Friday, May 30, 2014

Self Discovery Tools: The Language of Sacred Geometry Mandalas

The ability to reflect accurately what IS within yourself is the key to so much in our reality; as we discussed in depth in this post. In my view, the idea we can meditate with a Mandala to 'unlock' or reunite our consciousness is supportable when we consider Dan Winter's Fractality work and contemplate the causal nature of emotions. 

Our emotions, or Energy in Motion, in my studies, is a result of putting our attention on a thing which reflects back to us our representation of it. For example, if you hate a certain type of food when young, displeasure and the emotions of disgust are sure to follow. But if you try it later in life, after opening your mind to new flavors, it may be experienced in a positive way.

What is the mechanism that causes this effect, for the food has not changed but it now creates a different emotional response?

Our choices in relation to our experience are the variable factor. When perspective changes emotional responses are altered. The more accurate and open our perspective in relation to objective reality (what IS) the better the emotional response that will be created as a result. Hence many of the enlightenment practices the world over.

This aspect to our reality is what causes me to consider the following as being highly beneficial for the discovery of Self. Like a tool for divination, we can use Sacred Geometrical images to rediscover ourselves. As we open our selves to the truth, consciousness expands.

- Justin

Source - Aether Force

A mandala is a Sanskrit term for a geometric pattern that represents the cosmos, a microcosm of the universe. In Jungian psychology a mandala is “a symbol used to reunify the self“.

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The origin of a sacred geometry mandala is the center, the “seed”. It’s the gathering center in which outside energies are drawn, and in the act of drawing the forces, the artist’s own energies unfold. Thus it represents outer and inner spaces. Its purpose is to remove the object- subject dichotomy. The circles drawn around the outside stand for the dynamic consciousness of the initiated. The center is visualized as the essence and the circumference as grasping, thus mandala means grasping the essence. As an art of reunification and as tools to accelerate spiritual awakening, these Sacred Geometry Mandalas are the art of awareness itself. These mandalas are created by hand and compass, one circle at a time. They are catalysts for personal development and spiritual growth. Each mandala begins with the intention of its primary function and purpose, represented by its sacred geometry structure and number combinations. This Sacred Geometric function resonates its nature and purpose within the viewer through the vibratory frequency of each color. As meditation maps these mandalas harmonize awareness with the principles they radiate. This function of resonant attunement can clear blocks and energetic imbalances. When observed from present moment awareness, wisdom principles from all religious and spiritual traditions will be self evident; and where attention goes energy flows. Inspired by the flower of life, these meditation maps are symbols of life masquerading in mandala art.

Within this Art. A person might discover that the principles from all spiritual traditions can be accessed. By having a sacred geometry mandala in your environment you will attune to the principles it radiates like Meditation maps. Unity Consciousness, Sacred Geometry,the Flower of Life, chakra clearing, The Power of Now or present moment awareness, Mayan numbers, Masaro Emoto’s Message in Water,cymatic imagery, law of attraction, attention and intention, spiritual development, awakening, Self realization, clearing techniques, numerology, symbology and symbolism, quantum spirituality, genesis and creation, Greg Braden’s Speaking the Lost Language of God – pray rain, NLP, consciousness frequency management, emotional intelligence, color therapy, etc. All can be found within these Sacred Geometry Mandalas.


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