf. Where did the Authority to speak on behalf of the community come from? (an implied agreement). In my opinion, banning someone from a community which claims to be conscious, proclaiming 'no one will be left behind' reveals a discord; many I spoke with agreed. Granted in certain circumstances, which I will mention below, a summery banning can be called for, but this is a very tight rope to walk. I think having an open discussion about what happened in any banning will be helpful for all involved.

Another member of the community, who lived close to the clubhouse, was also banned just after the QEG activity came to an end. This was an altogether different set of circumstances. He never cleaned his dishes after meal time, was very loud and disruptive during meetings, and refused to leave when no community activities were taking place. At one point, he arrived to find the house nearly empty and the residents having a private discussion, he was asked to leave or at least move to another place on the grounds, and made some sexist remarks in response. I personally witnessed several attempts to work with this individual which were refused by him time and again. He was banned by the residents after this altercation. I think as a community we could have benefited from an open discussion about happened. By this time however, the Clubhouse was almost completely a private residence, and as such, no community disclosure was required.

Disharmony of Hemp

From a vast Marijuana field in the Chefchaouen mountain region.
At some points, we wanted clearly stated agreements and worked to develop group consensus around major projects and policies. Nearly everyone agreed honesty, transparency and responsibility were core principles.

Remember the principles of Contracts above, lack of consensus or being on the same page means, when we go to act together in a group capacity, there is disharmony. Musically, we are not tuned to each other and while we can still accomplish a great deal, the end result will directly reveal the discord.

Although most spoke English as the common tongue, the meanings of the words was discordant over all. In my opinion, this is due to a profound lack of adequate communication skills pushed by the modern world today. It is ingrained within our global culture (the social program) not to question anyone's meanings, ideas or beliefs, else we may offend them. We assume we understand meanings of words and act presumptuously in many ways which cause chaos in our lives due to disagreement. The powers that should not be know this all too well, employing legalise to coerce us into implied or tacitus agreements.

Despite this ever present challenge, we had a lot of productive discussions. During one of these discussions the Custodians said:
"If you see something you feel you want to do, you do not need to get a group consensus on it, you can just check with your higher self and do it. But do so in full responsibility and liability for your actions and to respect the agreements of the group as a whole." (this is not a direct quote).
This statement, set forth by the custodians, is generally valid and a consensus was reached explicitly in this respect; we actually took a vote.

Several passionate people arrived with an intention to develop Permaculture projects and begin growing food ASAP. In addition, Brian Kelly discovered Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil Cure for Canibus, and there was much discussion on the radio shows about growing Hemp for medicinal purposes here. Listening to the Radio Shows, we heard about the King announcing Hemp should be grown freely from a caller, and that Hemp was 'legal' in Morocco. This coupled with the general agreement outlined above, created a fertile ground for misunderstanding. We discovered later there is a bill in parliament to legalize Cannabis, but it has yet to go through.

Two planters decided to sow seeds of hemp on the Clubhouse grounds, without expressly getting permission from the Custodians. Given the general agreement above, their actions are understandable I think. We all assumed we had the freedom to experiment with Hemp, but no one researched the legalities to confirm the ideas validity.

During late March, through mid May, there were several hundred Cannabis plants taking root. These were clearly visible to me when I first saw them. I asked a group that was working on the project, if the Custodians were aware of the planting. It was said that several of the Custodians verbally confirmed their awareness of the plants. I cannot claim to know for certain if this was true, as I was not there at all times, but I will say that if your stated position, is Custodian of the grounds, and you failed to take notice of activities on your property, the responsibility is partially yours.

By mid may, numerous implied agreements were beginning to present disharmonies. One resident would often walk around nude and engage in urine therapy openly. This was not agreeable to the residents, and it appears no resolution was able to be affected. Further, there were several dogs living in the Clubhouse, and some of the garden was destroyed, along with a constant flow of dog scat left on the grounds. The group who was taking care of the garden was incensed that no one was taking the responsibility of cleaning the dog scat. The dog's 'owner' was not offering up their serves either. Several heated arguments took place as a result.

Everything came to a head in mid May, when the plants were discovered by the Custodians. Heather received a phone call from a local in Aouchtam about the plants, which he said, needed to be removed immediately, else the police might be involved. Myself and all caretakers of these plants were planning a trip to Chefchaouen (which is discussed briefly here), when we received a call from Heather. 

These photos of the actual plants were taken days before they were consumed and "released".
Heather informed us, in her usual modality of speaking, that the plants presented a serious risk to everyone in the community, and they must be removed from the Clubhouse grounds. She suggested burning the planets and 'returning them to pure energy.' This was a major blow to the planters, as they felt a deep connection to the growing seedlings. It was decided the plants would be pulled up, juiced, and a portion would be burned as suggested.

I personally helped pull up the plants. This was one of the most somber moments for all involved. After the culling of the seedlings, who had been living in the Clubhouse since mid April, the planters were asked to leave and not come back. They stayed in the Seaside Apartments for a short while.

I confess my temptation to sneak a plant away, but in my moment of disquiet, I realized to covertly take it would be a dishonorable choice, and a modality of Sorcery. How could I hope to 'be the change' if I can justify manipulation when it suits me.

This event was to mark a major shift in our collective efforts. By this time, in late May, the QEG build was over and most of the short term members were gone. A group of long term residents, about 30 people, was left, but with no group consensus, and no venue to discuss our collective efforts, very little in the way of community projects emerged henceforth. The community split into several subgroups, one in the Clubhouse, several in the Seaside apartments. Interactions between us were all friendly, and we gathered periodically; enthusiasm and focus as a community never regained itself.

