Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weather Modification Incorporated "Proudly Seeding since 1961"

Today a friend of mine, Whitney, shared a link to a company named Weather Modification, Inc. I personally have been aware of the fact of cloud seeding, or more commonly referred to as chemtrails, previous to finding this company. 

Here is a direct link to the company website so you can view the below yourself:

However I wanted to share some of the aspects of the site/company so we can see how weather modification has become a norm even-though its existence is often denied by politicians etc. We can also see that Weather Modification. Inc has been in business since 1961 so why would governments deny that these programs exist then at the same time the companies profiting from polluting our air sell their services as a god send?

You will see that Weather Modification, Inc states they are in the business of creating more precipitation world wide for exploding populations. Do not let this fool you.

The truth is weather modification/chemtrails/cloud seeding has been around for many years. The problem is we don't have all the science and information to be modifying our planet. The Earth has self regulated since its beginnings, and had it not, life would not exist as it currently does.

Before we go into the different types of weather modification services that are out there changing our atmosphere I thought it would be important to take a look at the clients who employ these services:

There were so many different programs in the United States that I could not get a single screenshot. It had to be broken up.

Now lets take a look at the various ways they can cloud seed.

There's ground based seeding as well.

The types of equipment.

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