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Oneness is not easy... but its the only route home. by American Kabuki

Bill echos many of the conceptual elements we have upturned in our journey into Oneness. Here in Aouchtam Morocco, we, Julian and I, came here in attempts to create a Sustainable Conscious Community, where the individual is fully responsible and aware of their co-creative relationship with the world outside of themselves; the co-creative arena. This dream, has yet to become a reality in my estimation, but we are moving towards a path of further unification.

Living Consciously and Intentionally with others for me means being willing, above all else, to change yourself and be open to the truth about your presence with others. Not group think, an individual controlning the minds of many, but individuals consciously choosing to act in harmony; open to healing thyself and thy neighbor. 

As Bill aptly names:
 "A sovereign who is not a responsible to others is the very definition of a tyrant." - American Kabuki
Similar quotes which further underscore this point in are:
"Knowledge is power," and;

"With great power comes great responsibility"
Therefore, the ability to be Conscious or Aware of one's self creates the potential for great power within ourselves (for chaos or harmony), and the choice to ignore this awareness of one's self, especially because it counter's our accepted view of self (the image of who we think we are), is a choice to create chaos in one's own life and the world. Ignorance (a conscious choice to ignore) will prolong growth towards greater harmony within and without. For example, if you think of yourself as serving humanity by torturing people in Guantanamo Bay because it is 'serving your country' then your choice to not reconcile this massive contradiction perpetuates the chaotic behavior you are creating. You continue to torture people causing them and yourself harm. 

When we invite the light into ourselves, it will inevitably reveal cracks and incongruities which can, if we are willing, be transcended. 
- Justin

Source - American Kabuki

by American Kabuki

I began this current journey December 26, 2012. Its been an amazing experience from a historical, a spiritual and a personal view point. We've faced many challenges and many obstacles and bore them knowing that the information we had was correct and that it resonated with a very wide audience. How diverse that audience is did not sink until recently.


We have published information that was kept secret about the banking systems, what value was, where that value resided and who ran the systems. The energetic nature of banking and the off-world connections that ran it.

We've provided solutions that would enable the banking systems to re-purpose themselves using their own familiar business documents. But they have chosen to continue on as they always have. Control is powerful addiction. They have chosen to not be honorable in how they deal with humanity. That is their choice... at least so far. They continue to clip coins via inflation and various other monetary games and mirror fundings to eek out yet one more day of control. But the math of it all is not on their side.

There is a Russian Engineer here that explained to me what happened when the Soviet Union fell apart economically. The currency inflated so rapidly employees were paid daily and they had to rush out to buy things before they rose in price. It was a continual race against time, for inflation is always the way the banking system steals from the future, its built into their model of banking. As the money got so bad, US dollars became the defacto currency in the former USSR. If people didn't have money but they had potatoes and someone else had electrical parts, they exchanged goods, in a true value exchange between individuals quite apart from the banking system. The value was still there, and they overcame the road blocks to exchanging that value which was the failure of the government and banking systems. What then arose is appearance of the "procurers" who had family or other connections to western Europe and other countries. These people would smuggle in good that were badly needed, which were sold in the open air markets or what they call here in Morocco the "souk". In the USA we call them flea markets or farmers markets. Also about that time it became legal for Russians to own small tracts of land which they could build a small dacha and a vegetable garden. The shortages engendered by central planning of markets and central banking vanished in a couple of years and the markets were filled with goods and with food that was never there under the old centrally controlled and planned economy. I expect such a scenario is brewing for the United States. I do not believe in RVs, GCRs or any of that nonsense is going to save the day because it does not address the fundamental question of what is value and where it comes from. Under those schemes it still lays hidden and non-transparent.

In the west our central planning has been much subtler, but still it is central planning, and its been done by bankers, who decide what industries will thrive and which ones will fail, and when inflation gets out of hand their safety valve has been the innocent backs of the lower rungs of the work force who they view as expendable. You cannot watch Bloomberg TV or CNBC for an hour without hearing about central bankers as if they are god's from on high. They are friggin' idiots with charts. They know what's wrong and the hold meetings and press conferences and do nothing about it.

Personal Journey

My own personal journey has taken some twists and turns I did not expect over recent months. Some by my doing (my big mouth), and some by those who would rather chatter about what they think motivates me (I really am a simple guy) than speak to me directly. I can only accept and change my mistakes, what others do I can only forgive as I have no control over them. 

Oneness cuts both ways. There is no shortcut. Everything you do affects the whole. We live in a hologram of the whole. You are a hologram of the light, with the gift of an individual perception. It always makes me laugh when I read "light worker blogs" that say "Obama is a being of light!" Well duh! We all are! Matter is just highly compressed and slowed down light!

I am only responsible for me, and you for you. And frankly that's quite enough to be responsible for. No matter what happens to us in life, our quantum leaps and our newtonian stumbles towards earth shattering gravitational thud, its still our journey to walk and to walk it honorably and to walk it in love for others. I cannot change others, all I can do is speak my truth, and hope it falls on listening ears.

Its a sticky kind of irresponsible energy some have. Some see themselves as sovereign but refuse to be accountable for being a sovereign self-governing individual living in the fullness of I AM. Any behavior goes and well if you object...WHOA MAN WHO ARE YOU TO OBJECT? Well if it infringes on my being or the safety, ability to live here, and security of others, I will say so whether you like it or not. A sovereign who is not a responsible to others is the very definition of a tyrant. Never liked the word sovereign anyway... so much separation consciousness in the very word...