The QEG Build 

QEG workbench

From March 2nd to mid May, the QEG build was the central point of focus. This was a major source of inspiration and hope for all involved. We covered a great deal of the QEG data throughout this time, which can be found here.

The effect the QEG build had on the community focus was all encompassing. Before the QEG, we were creating a space to discuss core philosophies, and how to practically implement them. This was the hard, shadow work, we needed to do to root out all the opportunities for greater harmony. While the QEG build was an overall positive experience, it shifted our focus away from explicit agreements of consensus - adherence to clear transparent communication - to that of a frantic pace. We simply didn't have the time to see our work of building community through.

Hope's organizational display throughout this time was a great example for all involved. I think, if we had an opportunity to regroup after the QEG, her spirit of project management would have been infused into our efforts.

The QEG Build was a wonderful display of harmony, as many people from all over the world worked together in common-unity. Brian worked furiously with Hope and others to have parts couriered over by the steady stream of pilgrims coming to Aouctham. To their credit, we had nearly all the parts available to us within just a few weeks of agreeing to do the build here, a monumental achievement by any standard. The challenges of building an advanced piece of technology in Morocco were ever present. Jamie, and a group of engineers, made constant adjustments to their plans based on what materials were available to work with.

The QEG achieved resonance within a few days after the start of the build. Marking the apex of enthusiasm and morale for the whole year. Over Unity was demonstrated as a measure of potential power, but no self running of the QEG was realized during this time. Hope and Valery left in mid may, while Jamie stayed behind to do everything he could to achieve self running. He spent long hours in the QEG shop with several engineers, taking measurements and analyzing the problem.

I know there was some confusion and bitterness due to the failure of the QEG to achieve self running over-unity during the build. I doubt Hope or anyone was intentionally trying to mislead the public as to the proven state of the QEG prior to the build, as some claim. If we look back in history, at the successes of our age, they are preceded by a litany of failures. Yet there is always a common thread to those efforts which are successful; diligence. The most successful people are the ones who keep trying despite all their failures.  I admire Hope and Fix The World Organization for their steadfast resolve and determination.

The day Hope and Val left Morocco.

Financial Details

Julian and I initially came to Morocco because of an outpouring of financial support by readers like you. We cannot thank you enough for your energy, none of this would have been possible without you!

We raised enough money to come here in mid February, with about 2 months worth of funds left to sustain us. We earn a small amount of income from ad clicks on the blog (thank you so much) and from periodic donations via paypal. By mid April we were almost completely out of funds, and turned to the community for support.

Brian, Lisa many others, were always willing to help us when they could. We also had several people here who offered to pay our rent because they admired our work; which helped for the month of April and May. Bob also helped us a great deal with several donations and exchanges. A special thank you anyone who helped us during this time. The kindness of our fellows to help us should be no surprize to an awakened person, but on Earth, in world of scarcity and selfishness, we were extremely grateful for the support. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to be apart of a group that really does try to help each other.

An old church garden in the port Medina of Tangier
While this gave us a short term level of security, there was no long term outlook. Receiving these love donations was immeasurably helpful to us, but as anyone who has received help knows, it is difficult to plan one's life without having some long term certainty about resources. We attempted to resolve this issue by going to Chefchoaen in late May, which we discussed briefly here.

At this time Julian and I are working off an exchange of value from several weeks ago, but our funding will be gone as of December. We still receive ad revenue from clicks on our blog, but this has declined as of late. I would love to tell you we have a grand plan waiting in the wings, but right now we are not sure what the future has in store for us.

One thing we have been thinking about is potentially attaining a TEFL Certification to begin an English teaching career, leaving the door open for more travel. Of course, this would require an initial investment for the class and certification; about $1700 dollars each. This idea is intriguing to us, as it would provide financial stability, and an opportunity to help others. Something Julian and I both love to do.

Community Details

I can only speak partially about how the community at large was funded. To be clear, there was no accessing of OPPT funds by Heather or anyone. Nearly everyone who came here had resources of their own or methods of procuring those resources.

When the QEG build was announced, there was a sharp increase in available funds to accommidate all the various needs of the project. Several short term guests of Aouchtam made considerable financial donations to the community for food, housing, equipment, etc. There was always enough for everyone it seemed during the QEG build.

The funds were managed by the receiving party and no official policy or structure was in place that the general members were aware of. We had a rental car that everyone chipped in for, assisting in procuring food and various items as needed.

During times of abundance, management was not an issue, yet as the build began to slow down, resources became limited. In one instance, the rental car went over due and no one was made aware until several thousand Dirhams (MAD) of overdue charges accumulated. This was announced during a meeting, and funds were aquisitioned to pay the debt.

Many felt, if we participated in the management of our resources together, the waste could have been avoided. I still contend, given all the needs of the QEG build and the community, it could have been a lot worse. One man or women with the best intentions cannot possibly manage everything alone, and they did a great job all things considered.


Writing this took much longer to complete than previous Diaries for several reasons. Julian and I moved almost 10 times since coming to Morocco. Simply going to see apartments here could take a week; everything in Morocco takes a lot of time I can assure you. Julian and I have also been trying to regain our focus since the end of the QEG build, looking for some way to continue the dream of Sustainable living.

This post was one of the harder writings I have done due to what I felt needed to be shared. It is easy to write about things when no darkness can be seen, but sharing a hard truth can mean stepping on toes and bursting bubbles.

What transpired during early 2014 here in Morocco was impactful; Julian and I treasure all the experiences of this time. Everyone who came here to visit and take part touched us as well as many others. We are eternally grateful, and hope to continue our work of shifting this world into the golden age we know it can be.
- Justin

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