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False Alarm On Black And Disappearing Snow–CAUSE FOUND!

Lots of interesting data coming out about fake snow in the South East of the United States. 
- Justin

Source - 2012: What's the 'real' Truth?

OMG2! Chemtrail Snow tested with Metal Detector! Mt.Lemmon Az

Uploaded on Mar 6, 2011

(I can either cry or laugh. I prefer to laugh. CH) And once again OMG is correct! Wait till you see what happens when Reporter Chris Haskell goes to Mt. Lemmon Az just outside of Tucson and tests the snow with a metal detector! PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG! I HOPE I AM WRONG because that would mean that were not being covered in Aluminum and Barrium daily in Az! That would be nice but these are the results whether you like them or not. No trickery, that is just what my metal detector did. I was not happy. Sorry about all the cussing. I will attempt to keep the cussing out of my videos in the future. March 06th 2011 which was also a day of heavy Geo-Engineering in Tucson Az. If someone has a comment telling me what I should or shouldn’t have done, it is this simple…DO IT YOURSELF!
Gee, not like it’s important or anything. I’d hate to waste someone else’s precious time. Here’s the deal, This video was done so that someone else can test this where they are at! I have two metal detectors and the other one does nothing at the highest setting on the snow. I assume this is because one metal detector is more sensitive. Two different brands! I think we need to further test this snow to see what we get. So here is the deal folks….I cannot do everything by myself for an entire city of ONE MILLION people! I literally do this FULL TIME now, and I don’t get paid one penny so maybe someone out of a million people in this city alone could step up and pay for the tests! I would be glad to gather snow and water samples or here is a novel idea, someone could just do this themselves!
Wow, imagine if only a handful of people have achieved this much awareness, imagine what just one percent of the rest of the people could do! But chances are not good folks,…it doesnt look too good, people driving around..rushing to work to pay taxes, drool hanging out the mouth never even look up at the sky anymore! WTF Aspartane/ Mercury in the corn Syrup, Mercury in the Shots, Flouride (Toxic waste) in the water, Hormones in all the meat, Aluminum and Barrium being sprayed in the air, and a heathcare system designed to keep you sick and on drugs!
And i’m crazy? Have you drugged your kids today? Most of the people out there aren’t going to make it through this. They are way too far gone. For the others… Watch the docmentary film, “What in the world are they spraying?” Free on You Tube and Google! (Can you tell I just dealt with a bunch of stupid troll comments,,,sorry) Ron Paul 2012! Here is link:…


Source - World Truth TV

If you saw my previous post HERE, or others like it (there are many), I have some information that might surprise you.

Well, I did some in-depth research, and I am happy to tell everyone who is hearing these reports (including my previous post) of ‘snow that won’t melt when heated’ and ‘snow that turns black when heated’—it’s perfectly normal!

If you live in an area with higher emissions of black carbon in your air, the snow will turn black when you heat it. (WIKI) (There is a ton of information here, I highly advise you to check it out!)

In climatology black carbon or BC is a climate forcing agent formed through the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, biofuel, andbiomass, and is emitted in both anthropogenic and naturally occurring soot. It consists of pure carbon in several linked forms. Black carbon warms the Earth by absorbing heat in the atmosphere and by reducingalbedo, the ability to reflect sunlight, when deposited on snow and ice. Black carbon stays in the atmosphere for only several days to weeks, whereas carbon dioxide (CO2) has an atmospheric lifetime of more than 100 years.[1] The term black carbon is also used in soil sciences and geology, referring either to deposited atmospheric BC or to directly incorporated BC from vegetation fires.[2][3] Especially for the tropics, BC in soils significantly contributes to fertility as it is able to absorb important plant nutrients.

When black carbon is burned, even if you didn’t have enough to turn your snow black, as in my case, it will smell like burning plastic or burning chemicals.

What’s more, if you burn the snow with an open flame, it will vaporize. This is called SUBLIMATION.

Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase. Sublimation is an endothermic phase transition that occurs at temperatures and pressures below a substance’s triple point in its phase diagram. The reverse process of sublimation is desublimation, or deposition.

At normal pressures, most chemical compounds and elements possess three different states at different temperatures. In these cases, the transition from the solid to the gaseous state requires an intermediate liquid state. Note, however, that the pressure referred to here is thepartial pressure of the substance, not the total (e.g., atmospheric) pressure of the entire system. So, all solids that possess an appreciablevapor pressure at a certain temperature usually can sublimate in air (e.g., water ice just below 0 °C). For some substances, such as carbon and arsenic, sublimation is much easier than evaporation from the melt, because the pressure of their triple point is very high, and it is difficult to obtain them as liquids.

Sublimation requires additional energy and is an endothermic change. The enthalpy of sublimation (also called heat of sublimation) can be calculated as the enthalpy of fusion plus the enthalpy of vaporization. READ MORE HERE

There is no doubt that the snow is loaded with chemicals because of Fukushima and chemtrails; however, this is definitely NOT the cause for the snow not creating liquid when burned, or the black material created upon the burning of the snow. It is very normal—sublimation (varporizing) and Black Carbon Soot!

And for those of you who do not like when there is a reasonable explanation for something, you are more than welcome to take some frost from your freezer if you have an older freezer and hold it over an open flame. It will do the same thing. An actual ice cube will drip somewhat because it is more dense than snow. You can test that theory by removing an icicle from the eve of your house (it’s going to contain the same thing as the snow) and light it up. It will drip more than the snow due to, as I said, its density.

These things I have mentioned are common physics. It does not matter where the information is from, it is laws of physics. Before arguing me, I challeng you take some time yourself and research. You will find more to support what I am saying than to support that we have ‘magic’ snow! Those of you who know me know that I believe in some stuff that many of you do not. However, I must correct something and share information when I see people either don’t know, believe a lie, or want to know. And for those of you who do not want to know, I make no apologies. There is a back arrow you can click on your browser, or an X to close off this screen.


Water or moisture vaporizes in extreme heat (such as you see with the sun) or open flame. This is called sublimation. The more dense, or solid, the water (solid ice) the more fluid will accumulate upon heating. The snow I gathered in my first video did melt naturally upon allowing it to sit. I am happy to go get more snow and place the camera within view of it for a while so you can sit and watch it slowly melt.

In areas where the pollution is heavier with black carbon, the snow will turn black when heated because carbon burns.

Chemicals will emit an odor when burned (carbon, etc.) There is undoubtedly chemicals in our snow (chemtrails, fukushima, fertilizers, auto emissions, factories, etc.) Carbon, as a side note, smells similar to that of burning plastic. Even if the concentrations in the snow are not visible, it will still emit an odor.

That is all I can tell you. Beyond that, I am sorry, I don’t know. However, we can’t argue the facts. Instead of wasting your time arguing about it, please take the time to research these simple laws of physics. You will be enriched. Thank you!


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