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What did the OPPT really do for humanity? - Definition of a Rebuttal, and conversations with Heather - Updated with American Kabuki's response

UPDATED: 12:23pm 12.04.2013 - American Kabuki went in and expanded on some of the points in this post. I went in and added his commentary is in red. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this Bill! 

The following is Justin's article on the what the OPPT did. Comments below in red are mine solely. I thought I'd expand on some of the thoughts expressed below. My comments are meant to expand on what is presented below, this is not a critique what Justin has written to the best of his knowledge and heart. I want to express my sincere thanks to Justin for his timely article! -Bill

There is a LOT to learn from this post. Why has no one being able to get their value acknowledged by the banks? What is the purpose of the Bond Documents if the banks do not want to play? What the BIG picture of all this really is, for you, me and the whole planet. 

When I was reading this, there was an aha moment when it came to the big picture, the holistic perspective. Many of us are frustrated that our lives have not improved by accessing our value with debt instruments; money.

Some Big questions about the former OPPT and its ultimate purpose:
  1. Why did OPPT secure our value and then not allow us a way to access it?
  2. Why did Heather talk about CVAC's and DOV's only to delay releasing the documents?
  3. If the OPPT was not about allowing people to access their value via debt instruments, what was the over all purpose of the OPPT?
  4. How did the OPPT TRULY help the freeing of humanity?
  5. What is the inner meaning of the OPPT for US (those who are reading these words, living in the slavery systems)?
The post answers all these, but in attempts to express them more directly, I will elaborate on each one with my personal perspective on the meaning of all these data points. Again theses are MY answers based on data I have reviewed, and distilled for myself. I did not talk directly to Heather, D, or anyone. 

(bill answers these before I do, in his version. I'll present it this way for ease of flow):

Why did Heather talk about CVAC’s and DOV’s only to delay releasing the documents?

[One CVAC was filed for the USA Corp, the main purpose of the CVAC was to secure the value from further hypothecation, mirroring, and phoenixing of the slavery systems. The USA Corp. is the defacto master corporation of all others. The slavery systems made the fatal mistake of standardising all the corporate structures based on the USA model and centralizing all the filing and registration (for ease of world administration) under the USA Corp and UCC systems and international equivalents.

As to perceived time delays, Heather has always done what she calls "following the energetic trail" [kind of a quantum approach to processing information that she has been sharing with me the last 2 weeks - and its quite amazing to watch in practice...] and her filings and "DO-ing" are always event based milestones rather than time-line milestones. -Bill]

If the OPPT was not about allowing people to access their value via debt instruments, what was the over all purpose of the OPPT?

[The OPPT was a trust vehicle created solely to recover the value of the One People which are Eternal Essence manifestations of Prime Creator Source which make them ultimate secured party for the value as recognized by the slavery systems own laws, codes, and structures of hierarchy.

The OPPT also was gifted and later accepted the ownership of the Slavery Registration System known as the UCC which of all the actions of the corporations and banking systems. The OPPT closed the UCC system and established the I Value System. While these filings are in fact valid, the banking systems continued to ignore [in public but not privately] that the systems are closed. The past 12 months are essentially the time that takes the existing energy in the systems to run out their pipelines.

The UCC is the bottom 3D registration tier of what is known in other realms as the Akashic records. -Bill ]

How did the OPPT TRULY help the freeing of humanity?

[It shut down the slavery systems in law and gave legal notice that the systems are being changed by Eternal Essence/I. It was the formal legalalties ending the experiment in duality and separation on planet earth. What began as a contract had to be ended contractually.

The system was truly ended in December 2012. What has happened since is simply the the wheels of the machine grinding to a halt. -Bill]

1. Why did the OPPT secure our value and then not allow us a way to access it? 

- The OPPT filings secured our value FROM THE BANKING SYSTEMS, not into our hands. 

[Sort of, they held in trust for you, until such time the banks are willing to repurpose and be transparent and accountable. It appears more and more likely they will simply be replaced by more advanced technology and simpler more efficient ways of exchanging value. -Bill]
- The value we normally think of in our daily lives, is actually a symbol of value (money, gold, silver, goods and services etc). [The are abstractions of value, the bottom tier being gold, paper money, FRN's and up to the arcane and non-transparent derivative markets -Bill]  Value is actually an intangible relationship of a BEing with respect to their DOing. A fisherman value's a fishing rod because they can use it to fish, this DOing is something the BEing value's. But the fishing rod by itself, has no value, it requires a BEing to draw value from within themselves, that is then associatable as a symbol; the fish caught by the pole. With this in mind, the OPPT used a figure to lay claim against the former systems, using their own rules. This prevents them from further using OUR value (representations) to energize the slavery systems in this way. 