I once heard an Israeli speak about the problems between Israel and Palestine. "If the Palestinians want to destroy us Jews, they should let us live in peace and we will attack each other". I thought that spoke much of the exile and separation mindset that has driven Zionism and its refusal to come to terms with their neighbors. But it takes two to tango. Could Israel have a cohesive identity without an enemy? Yes, but they won't as long as its driven by a Zionist mindset which by its very definition sees itself as being separate from "the other". The Arabs have never hated Jews prior to 1948, they lived for centuries together peacefully. Palestine is a property dispute that has gotten way out of control and turned Israel and Palestine into East and West Berlin of the cold war. The Palestinians are the same people that were once called "Samaritans" and the area they live in is still called Samaria in Israel. How many Christians understand the parable of the Good Samaritan is talking about a Palestinian who showed mercy to a Jew that hated him?

In some sense we are self-exiting exiles (others will do this in others places too) here in this village from a system, and without an enemy we risk destroying ourselves from within. The solution is not to go looking for enemies or needlessly creating enemies within by reckless behavior and balkanize ourselves into walled compounds (which is happening). The way past that conundrum of separation is to move into responsibility and dialog and forgiveness. 

In most situations its just a human being in the flesh doing the best they can with the information they have and the understanding by which they operate. A few have had very tortured lives and childhoods that much is plain. It screams out of them, "Love me!" even in the midst of their self destructive behaviors. They say, "tough childhoods often make for the most interesting adults" but tough childhoods have a lot of pain in them. Its all in how we respond to journey we have had and how we move forward. The man in the house next to me has no legs at all (they were amputated to stop cancer from killing him), yet I see him wheel himself up the dirt road in his wheelchair and get into taxis to go shopping. He always greets me with an "Hola Bill!". He humbles me with his cheerfulness.

What comes ahead for me I do not know. My options are really to head back to the USA at the end of July or stay and live my life in Morocco and do software development and blogging here here on things outside the community at least until my rental contract expires next April. I feel my time here in Morocco is nearly at an end and it may be that my job is complete. I really don't know what comes next. I did not come here to live in a spiritual ghetto in isolation from those that live around me. I came to create something new and enhance the community (which I define as the ENTIRE village).

I have no new information for you about banking. And if any comes out from this community it will probably come first from others, and I'll end up re-blogging it. I don't feel comfortable about blogging about much of what has happened and the drama in recent weeks on the ground. Nothing good will come from it. But it shouldn't have to be that way. The best I can do is speak in general terms or of my own personal situation.

There are worst fates than living in Morocco. But the fact remains I am a guest until I have residency. And changes are coming that will complicate getting that. Morocco is a good place to live with decent people. I am a 5 minute walk from the beach. My health has drastically improved here given that my diet is of mostly fresh organic vegetables and fish that is caught in a very pure section of the Mediterranean Sea. I have grown an inch or two since arriving, I have lost a huge amount of weight and I feel and look younger.

Some things are difficult to do here, and the kind of work I do requires a certain amount of electronic infrastructure, and I see no signs of that changing right away. It cost me half the ad revenue on my blog last month as I simply couldn't even log onto the blog.

I have seen and experienced things since coming to Morocco that I did not know were possible for humans. It was done through acceptance and understanding of what I AM truly means. My whole view of what is possible has been forever changed. I don't quite know exactly what my origins are, except for the obvious humanity I have, we are all stumbling through that but I do now I AM of the whole. The One. 

Oneness is hard. Forgiveness is not easy either. Saying "I'm sorry" is hard for some who see that as weakness or who want to dismiss a situation it as being "only your perception" (OMG how I have come to detest that trite phrase which has spread like am California wildfire). Is your experience somehow less valid than anothers? Saying you are sorry is not an excuse to keep doing what is causing the problem either. If we are all individual "privacies of perceptions" within I AM, and we don't honor the privacy of perception that stands before us how does that honor the totality I AM we claim to be? YOU WANT THE POWER OF I AM? BE I AM! If the perception is wrong, talk it out, pray it out, meditate it out, walk it out! Go scream and shout if need be! But don't shoot the messenger or diminish them.

Transparency cuts both ways too. Is it good for one but not the other? You may be a mirror for me but I am also one for you. If you don't like the reflection comb your hair.

Being responsible is hard. Its painful. If we did not feel pain would we have any limbs or fingers left at all during this life? Only Zombies feel no pain. Would we really truly understand joy if we had not known pain? There is a certain wisdom and understanding that only life as a human being imparts. That wisdom is to be honored. If you do not understand "being human", perhaps its time you begin. If you only want a completely human experience, why not open to all that you truly are in I AM? Its there waiting and its much more than "Electronic" as some have described it. My radio is electronic, my Spirit is not.

Recent months for me has been like a hall of mirrors. It especially gets hard when I get close to a break though in living in Oneness there is always something that always comes along that challenges that, demands, insists, provokes, or insults me to stay in separation consciousness. Usually its something that matches a pattern of events that caused me great pain in the past. This seems to not be coincidental. Like the illusion itself is sending agent Smith's from the Matrix. "Find his hot buttons and push them..." I am not playing that game anymore. I embrace the pain of the past and let it go. Even the deeply buries stuff I can't remember. It no longer serves me. It is all experience that enhanced I AM.

Knowing Oneness and living it is not easy. But it is the only only route home. 












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