Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Hercules Grotto - Under Renovation?

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Just about a week ago my good friend and roommate Debbi had her daughter come to visit from Texas, in the United States. Kerrie is a massage therapist as well as an incredible person. Beautiful in many ways and I am honored to have met her. The two of them went on an excursion across Morocco including the Sahara! I saw the camel bruises to prove it.

 Photos from Kerrie's Trip

Kerrie in front and Olesya in back.

In the middle of Kerries trip is when I ventured to the UK, which you can read about here. When I returned, Bob and Christian were gearing up for their adventure to the United States. Since they were leaving from Tangier it only made sense that they stay with us until their departure. So in the apartment we had myself, Justin, Debbi, Kerrie, Christian, Bob and even Tom from Estonia! Full House!

Returning from a birthday in Martil I had a great opportunity to see them all before their departures, as it had been weeks since I had seen most of them. Like many things in Morocco, being able to leave the country took quite some time to accomplish only after traversing a maze of paper work.

Before they left however, a few of us did take a small journey down to the Hercules Grotto, or cave.

According to Berber mythology, the City of Tangier was built by Sufax who was the son of Tinjis, the wife of the Berber hero Antaios. There are also stories of Tangier being founded by the Greek demi-god, Hercules.
More on the Hercules Grotto. 
The Labour of Hercules 

We knew of the caves and so decided to go visit them, to our surprise though they were closed! Under renovation is what the sign said, until what seemed to be January of 2015. Maybe I'll try again then but we decided to make something of the trip.  Down to the beach we went in search of another entrance to the caves, as I'm sure countless others have tried.

I took a few photos of and for Kerrie as we walked along the lovely coastline. The Atlantic was bashing against the beach with its lovely aquamarine sparkle. As we got closer and closer we realized we would not be able to get to the caves, instead we enjoyed our walk and listened to the water rushing through the underwater caves and channels. A fantastic outing.

Christian, Debbi, me, Kerrie and Justin behind the camera.

The Shots!

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