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Morocco Update - THE ONE NETWORK talks Freedom Central - CLOSURE with Brian Kelly, Dani, Lisa Harrison and Mel V

Synchronistically, I have been putting the final touches on a massive disclosure about Morocco, the OPPT crew and what happened during early 2014. I am glad some data is being realised providing everyone with a context they need to reconcile. Our Diary should be released today. 

Update 11.28.2014 8:00pmSITS Morocco Diary #3: Part 2 - Removing the Veil from One People Community Aouchtam.

Update 11.29.2014 3:47pm: I shared my thoughts about the below video on a comment thread in Brian Kelly's newsroom:

Just finished listening to the video last night.

I think the validity of the OPPT filings have been demonstrated by countless individuals standing in their power and acting within the concepts they represent. The filings only represented an awareness of one's self in relationship to our so called governments and would be masters, that heather undoubtedly helped many people find within. The truths they represent can not be threatened by any action Heather or anyone else takes, now or in the future.

While it seems this disclosure about Heather's character calls her intentions into question here in Morocco over the past year, all of the empowering portals of expansion and interconnectivity we have experienced since discovering the OPPT, in our own lives, are real and have value. No foot fall on the path towards oneness is a misstep.

If it were not for Heather's efforts, and the support of the media team to release the OPPT data, I would not have researched  law in late 2012 and unearthed probably the most empowering knowledge about interpersonal relationships, and the science of co-creation, I've ever come across; the Contractual Nature of our Reality. With this awareness, we have the keys to creating unimaginable harmony, if only we seek to apply them in our lives. And I never would have started to share my knowledge with others. We are all such amazing wellsprings of wisdom waiting to be poured out.

I don't regret coming to Morocco for one second. Even if Heather was attempting to derail some grander unfoldment of the media crew's efforts, it will not be successful in the long run. If anything it just proves the point even more; with knowledge comes power, and with blind faith comes folly. We all wanted to believe a big shift was coming and we could play our part, and we chose to be blinded by this comforting image. We placed a lot of blind faith in Heather, and others, with little to no data to support her assertions about Morocco. We didn't want to do the hard work of questioning someone else's beliefs, which often means making them feel uncomfortable, highlighting our fears of abandonment and self doubt.

In these moments of quiet repose, and seeming darkness, we do the great work of transforming ourselves for the better. This moment is just one more step on the road back to our identification with Source. I'm inspired so many in this thread realize this within themselves. I am sure with this more complete picture of what IS we will be empowered once again to move forward in oneness.
- Justin

Published on Nov 28, 2014
Record on 27 November 2014.

Following on from an interesting 2 years which started with the UCC filings and the One People's Public Trust, also known as the OPPT, so much has happened to the people who took up the gauntlet and traveled around the world to inspire a generation of freedom seekers, by educating them as to what they are, their true value, and seeking a tangible way for us to gain our freedom in this present reality.

I was honoured by the opportunity to catch up with Lisa M Harrison, Brian Kelly and Dee, to get a clear picture as to the facts regarding their journey, their time in Morocco spent with Heather Tucci, and their understanding of the truth with regards to the entire OPPT journey. It is also great to get to know the further extended members of The One Network, being Mel B, who also spent time with the crew in Morocco.

I have been very close to this story personally, being close to Lisa, sharing mutually appreciating interviews and having interviewed Heather Tucci and Dee, and having worked with Brian Kelly on the OPAL (One People Absent Limits) Tour.

Furthermore, the OPPT filings was followed on by the introduction of Swissindo to the global picture, and if anybody has been following my personal journey, you will know that I have been a delegates of Swissindo since June 2013, and currently hold the position as Head of Media within the God Sky Earth Project.

Freedom Central travelled to Indonesia in June 2014 to meet Mr. Soegihartononotonegoro, the King of Kings, who had bequeathed 6 million to every person on earth, following on from the "system being foreclosed" as stated by Heather Tucci based on the UCC filings of the One People's Public Trust.

It is great to get a clearer picture from those at the heart of this story, who spent time getting close to Heather, and who got to see the truth for what it is. Hopefully this will give some closure on this chapter of the story, as the circles of light who have overcome this cosmic gauntlet, have pulled together to begin an amazing new journey.

We look forward to 2015 and encourage people to keep an eye on The One Network, because they are a strong team, and we are honoured to be able to work with them, as they have much in store for the media consuming truth seeker and believers of a better world.

Peace Love Unity Respect
Mel Ve

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