Friday, May 30, 2014

QEG Morocco Test and Measurement Report Opensourced

This is the Data report issued by FTW for the Morocco QEG Build. We have been receiving a large amount of feedback already stating this data is incomplete and could be better. It is our hope more data can be revealed soon with the FTW team in their new location, having better access to materials and items needed to complete this work. 
- Justin

Source - Hope Girl
QEG T&M ReportWe know you have been eagerly and excitedly waiting for data and here it is in template form. We have entered partial QEG Morocco data as an example to show you how you can enter yours using the same form. More data will be submitted from the QEG Morocco build when all present project engineers compile their findings. Once you’ve filled in your report please return to

We are opensourcing this material because it is what we feel we can do to help the freedom movement forward into its inevitable arrival. While most have been supportive beyond our wildest dreams, and we are eternally grateful for YOU, there are still those who want to suppress this technology. Many  are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, and come with notebooks and pens. They make judgments, criticisms and spin stories. They have agendas that do not have humanity’s interest in mind. They are reporters wanting juicy stories, old-timers who are resentful their invention never “made it,” and facebook comments just for the sake of arguing and stirring up strife and division. And then of course, there are the paid trolls who threaten to destroy us and everyone we love – but they’re quite obvious.
Beyond what we have already given, we offer this template and sample  data  with love and goodwill. We are not required to do this by any institution or authority, but rather, have been commissioned by The People to develop an energy system that can make us independent of the big and all-powerful energy companies. We simply cannot understand the wave of demands we receive and the expectations placed on us  from any entity beyond our funders, who  do not place such demands, but are happy, patient and grateful to give and see the solution manifesting. To those whose demands we have tried our best to fulfill, we ask you to keep in mind that we don’t have big labs and big budgets. (Though the $100,000 worth of equipment required to create this report was lovingly donated to the project)  We do however have free energy and are  simply contributing our piece for the hope of  a better world where people thrive.
PLEASE NOTE: The QEG is still in development with the last important step to go. While our goal was to finish in Morocco, we could not due to the expense of building a modern device in an underdeveloped country.  To efficiently complete the next step – self-running – we again call on our friends and supporters to help us fund it.  Thank you so very much, awesome planet-changers!

What does the Test and Measurement Report contain?

The QEG Test and Measurement Report contains the experimental methods, measurement equipment and results obtained by each QEG build group. It includes:
  • A short overview of the equipment used by the particular QEG group to make the measurements, e.g., Agilent High Voltage Probe N2791A, a photo, and maybe a link to the website where they can find one. This means anyone wanting to do their own measurements know what kit to buy. More importantly, it also demonstrates that the right measurement equipment is being used and that the build teams are not amateurs.
  • Circuit diagrams: either a hand sketch or a nicely done computer generated circuit diagram of the QEG configuration so people can wire their own system up in an identical manner.
  • Results: a combination of, for example, Excel graphs and shots from an oscilloscope screen / power monitor. Also links to YouTube videos where people can see this particular QEG configuration running.

Why FTW is publishing all the reports:

The rationale for standardizing the reporting procedures and publishing them in one place, is to help others who are replicating the QEG, and to demonstrate competent professionalism with full transparency and disclosure, in line with FTW’s core values and the model of doing business in the new paradigm.


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