Saturday, February 8, 2014

“Patience And Divine Timing.”


This is definitely something Justin and I have had to truly look at and allow. There are many times in our daily lives where we want things to happen immediately, as though we are in control of all aspects of creation and others. What we don't often understand is that by allowing things to happen through intent, suggestion, and influence, while at the same time being focused on your goal, the universe will bring to you that which you seek and more. We just have to stay open to possibilities, and act on them when we can. - Julian

Mini-Reading for February 8, 2014. By, Bella Capozzi.
✦ One of the greatest challenges we face throughout the Human experience is learning to have patience. Deep within ourselves we carry the remembrance of the fact that all time (or what we perceive as time) is now, and that we possess, innately, the ability to manifest what we need when we need it.  Then, when we seem that we’re unable to create it at will, frustration sets in and a feeling of helplessness at having towait.  When this occurs, we must remind ourselves that in truth, everything is in Divine order.  Everything will happen at the precise moment which is in the highest and best good of all concerned.
✦ To force something to transpire before the Universe has decreed it should is a lot like taking a cake out of the oven before it is fully baked.  It’s not actually a cake at all, but a mish-mash of hastily thrown together ingredients that serve little purpose and don’t function at all the way that they’re supposed to.  When we say “patience is a virtue”, nothing could ever be more true!  We are not born patient.  Those of us who have raised children can attest to that!  Patience is one of the most important of Human lessons.  It’s an intricate life-skill, an art form which is cultivated with lots and lots of practice.  Today’s card comes from Charles Virtue’s stunning Indigo Angels deck, and it’s entitled “Divine Timing.”
✦ Divine Timing affects everything, from what time we wake up in the morning to our biggest and most life-altering decisions.  If it feels like something is taking forever to manifest itself into physical reality, it is probably because there are conditions and hidden factors which are not conducive to the venture being successful or aligned to produce a positive result.  Also, we must take into account the freewill of the other people involved-never forget that we each carry a unique contract and mission.  Picture several roads which go off in all different directions, then see them all intersecting at one common point.  Each of us is driving along on one of those roads, but we aren’t all going to arrive at that intersection at the same moment.  Divine timing works a lot like that!
✦ So remember this;  the Universe has only the noblest and most compassionate  of intentions.  God, your angels and guides and your beloved family outside the Earth plane are all working together to protect you and make your life a wonderful and fulfilling experience.  You are so incredibly loved.  Embrace and enjoy the now moment.  And best of all, enjoy the ride!   XOXO ~ Bella
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