[This will be a hard concept for some who have been co-opted by the system through welfare benefits and the "SHOW ME THE MONEY" crowd, this is not a system of free rides, but it is a system that gives you more value than you ever dreamed was possible. Freedom requires responsibility and accountability and ACTION from YOU through DOing.

VALUE IS "BEing" ACTUALIZED BY "DOing", You are value just by BEing, but UNLESS YOU CREATIVELY USE YOUR VALUE, through work, creation or service NO EXCHANGE OF VALUE TAKES PLACE with another being. When exchange of value takes place, more value comes into your being from PRIME CREATOR SOURCE, perpetually and exponentially. The more VALUE you create, the MORE VALUE moves into YOUR BEING in virtuous cycle.

This is actually is the way the system works now, EXCEPT the old system DIDN'T TELL YOU ABOUT WHERE THEY GOT THAT VALUE. And they led you to believe Federal Reserve Notes, Gold, Silver, were the value and that you were worthless and expendable. They harvested the value of an unawakened humanity at every step and stage of life through taxation, fees, interest, enforced scarcity of energy (electricity and oil), scarcity of commodities (food, diamonds, minerals) and time (roads that steal your time, bureaucratic entanglement, planned obsolence of products you buy). No matter the politics, communist or capitalist (a false duality of separation created for control purposes on the population centers) the underlying corporate and banking structures were all the same.

That energy was extracted for use by the ruling caste families under off-world control by non-benign ETs and their higher energetic controllers "the divines". "The divines" sought to phoenix the system under a quasi-religious technological banking collapse known loosely as "the divine plan" attempting to reboot it through Chinese money centers into a kindler gentler slavery system which still kept them in control. That rebooting is now IMPOSSIBLE.


- The value has always been, and always will be accessible by YOU. Your value is energetic, and the only limits which have been placed on it, are within your mind (more on this later). 
- The BIG picture with this question is, we are enslaved by our own actions, via our beliefs and thought processes. The OPPT brought things back to PRIME. 
- PRIME, in this case means the absolute value system: good will. [PRIME means PRIME CREATOR SOURCE/GOD/ALLAH/YAHWEH and its created human manifestations] Money is presently used, and accepted by the masses as MIND CONTROL. Bringing back to prime means acknowledging this within yourself, realizing the new system will involve NO MIND CONTROL. 
- Finally, the slavery systems were 2 fold: 
1. A deep level of self policing mind control, created within EACH INBODIMENT, seeing money as creative energy, and money REPLACING ALL other forms of creative energy within the mind of the enslaved person. (this is the largest and most dense part of the slavery system).
2. An external accounting system to manage the debt based fraud (the hidden books, strawman accounts, ucc chattel paper etc). The second was foreclosed late last year, the former is still alive and well in the vast majority of people on earth.
2. Why did Heather talk about CVAC's and DOV's only to delay releasing the documents?
- per the following post by D, the banking system was, and is DONE. The powers that be/were DO NOT want to revive it. They have been trying to push an RV and BASAL III. Even if you still think the Cabal has major power, by all evidence available in the media, they are not able to fund their own operations. In other words, the people who run the whole external slavery system, have decided NOT to reset it. [They have no assets to reset it with. They tried to RV. The system from its inception eons ago was designed to FAIL at this time. Mankind was not meant to remain forever trapped within the separation of this system. The Contrast (aka Cabal/Banksters/"dark ones") worked extremely hard maintaining the illusion. They are tired, exhausted, from trying perpetuate what was designed by Eternal Essence through those inbodiments to fail. In some ways you have to marvel at how they worked every possible angle, and would have succeeded except for the fact that Eternal Essence lives even in them, and would make sure that not even they stayed in this separation forever. All are coming home, most willingly, and a few will forfeit their inbodyment by attempting to go contrary to the Eternal Essence moving within themselves, through a process of self-foreclosure on their inbodyment - some will be permanently removed from this planet, to reincarnate in another world, another life and experiences. Death is never permanent. -Bill]
- Heather mentioned several times that things are happening within the system which caused the delay of the documents. Given the system was foreclosed on last year, and the system itself is not intending on reviving it, [they wanted to revive it, but Eternal Essence within them did not] then DOV's will not be accepted until the system has changed; I think. 
- As mentioned above the slavery system is still alive and well. The meat and potatoes of it is the self policing Mind Control created by the beliefs of those still addicted to money and the things they 'need' which money can provide them. Until this has changed (by each INBODIMENT doing the Inner work, and healing their addictions) a sweeping change wont happen as the field is still sown with minds wanting to be enslaved. 

