Friday, January 31, 2014

Refreshing Rant from Joe on the 'Divines': Push the Damn Button!

Joe has been a frequent commentator on the blog since we started in July of 2013. Since then, his colorful and often intense comments have sometimes allowed me to share a contrasting opinion, with just as much color and vigor. 

Today, Joe has put a huge smile on my face. 

The following is the comment left on the post Office of Poofness 1-30-14… “Love”. And my response. 

This post also goes very well with Lisa Harrison's take on the Divine Plan and Absolute Plan.

Much love Joe. Keep BEing and DOing!
- Justin

Source - Stillness in the Storm


Another claim gone bad by these people so they just push the date back further like they've been doing for years. Poof, or should I say Spoof as well as Zap claim they have higher connections, as in Divine. Would it interest anyone to know that the Divines have stated time and again through channeled messages that this light/dark scenario game here on earth was supposed to finish decades ago. Yeah, you heard that correctly, decades ago. So what went wrong?

Well some Divines claim that they seriously underestimated how resilient the cabal was going to be. So in other words we've been going through this extra pain and suffering for decades because the company of heaven and the federation dropped the ball? At the very least they seem to be very incompetent for such an advanced bunch of beings in high places.

Oh, but I hear the cry coming from many of you exclaiming that Kyron, Bashar, Ashtar and so many other Divines have said this is all our fault and that we brought this all upon our selves, correct? Well lets look at some facts. Has anyone noticed the nuclear installations the Federation have sabotaged for decades? Anyone can research these facilities and hear first account testimony from military personnel stating they've witnessed these UFO coming over their nuclear missile base and destroying either the missiles or the hardware, or both. So what, isn't that a good thing, sure but does it not cause one to think about the fact that they (the Divines and Federation), will interfere with a nuclear base but not remove the cabal when devastating suffering and death is at our throats by them? So where is this great Divine plan they keep talking about? Some plan, watch out for their own asses but not ours, because that's called interfering, right?
A nuclear explosion not only disrupts our 3rrd density but their density as well. So the Divines and the Federation will step in when it suits their benefit when they feel threatened. But heaven forbid they should take out some of the cabal garbage. And the irony and gall they later have by calling us their brothers and sister, or our family? Well if that's how family treats us, who needs them? 

Fact is we don't even know if these Divines are even real or that they may actually be Archons in disguise. For those who don't know what an Archon is, it's a Divine that has chosen not to be Divine. They exist between 3rd and 5th density hovering like parasites feeding off of our negative vibrations. They are masters of trickery and tell you that things are going to get better and that they are just around the corner and almost within sight. Sound familiar? Does Poof or Zap come to mind?

Even if these channeled Divines are not Archons, they are the ones who dropped the ball decades ago but they sure as hell do a great job at making us believe we are the ones to blame for all this. Really? It takes two to have an argument just as it was supposed to be a joint effort to nip this all in the bud a long time ago. But Bashar and the rest of the Divines seek fit to tell us, it's all our fault and we're doing this all to ourselves.
Well I have a very clear and distinct message I'd like to send to all you channeled entities. Either shit or get off the pot. We don't need to be told we should feel gratitude for an extended period of pain and suffering and then to be told we are the ones to blame for it. We've kept our part of the bargain and then some. When are all of you going to keep yours?

Justin's Response:

Joe, I don't agree with all the perspectives you had with this comment nor all the interpretations of the concepts put forth by the channelers, but there us much about your sharing which is very revealing. And its clear you practice inner discernment, and have enough grasp of whats going conceptually to make a very good dialog. 

I think this goes along well with a lot of the "Divine Transparency" we have been getting over the past year. 

There is something quiet refreshing about this style of commentary, I couldn't help but imagine Jon Stewart or Steve Colbert reading this with the quib looks and sardonic delivery. 

Joe, you are priceless! Thanks for all your sharing with all its color and flavor.


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