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SITS Morocco Diary #2: Birthing the Aouchtam QEG; 'She is showing us the New Way'

With the passing weeks much has been occurring here in Morocco. We apologize for not posting more in the past as we have had several technical challenges. 

State of the Community

Before we get in to the various technical issues Julian and I have been going through we wanted to reveal some of the threads of what is happening out here in relation to creating an Intentional Conscious Community.

For us, an Intentional Consciousness Community is one which fosters awareness, transparency and accountability of all embodiments therein within the stated Intent of the Community itself. The Intention or agreement that a group of people have, to live a certain way, and as Ian Lungold points out in his work, a civilization is Absolutely centered on their collective agreements. But how is it that Collective Agreements are established? 

Does your body and its cells communicate with each other or do they run around like individuals with out care for what their individual actions do to the environment around them? The cells of our body and our body in general is a perfect harmony of communication, cooperation and coordinated action. When one cell or group of cells is selfish, egocentric and acts without regard for the affects on others, we call that cancer. As such, the only way for a Community to be Conscious there must be an actual mechanism or process for collective communication, discussion and agreement. This is called Consensus.

At the moment in Aouchtam Morocco, and purely from our perspective, we have no explicit agreement for our long term goal; there are many implied agreements. However, each of us has an awareness that the work we are doing here, what we are grounding into density, is of utmost importance to the setting of a New Paradigm on Earth and for humanity. We each have grounded within ourselves, as individuals, a recognition of "being the change" we wish to see in the world; yet each of us has a different concept of what that looks like. We often remark to ourselves in conversation "we don't know what the new way is yet, we are discovering that everyday" and this assertion by many here acknowledges in our view the lack of harmony as a group; which is crucial. The first step in expanding your knowledge is knowing what you don't know or in this case realizing that it is US who are responsible for the disharmony in our lives and only we can BE the change to resolve it. We really do have a microcosm of the macrocosm at play here; which is absolutely perfect. As we unwind our actions in reflection we can begin to see what was unseen and this empowers us to transform ourselves in the process. This is exactly what is happening here in Aouchtam in varying degree's.

To some, drawing attention to disharmony or potential problems is "energizing negative thought forms" and "lowers your frequency," but the only way to move through fear is to see it for what it IS, focus your attention on it, opening your heart to it; which naturally dispels fear and Alchemizes any negative energy into positive energy. Fear, False Evidence Appearing Real, can only exist with a balancing action of Ignorance, ignoring data which would transform the false reality into a true reality; a Re-presentation of what IS.

For us in Aouchtam, there is a constant unfolding of data revealing opportunities to change ourselves, accept the truth reflected back to us, and co-create a New Paradigm. For example, when the Club House, where the QEG and most of the Community activities occur, first started to have Communal meals, there was much disharmony left from the group. Plates and Utensils were left in the eating area, the kitchen was filled with all the pots and pans used to cook and many 'left overs' from our actions were clearly visible. At first, a handful of people whom became aware of the discord took action together and cleaned up the entire space for the whole group; they became Response-Able due to acknowledging what IS. But as time went on it became apparent that there was a co-dependency being supported in the group. If we are all here on an implied concept of Personal Responsibility and Sovereignty, then why is it that we would leave so much in our wake for others to rectify? Or if we constantly clean up after others without transparently revealing the truth to them are we enabling them to stay unconscious of themselves? A turning point was presented to each of us, as is always the case when our own actions are reflected back to us; we have a choice to accept what IS, and allow that to transform us accordingly. 

After nearly a week of this unspoken process unfolding, we decided to address it consciously in a group meeting. As Dani from Removing the Shackles pointed out, Consensus, or the ability of a group of Willing Beings to harmonize their intention and act accordingly, is an essential part of creating a harmonious Conscious Community. We decided to explicitly state our collective intention to act with Responsibility and clean up after ourselves which resulted in a transformation of the Communal Meal co-creative action. Now, if you were to find yourself in the Club House after the communal meal, you will see in the kitchen a Dish Washing Station: a series of 4 tables spanning 12 feet long and 2 feet wide with 3 tanks of washing water, first being soap and sponge, next being rinse with a final tub of sanitized water ending in a drying rack. Nary a dish is left unwashed or a plate not cleaned. 

This is but one example of many, where we realize through willing acknowledgement that our own actions have created disharmony and chose to empower ourselves, moving through ignorance and really live the ideals of Personal Sovereignty in each Now moment, and in each opportunity. We have not perfected this new way yet by any means, many challenges still face us, but at the core of our emerging Conscious Community we have a heart space which energizes us all.

The QEG, like our New Paradigm, is Holistic and Inclusive. It works based of the principles of Implosion which we have discussed before on this blog. Unlike old Paradigm Technology, which is similar to the Western system of Allopathic medicine, the QEG uses nearly all aspects of the device - the metals, their make up and composition, the geometry of the core itself, etc. - channeling all the energy into the output. This modality of Holistic Inclusion, Reflectivity or As above So below is yet another example of the New Paradigm of Sovereignty. Hope Girl, along with Valery and Jamie, the team helping bring out "free energy" to the world shared this perspective with us on their first night here. She, the QEG, is showing us the Holistic way of Personal Sovereignty. The Big Picture of what we are doing here is becoming clear more and more each day, and we are each at our own unique level of appreciation and group harmonization within that respect.