3. If the OPPT was not about allowing people to access their value via debt instruments, what was the over all purpose of the OPPT?
- I answered this above, but I'll restate it again here. The OPPT foreclosed on the accounting structure of the slavery system. The part that is still energized by INBODIMENTS, was also brought into focus for the world to see; we are still reconciling this within. As each INBODIMENT realizes they are the ones that actually energize the slavery system, via their beliefs and self policed limitations, we will begin to sow the seeds of TRUE FREEDOM in the consciousness of all. 

4. How did the OPPT TRULY help the freeing of humanity?

- Again, humanity is enslaved by their CONSENT. [Initially by conscious choice of experience, later by unconscious consent] We have all accepted the limiting beliefs and systems of thought within ourselves, until we un-consent, those systems will still have power over us. The former OPPT revealed the external symbol [abstraction] (the ucc slavery systems, Cestui Que trusts, Strawman accounts etc) of the External slavery system. Now that we have brought the full truth INTO FOCUS, we can being to heal ourselves of the INNER SLAVERY we unwittingly consented to. 

5. What is the inner meaning of the OPPT is for US (those who are reading these words, living in the slavery systems, having to feed ourselves, pay bills, mortgage, etc)?

- The TRUE power of the former OPPT's work is what it reveals about OURSELVES. We have all bought into: addictions, slavery systems, good and services - pushed by our would-be masters. Many feel like there is no choice, that they HAVE TO pay their mortgage (or fear loosing their home), HAVE TO pay their medical bills (to keep getting the toxic care from the death management system) HAVE TO buy food from the store (which is soft kill poison) because there isn't anything else, HAVE TO have money for movies, video games, toys for the kids, school supplies etc (because my children shouldn't have to suffer!)
- The hard truth, many of us do not want to acknowledge is we need none of these things. We are all addicted to the lifestyle we have been living for years, and one which invariably causes suffering to us and our loved ones. Why do we want a better world yet only see the old things as indications of our success?
- The inner work which the OPPT offered us is to reveal to us all the limitations we have been energizing, telling ourselves 'we have no choice, we have to etc' The truth is we DO NOT HAVE TO, we CHOSE TO, and although it can be unnerving to question your long held beliefs, they are the thing that is holding you, and the rest of humanity back. 

I know it's not easy to hear that all of the horrific things in your life, you have unwittingly 
[and unconsciously] consented to. But once you can accept this, you can being to change it. 

Many of us are doing this work now. From my point of view, watching the past years work, I have made leaps and bounds in understanding just what part I played in enslaving my fellow man, and what part I can play by changing myself within. Thank about how much has changed within your understanding and awareness in a years time! 

We each have a divine role [we have a HUMAN role to play - only we can do what needs to be done on this planet and that is why we came here, Eternal Essence exists in all beings whether Human, ET, divine/celestial, or Angelic] to play in this, but are we TRULY acknowledging it? Your power is so amazing, so energetic, so all influencing that the choices you make in your mind, to still consent to the system, have GLOBAL and UNIVERSAL ramifications. 

Go within and look to see how you have stopped doing the work, and how this is probably the thing that is holding you back, not only with respect to understanding the role the former OPPT has played, but also what your TRUE purpose is in bringing about the global shift and change for humanity.

Your choices impact us ALL. 

- Justin

Source - Removing the Shackles

I am posting a few pieces of conversation that have happened over the past couple  of days.  Not only for Transparency's sake, but to help answer a few lingering questions.

First off, I wasn't going to respond to this conversation last week- I mean, I was, then I decided I wouldn't.... and now I've decided to make just one last comment on the topic, followed by Heather's last comment on the topic as well.

Here is the statement that ran all over the internet on skype and in various forums:

[2:39:49 PM] Henry O'Leary: UCC FILINGS Have Now been REBUTTED:

The Debate should be over !
People can now move on to other, more fruitful ideas.

I clicked on the link, and the link listed on the link which takes you right back to the original link- which is a forum.  No web page, No UCC filing pdf, No link to the official UCC website showing the rebuttal....  So therefore I have to assume that the post on the forum IS the "rebuttal" that, the glaringly obvious, "Henry" has posted. 

