Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Disclosure: Bases 6 - Controlled Remote Viewing - Briefing by Paul O'Connor (Video)

This was an amazing presentation on Remote Viewing. The presenter practices what is called Controlled Remote Viewing, in which they use very specific methods to achieve consistent results. 

What is so powerful about this information is the undeniable nature of the data. And we each have these abilities waiting to be unlocked within us. 

Remote viewing is just the type of the iceberg. 

- Justin

Bases 6 Controlled Remote Viewing Briefing By Paul O'Connor

Uploaded on Dec 3, 2009
Paul O'Connor gave a detailed briefing on CRV at The 6th International Irish UFO Conference, Boyle, Ireland in October 2009
PAUL O'CONNOR (IRELAND) - is a trained Remote Viewer. He will give an introduction to Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) the de-classified top-secret project Stargate', using CRV to investigate the UFO phenomena. His Presentation wil be entitled "Remote Viewing, Project Stargate and the UFO Phenomena".
This is a BASES 6 Researcher's Series Presentation
Available on DVD.
Please pray for Betty, she is very ill with Cancer, and it has spread to her lungs. Her courageous efforts to put these conferences on in Ireland, and her travels around the world to see speakers are a massive tribute to the IRISH UFO researchers, and to Ufology as a whole.
Miles( Former Irish UFO Research Centre)


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