Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Being the Change: "I am Jumping on this Band Wagon" Thank you D! - The NEW Media: Exchanging Value- UPDATE

I am totally jumping on this Band Wagon!

I just posted D's article Paying to Stay Enslaved? Or Contributing to those Working for our Freedom? RTS: The NEW Media: Exchanging Value and did a fair size write up on it because I was so moved.

Then Dani posted the following and I felt a drive to use my new consciousness with action. The whole process of planing the trip to Morocco has been a process of letting go of the Lack I had been holding on to. There have been times when we hadn't a clue how we were going to get the funds to make this happen. And I admit having many moments of worry which forced me to address the core issue of limitations and that feeling of lack. 

But the consistent theme throughout this entire experience has been 'everything we need, will be there, when we need it.' And it is with out fail.

I have wanted to support my fellow bloggers more then I do, but have held back in the past because I felt so much lack. No Longer! I am stepping into the New Paradigm, just as Dani has done. She lovingly supported Stillness in the Storm with what she had to give and we graciously received it. 

We are going to contribute to 10 blogs every month. It may not be enough to retire. It may only be enough to buy a bottle of water, but the joy and oneness I feel knowing I am contributing a symbolic representation of value to my brother or sister is limitless. 

Thank you for setting this example for us Dani. And I already feel the connection deeply between us as a result of this loving absolute exchange!
- Justin

Source - Removing the Shackles

The NEW Media: Exchanging Value- UPDATE

After I published the article "The NEW Media: Exchanging Value" at 1:30 am my time, lol, I fell into bed.

..... and couldn't' sleep because I was so ramped up from writing the article. I laid in bed and just let the energy course through my body as my brain explored all the new ideas that have suddenly been laid out before me, the changing of perceptions, and the energetic exchange.

It took quite a while to get to sleep.

This morning I woke up and I kNEW exactly what I was going to DO. This IS the time for changing the paradigm, so I will make the changes that resonate with me, and move forward on that pathway to change.

When I had myself caffeinated enough to be able to see, I opened my laptop to see that I had received almost $440 cdn in value exchange. So I transferred $400 to my bank account (which is going directly to groceries and new shoes for my youngest two kids, and to buy the supplies Nick needs to continue his work in The Energy Workroom), Then I took the 10% remaining- $40- and I sent $4 to 10 other bloggers and websites that I read, to exchange value with them for the work that they have done and continue to DO.

We ARE the New Media. To move forward out of the current control structure, we need to BE the Changes we wish to see in the world. So I will BE & DO that change in my world.

Thank you my friends. With all my heart: THANK YOU

It's all Just a Symbol we create!


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