My response:  Dear "Henry", 

Posting your opinion on a forum is NOT a "Rebuttal".  Please note (highlights are mine):

If there is a dispute, error, or falsity make AND deliver a duly verified sworn DECLARATION OF REBUTTAL to the duly verified, sworn and REGISTERED OPPT DECLARATION OF FACTS, point by point, with specificity and particularity,with full responsibility and liability, under the penalty of perjury under any law you identify, that the forgoing is true and accurate, signed by your wet-ink signature.
To date, no such rebuttal has been registered.
"make AND deliver", means Make your sworn and duly verified DECLARATION OF REBUTTAL, andDeliver it, ie: it must be filed in the UCC as a FORMAL REBUTTAL. You may also wish to note that there is always a time frame that a rebuttal can be filed within..... usually 72 hours, although the OPPT Trustees were nice enough to give the corporations/governments 5 months to file a rebuttal.

..... Posting your opinion on some forum 16 months later..... doesn't qualify as a "Rebuttal", nor is it even slightly within the allowable time frame.

Just sayin'.

(11/28/2013 6:49pm) Heather: D....if you choose to spend energy into the banking/Henry/Hudes/filings matter...then I send you this last piece of energy I am willing and choosing to close those matters out with, IN LOVE AND GRATITUDE OF I:

This was never about the tools of the filings and the trust used to undo the fraud, allusion and illusion as it was bound by choice, to experience those limits. ALL THAT IS...IN EVERY NOW MOMENT...IS ABOUT BEING!

What DO you SEE, Love?  Where DO you SEE extreme amounts of energy being paid to influence perception?....and, specifically, what party line perception are they attempting to instill/tune/code within those perceptions?


[2:52:06 PM] Seraph G. El: This was a conversation I just had with Heather...for the sake of transparency...

[2:52:27 PM] Seraph G. El: [11/28/2013 1:58:10 AM] Seraph G. El: I have a question that has nagged me for weeks now...  The information and recourse you posted about "playing with the banks"... Did you get the procedure from someone who claimed using it successfully, or did you test it yourself as you did with your foreclosure? The instructions were very specific, so when I haven't heard of anyone depositing a single" unit of their value" I have to assume something was lost in translation... Please help me understand this... I feel like I know your heart and motive.

[1:49:55 PM] Seraph G. El: No reply?

[2:01:47 PM] Heather: to what?

[2:02:36 PM] Heather: ah!  Never mind I see it now....

[2:11:55 PM | Edited 2:13:18 PM] Heather: bonds, underwriting, etc. are no secret....foreign deposits are no secret in banking (just the part about inbodyments being "foreign" in that former systems was AND the fact that all statutes/codes/etc. regarding foreign persons/immunities/diplomats/deposits, etc. all were to preserve the perpetuity as required by law)....the secret service part was during the investigations from secret service ...and as far as no one "depositing a single 'unit of their value'", the ABSOLUTE PAN...the former banking system is not being revived and there are those consciously guarding and DO'ing the ABSOLUTE PLAN within the shell of the former system making sure that it is not revived...the energetic signature of banking was only set to be experienced and then unbound...hence, my reference to "PET CEMETARY" movie (chuckle)

.......I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! (heart)

[2:14:13 PM | Edited 2:15:16 PM] Heather: ......feel better?....I replied...just sayin' (chuckle)

[2:15:04 PM] Heather: sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh!  Seriously, Love.....I AM CONSCIOUS that you have better things to DO and are sooooooooooooooooo creative....IMAGINE BE'ING AND THEN DO AS YOU IMAGINE! (inlove)

[2:15:26 PM] Heather:  I DO

[2:15:28 PM] Heather: I AM

[2:15:36 PM] Heather: :*(hug)(heart)

[2:40:42 PM] Seraph G. El: Would you or D repost this exchange on her chat room? I think it's needed, and if I do it, it comes off as egotistical!

[2:41:26 PM] Heather: i am not in any chat rooms

[2:42:09 PM] Heather: DO what resonates within you.....

[2:42:30 PM] Heather: I don't care what others think about you ;)...i love you!

[2:43:33 PM] Heather: I don't care what others think about me either....but most already BE CONSCIOUS of that (chuckle)(heart)

[2:44:12 PM] Seraph G. El: D available to repost it for transparency? I think some are done "interpreting" your words and works, and would love to see this explanation "in your own words"!

[2:46:35 PM] Heather: want something done but don't want the responsibility (or the liability) of posting it your self....and then tout "transparency" ....regarding data that was already posted if you go back and read every word it is all in there.

.......very interesting ....IN DEED.