Long Silences

Now that we have covered some of the big picture perspectives we want to take the time to share why Julian and I have been so quiet online lately. 

On Friday of last week, the 11th of April, our 2011 Mac Book Pro crashed, and the hard drive got corrupted. A day Prior to that one of Julian's Camera Lens broke which is the one he uses the most. And 3 days before that, Moroc Telecom, the 3G internet stick provider everyone has been using went down and most of the community was without a connection for a week. 

Both Julian and I paused to consider the meaning behind all this as we have been 'ramping up' for the QEG build and the timing of this could not have been more inconvenient. With the loss of our computer, internet and camera we had a moment of compression or repose to ground what IS within. We actually enjoyed our time away and had a lot of great conversations, quiet meditations and simply BEing in this lovely place. 

The challenge now is to repair the hard drive for the Mac Book and recover the lost data. We were able to replace the hard drive thanks to Gerhard whom arrived several weeks ago, but without a copy of OS Mavericks to restore our Time Machine Back Up to, there is no way to use the computer. At present, the only way to restore our OS on the blank hard drive is to download it from the Apple website because they decided in 2011 to stop making DVD copy's; thanks so much Apple! We are presently working on putting a copy of the OS onto our new hard drive and restoring our back up and will hopefully have this resolved this week. 

We are sorry we have been so silent of late, but it is not for lack of desire to share. There is a great deal that is happening here at many levels.

Aouchtam Community

Since our move to the Community on March 2nd, we have been doing a great deal here to prepare for the QEG and create a place for Conscious Living in Aouchtam. When we first got here, we were primarily living in what we have come to call the Pleadies, or Sea Side Apartments, a 9 Unit building with an average of 2 to 3 bedrooms each. It was a time where much imagineering was happening while Brian Kelly was doing his best to order Parts for the QEG and secure housing for the new arrivals. Later we found an amazing house just off the road from the center of Aouchtam which would become the Consciousness Club House. Whitney, Wayne, Lisa and Brian took up residence there and began work on the house and gardens. Soon more people arrived and began to share their vision for growing food and plants. Johnny and Cosmic have began gathering soil from the land for planting all about the property while Johannas set up Compost buckets in each apartment whilst creating a large Compost area in the main garden of the Club House. 

Norm, an Irish Native living in Morocco for 6 years and his wife Asma, a Native Moroccan, took up residence in the Apartments just up the Road from the Club House. There they have been introduced the local Berber Land Custodian,s whom by lineage, hold the land for the people and manage it. From what I was able to gather, it seems the country side is primarily presided over by the ancient tribes of Morocco, while the King maintains control of Incorporated Cities such as Tetouan. Many of us have already started looking at different places to grow and erect sustainable housing but no solid plans have developed as of moment.

Some of those arriving have healing machines and have offered their knowledge and wisdom to heal others. Justin took the time to have a Session with Johnny and his electronic resonance machine, which pulses your body via 2 hand held electrodes. Justin felt highly energized after the 20 minute session. 

Red has been kind enough to offer his knowledge of Macrobiotic cooking and has been preparing, with the assistance of many, our communal meals during the QEG build. He has been a Macrobiotic chef for nearly 40 years and experienced many conscious communities in his time. He let me use his computer to get out this update. Thanks Red!

Many of us have a desire grow our own food, eat healthy organic food and heal.

QEG Attention

Almost all of our focus at the moment is with the QEG. With the arrival of Hope and her family we began doing the initial preparation of the QEG build only to discover some problems. The shaft and adhesive we were going to use did not arrive as expected and while we were able to order another one, it will not arrive until Wednesday of this week at best, leaving only 2 days for the full build and tuning process. Thankfully we should be able to have another shaft flown over instead which will secure the Thursday build firmly in place. 

We are doing a lot of filming and recording during the entire process so that we can produce a documentary of the QEG in general and hopefully a very thorough explanation of how we are building our QEG here in Aouchtam.

Moving Forward

Considering we still have not solved the computer issue (I actually have it going right now as I type this up) it looks like blog posts will be very sparse and doing our weekly radio show will not be an option as the QEG build overlaps the normal show time. If we can borrow a friends computer we maybe able to post a recording and provide an update in that fashion.

Many of us here feel that we are really 'Doing it!' and the sense of excitement we feel is mounting each day. 

Hope, Val and Jamie have a great sense of organization and structure to achieving their collective desires, and we here in Aouchtam can learn much from there example. The body, like all things in nature is a perfect blend of Truth, Beauty and Goodness; a marriage of Masculine and Feminine Principles. And while many are realizing that a mind grounded in the heart space is that harmonization, we still have much yet to realize before we can claim that we have grounded the New Paradigm in Aouchtam.

We hope to have Resonance - a working QEG - by Saturday April 26th. Until then continue to do the work of your path with joy and excitement for each of us, in all places, are helping to realize the New Paradigm for the whole of the Earth and beyond.
- Justin

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