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The Great Pyramid | Update: Phi, Pi, and e are encoded in the proportions of the Great Pyramid

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In no particular order, here are some new images I’ve created recently. I posted these on my Facebook wall but they quickly got lost in the ephemeral feed. This blog is a much better repository for this research.

It turns out that the following 6:5 relationship in the Pyramid of Khafre is 99.9% accurate. The discovery was made by Peter Casperson in his book Den Matematiska Nyckeln Till Guds Namn (which translates from Swedish as “The Mathematical Key to God’s Name”) published in 2004. The illustration is my own. The 6:5 relationship ties in with what I’ve written before in Taking Measure, the Snowflake and the Flower, and Cubits, among other blog posts.

The Pyramid of Khafre encodes 6:5 proportions

The outer perimeter of the egg’s cross-section is 33,333 feet assuming the eggshell has thickness of ~5 feet at the scale of the Great Pyramid. I made a similar oval image a few years ago called The Megalithic Egg but it was based on the 3:4:5 triangle instead.

The egg formed by the elevation of the Great Pyramid has a circumference of 33333 feet
π, Φ, and e are simultaneously encoded in the Great Pyramid’s elevation. It requires a little trigonometry to fully understand:
tan 51.85° = 4 / π (99.99%).
cos 51.85° = π / πΦ (99.95%).
sin 51.85° = 4 / πΦ (99.94%).

Phi, Pi, and e are encoded in the proportions of the Great Pyramid

I made a round image (with Photoshop’s polar filter) of moai on Easter Island looking into the center, and then felt inspired to have them look at the Orion nebula. The 15 moai fit the stages of the alchemical process and I took the stage names from a fantastic novel by Katherine Neville called The Eight that I was re-reading. The philosopher’s stone naturally fits in the center as the final goal of al-kemi. I was playing with the swirling colors as seen above in the nebula or below in the chemicals of the alchemist’s cauldron. Are we looking into the heavens or deep within? They end up in the same place: awareness.

The Great Work

Here I update The Mystery of 273 image that was published in Quantification with one more fact in the upper left — The temperature of the cosmic background radiation (that’s the energy left over from the big bang) measures 2.73°K. Wonders never cease.

The Mystery of 273 (update)

I was Graham Hancock’s author of the month in September 2014. Here is the article I wrote for his site.

Mostly I have been working on paying projects at lately with little time for SIPS, although Dennis Fetcho interviewed me yesterday and we talked about SIPS and Quantification.

Here is a full accounting of our solar system:

Inspired by Don Barone on Graham Hancock’s forum

Is this the basis of the Fahrenheit scale, why water boils at 212°?

It’s interesting also that 33°F = .55555…°C

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