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Ask And You Shall Receive by Guthrie Stephens: An Empowering Message for finding Yourself

This is another great post by Guthrie. He has been on a journey of exploration, as have we all, for some time, and his technique of sharing his truth has a profound effect on people. 

During a filming we did with him in January, we had a spectator come in and asking us what we were filming, to which he responded with an out pouring of his passions and visions for a better world. I could palpably sense the inspiration from his words and this was yet another example of acting from the space of being in your highest joy and excitement.

I share this because what Guthrie has done is to be so open with himself and process that he manages to send waves of expanded consciousness around him simply by being in his highest excitement. We all have this ability and once we fully step into ourselves, we can feel the enriching effects it has in our lives and help others greatly in-doing so. 
- Justin

Source - Humanity Incorporate

Recently I have been experiencing quite a bit of cognitive dissonance. My thoughts, intentions and actions have been out of harmony and I can feel it. This is a plight that many suffer from and it manifests itself in different ways for everyone. Some people, for example, experience a deep sensation of loneliness and depression when engaging in disharmonious activities. Cognitive dissonance is an experience that we all have in one way or another, and though it feels insurmountable when within it, it is certainly conquerable.

It begins with the Question

The process of empowering ones self in ones life begins with both the willingness to ask the hard questions and the willingness to be wrong. The initial question I suggest asking is this, "What am I"? The reason I suggest this question specifically is due to it's range of application. Everything you experience, everything you ARE is the answer to that question. 

It is important to remember in this pursuit of self love and truth that YOU are both the question and the answer of the ENTIRE uni-verse. 99% of the time you are the "vacuum", the infinitely energetic source field, and in so being, you are both informing the wholistic mind and being informed as a fractal re-presentation of that consciousness. 

"Depending on the questions you ask the answers you will receive". If you are querying the database of how to have a depressing, isolated life, YOU are that answer. Happiness is directly contingent upon your willingness to experience it. This is explained further in my previous post "Happiness Is".

Kill Your Darlings
(deconstructing convictions)

My primary blockage in this process has been that which I think all of us experience in some manner or another, that of the unwillingness to be incorrect. Over our lives we form various and sundry assumptions as to the nature, subtle and otherwise, of the universe. We hold these "darlings" close to ourselves, allow them to identify us, and are more than reasonably reticent to relinquish them. However, in this existential comfort, we often find complacency. We construct a wall between ourselves and anything that does not concord directly with our preconceived notions of how the world works. 

This action of "conviction building" leads to experiences like HATRED and ISOLATION. Both of these dispositions are derivatives of LOVE. You love your egotistical idea of yourself so much that you reject anything that would question it. This can be a very difficult situation to transcend, especially when you have been trained by a society that idolizes Lucefarian ideals such as solipsism that truth is relativistic and determined by you exclusively. This is NOT the case. 

"No man is an island" is a phrase that fits very tidily into this topic. To feel as though you are isolated is not to understand the true nature of the universe. No-one and nothing is ever isolated, we are all intimately connected and foundationally one. Your perception resonates throughout the universe, and each action that you take has vast energetic implications. By holding onto various and sundry convictions and stigmas you are isolating YOURSELF from the co-creative experience that is everything. However, no matter how hard you try, you are NEVER disconnected. You may not immediately feel it, but you are intimately entwined with ALL of us, from the microcosm, to the macrocosm. 

When you come to a situation in which you do not agree with another, or feel uncomfortable with the information being provided to you, instead of immediately rejecting it as false, try to find the truth in it. There is nothing that is completely false in this universe. Lies come in the form of half truths, for nothing can outstretch the laws of our bounded infinity, and the discerning individual will find the truth in all. "Kill your darlings." 

Finding Your Calling

A common struggle on the quest for happiness and enlightenment is solidifying a goal and working towards it. I hear the phrase "I just don't know where to start" often and just as often I suggest this alternative in perspective; We are not EVER starting anything, simply picking up where we left off. This perspective is both true and very helpful in the process of Goal Oriented Self Organization. 

In a society that has cheapened our goals to the acquisition of material items and the sensation of "comfortable convenience" we are hard pressed to find TRUE lasting happiness. We have no existential stability when we are constantly jumping from one "new thing" to the next. This puts us in a very volatile state and opens us up to pernicious influence. Our passions have been dismissed primarily as hobbies ie. Music, Visual Art, Botany, Horticulture e.t.c. and we have defeated ourselves in believing it. 

Your calling is that which you most naturally do, that which you are naturally gravitated towards. Regardless of what anyone has ever said, your intention is to optimize your expression in your chosen field. Ask yourself, what was it that you loved so much to do before you were told it wasn't substantial? 

Happiness IS Paramount

The most important goal in this world currently is unanimous happiness. If we are not happy as individuals and as indivisibles we will NEVER be able to create what we want in this world in it's optimal form. Think about all of the times that you have gone to your job unhappy and how difficult it was to focus on your work. You were NOT providing the best "product" possible were you? 

Happiness exists, you can taste, smell, feel, hear, and see it. It may not manifest as a specific form, but it is a foundational aspect of how you experience every sensation. Happiness, chemically, derives from the perception of abundance. We struggle with this because most of us have been raised in a culture that is based around the supposition of scarcity. This creates a situation in which happiness is contingent upon your ability to buy it, effectively creating a business. The idea that one can buy happiness has been disenfranchised again and again and yet we still cling to the paradigm as if when we let go there will be nothing and no-one to catch us. 

We are ABUNDANT. I will not go into an in depth discourse as to how truly abundant we are, I will simply suggest that you pay attention, here is a link to a previous post regarding Iterational Abundance. Keeping that in mind, there is no reasonable grounds on to base the idea of isolation, depression, or anything but happiness. We have an abundance of food, housing, water, and most importantly we have an abundance of LOVE. 

Coming To Terms With Your Past

(though it may not have been this turbulent)

All of us have made decisions that we regret in our lives, and many of those decisions haunt us on a daily basis. Sure, we can distract ourselves with the myriad of stimuli that exist for just that reason, but in the end the problem remains. The hurting is very real and must be addressed. 

First I think it is very important to realize that you can never change your past, or hide it from yourself or anyone else. We are all entangled from the quantum to the macrocosmic level. You are a culmination of every action that you have ever taken and your history is a fundamental aspect of you. You can, however, change your perspective. When looking at your "mistakes", instead of admonishing yourself, forgive yourself and know that they have all been necessary in contouring Who, What, Where, When, Why and How YOU are. 

Think of this evolution in the terms of the Fibonacci progression. 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21..... Adding the previous experience to what you are now to create the next generation of self. In each moment we have a distinct opportunity to be what we want to see, to be HAPPY. We have the choice to evolve with respect to the old, into what we WANT to see, or into darkness. You are ALWAYS evolving both physically and consciously and the direction is DIRECTLY contingent upon YOU. 

Forgive yourself, your contrition will not solve the problem, only your actions will. Know that we live in a sympathetic universe and that your calls for help are answered directly to you and through you. 

1. In Joy

When in the joy state ones thoughts intentions and actions are all harmonized and the external world is a perfect reflection of the internal world. Truly living in a state of "As above so below". When In Joy, the situations that you are in cease to feel as though they are out of your control, or better, you cease to feel as though you are not a valid part of the co-creative now. You realize your role and all of your actions are perfectly harmonized with the pursuance of that goal. You are truly in a conscious state of Goal Oriented Self Organization and Actualized Potency. In this state you Stand at the boundary line between over- standing and under-standing, you are in perfect equilibrium. 




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