Thursday, May 29, 2014

QEG 3rd Phase Development: Self-running

photo by Julian Robles
The Over Unity Reported here is what I am calling "effective over unity"; meaning there is a measurable amount of energy being generated in the QEG which is greater the the energy used to produce it. However, this energy is what John, one of the Engeneeirs at one time working here in Morocco on the QEG, has called "reactive" and at present unusable. 

For the consumer, this means a tangible amount of power being generated but it is not being used in any application yet. Similar to having a Car Engine spinning 2500 RPM with no load applied to the rotating drive shaft. The next step is developing a method to draw the power out of of the QEG, making it available for diverse applications. Jamie and the FTW Team are in their new QEG location developing this phase of the project now; 'Self Running.' 

Morocco was intended to be the final development location, but do to technical setbacks in being able to acquire the needed components, a change of location was desirable. 

As a final comment, there is much questioning of the FTW team in relation to their methods of open sourcing of the QEG development Data and why it is not as frequent and complete as some would like. I cannot speak to the specifics as to why this is the case, but I can share that they are working to reveal as much as they can. Jamie, Val and Hope, in my opinion, feel a deep sensitivity to the public and the skeptical population whom is looking for any excuse to call the QEG project a scam, which in turn probably causes a hesitation to reveal data which may fuel further consternation from the close minded public. 

It is important to remember that the QEG and the FTW team are people with hearts which are just as sensitive to name calling as anyone else, and given they have completely turned their lives upside down to peruse this humanitarian effort, hearing from the public that the QEG project is a scam, can be most hurtful. While being skeptical and objective, in my view is always advantageous, it must be guided by compassion leaving absolute conclusions about your point of view at the door. 

World changing emergence's will only impact our lives if we are open to receiving them, otherwise we build a wall of close mindedness, and remaining in a world of limitation. 
- Justin

We are making history together! Because of the commitment of The People to bypass the usual production nightmare, set up by the powers that be (were), we were able to build the QEG and achieve the overunity phase of development in Morocco! What began with a conversion of 600 Watts into the generator motor to produce approximately 2000 Watts out (see 1st overunity video here), currently James is reporting 3000 Watts (5X), and some points 4500, 9460, 13,326, even 28,000 Watts!” That’s all output with 600Watts input! (More videos to come showing these readings, as well as “How to build a QEG” videos, which can be found on HopeGirl’s youtube channel!) One of the most valuable documents that has come from the Morocco build is the QEG Test & Measurement Report.

Video links of what we are all making possible – keep watching for new videos!!):Resonance in Pennsylvania
Resonance in Taiwan
Resonance in Morocco
Resonance in Germany
Resonance in Orlando (video coming soon!)
Initial Overunity in Morocco
Building conditions in Morocco (lack of equipment, lack of access to machine parts, tremendous delays, etc.) dictate the 3rd phase of QEG development – self-running – be achieved in an area with readily available resources. After completed, James will bring the technology back to Morocco to run the pump to get water from the well there (original intent).  Self-running requires a custom-designed converter to step down the energy being created in the core which makes it usable in the application that is to be hooked up to it.  We have the plans, just not able to get the parts in Morocco, and have run out of time and funds to continue here at this time. (For a complete expenditures report of previous crowdfunding please go here.)

The QEG project continues to be blessed, thanks to a very generous sponsorship offer! Our UK sponsor has agreed to buy all the parts and provide a building environment replete with equipment from one of the biggest systems development companies in the world. We will be building a 4th QEG, bring it to resonance and overunity, design the converter and reach self-running within 1 month. Below is the budget for the build: 

BUDGET Crowdfunding Budget
Morocco is only one example of ending the insanity of poverty, and while the Moroccan people have no idea the village of Aouchtam is now known around the world, thanks to the Internet, they certainly understand what free energy can do for them. (Please see “What it’s like trying to build a free energy generator in an underdeveloped country” , QEG development update May 10th.) For example, five thousand Chinese engineers have given their word to us that they will opensource any QEG building and improvements as they, too, can see the end of suffering for their people.
Folks, we are well on our way! Please help us ALL get there! To our knowledge this has never been done quite this way before. The end of energy tyranny is in sight and We The People are making it real! We can easily start imagining what life will be like when we are free to live off the grid: no more robbery, no more domination/control by the powers that be (were), and no more feelings of helplessness to stop the suffering on the planet.


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