Friday, February 21, 2014

I Am a Ukrainian. This Needs to Go Viral (CIA Operation or not this has meaning!)

Some are claiming this video is a CIA operation. While the video does allude to a population that is sick and tired of tyranny if they trade one form for another, then that is just more slavery. But is that what is happening? I don't know. What I do know is that there is enough caring and knowledge of what IS to stand up and take action. That action may not be the ultimate thing that free's them all but it will be a step. 

The path to true freedom is taking back who you are and acting with full responsibility and liability. Therefor, having deep intrinsic knowledge of all things, and not relying on experts or elected officials to tell you what is best for you. 

And more importantly, if you DO recognize this campaign as a Koni style fraud, as many are saying, it is within your sphere of influence to tell those who have fully accepted it. Transformation of these control systems is the key!!!
- Justin

Source - Brian Kelly's Blog

February 21, 2014

Thank you for the find on this brother Tallison. Very moving video indeed. Happy to see it has over 5.3 mil hits on YouTube already. This is how messages spread. The people are waking up. My intention is set for the day to come where the fighting and resistance is no longer necessary. So BE it <3 ~BK

I am not a Ukrainian. But, the creator of this video is and it should make us all feel like we are. Watch it. Share it. Send it to your representatives. It’s not your problem. True. But all of our collective voices might be part of the solution.

This woman is brave and her message is clear. I dare you not to be moved by it.


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