[2:47:39 PM] Heather: regarding D...Love, you will have to ask her....I do not speak for D or visa versa...I am responsible for I and she her

[2:48:09 PM] Heather: LOVE YOU! (heart)

[2:50:48 PM] Seraph G. El: I am really growing tired of the constant barrage of this kind of verbiage... This is not AT ALL about responsibility or liability! I've just gotten a lot of misplaced hostility from those who resent anything being said that questions the PROCESSES not the processor. I am SERAPH, and I have NO FEAR. I have proven this when most of these people had no clue what this was all about. I will post it IN IT'S ENTIRITY.

[2:51:47 PM] Heather: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! (music):O(heart)....I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!!!!! (hug)

[2:52:22 PM] Seraph G. El: LOL WHATEVER!

[2:52:35 PM] Heather: AND....I all ways question every thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[12/1/2013 10:02:56 PM] ⒾDⒾ: [Sunday, December 01, 2013 9:57 PM] HEATHER: 

<<< [8:56:54 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: it has been a useful "rule of thumb"...I thank you for all the questioning you do about any process or, well, everything....why can't something be questioned?....I love questions....

....what doesn't resonate within I, Love, is when someone asks me to post something that they don't want to post because they do not want to experience what others may call them....and cloak the request under the guise of "transprancy"...but post away!!!!!!  I LOVE TRANSPARENCY....I will send entire convo to D per your request, but I can not and will not speak for should contact her directly.

I love you, Seraph, have a great day!
Seraph G. El


[2:41:23 AM] Funky .: said that when you released the documents we would not need them anymore but we are trying to figure out what that means. When I hear stories from one of our roomies who works in a fast food place and she says two of the employees live in one car and have to come in at 3:30 am just to eat it makes my heart bleed. I thought that if I could figure out how to get some temporary funds from the banks then I could help at least some of the people then it would be a stop-gap but now it looks like you are moving beyond the banks, that everything has been done in that area and you are moving on....I am so confused and saddened because it looks like we are not accomplishing anything. Can you please offer some guidance here? My love knows no bounds for my fellow human beings.

[1:41:59 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ....please read what you wrote again...the whole thing....where are you focusing energy?...does that focus serve those inbodyments?...does that focus serve you?....does that focus produce some thing of service/value for those inbodyments?...does that focus produce somthing of service/value for you?

....hhhhhhmmmmmm.....can one focus DO'ing that address all of those inbodyments without focusing energy on the symptoms they are perceived to suffer by focusing on the cause of the perception perceiving them to be suffering?

If you want a different result, then change the formula ;)(heart)


[10:01:43 AM] HEATHER: D...Seraph did beautifully...all making things visible...Funky Kat sent over a question which I can hear many asking at this moment (I love how Seraph focuses energy) I am not in the rooms any more...would you please pass the following into there for me?  IN LOVE!:

[1:54:39 AM] Funky .: I just read an exerpt of a conversation you had with Seraph...this jumped out at me...

...and as far as no one "depositing a single 'unit of their value'", the ABSOLUTE PAN...the former banking system is not being revived and there are those consciously guarding and DO'ing the ABSOLUTE PLAN within the shell of the former system making sure that it is not revived...the energetic signature of banking was only set to be experienced and then unbound...hence, my reference to "PET CEMETARY" movie (chuckle)

~~~~~does this mean that even with all the documents you provided that you had no intention of us ever getting access to anything monetary to represent our value? We are simply guinea pigs to the data coming out? I am just trying o=to understand.

[1:58:38 AM] Funky.: oh and just a p.s. to the previous 'conversation' LOL....I was referring to getting access to funds from the bank in order to create an eco-village, aqua farm so we can not only feed people but teach them to feed and house themselves. Something fun like hobbit houses (cob homes made from earth)  (clap)  (heart) It would seem that we are going back to the basics....similar to Cloud Atlas ... even as advanced as they were at still comes down to sitting around a fire telling stories of the 'old uns' .

[2:18:12 AM] Funky .: My dear darling Heather....I cannot imagine how a day in the life must be like for you. I feel the pressure of having to work a job I don't want to work just so I can help pay the mortgage (which is something I do not believe in anymore so you can imagine that frustration) and to have some money to help a few others in our chat rooms. When what I really want to do is find a caregiving job with separate quarters so I can take my kitties with me and just live helping someone else in their need. The last comment you made here to me makes me realize that what I am doing right now serves no one. I can now think more about exploring that caregiving situation. It is not running away from my perceived responsibilities but more about me finding what is right for ME. I have a little more clarity. Thank you.

[8:58:43 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: [1:54 AM] Funky .: 

<<< ~~~~~does this mean that even with all the documents you provided that you had no intention of us ever getting access to anything monetary to represent our value? We are simply guinea pigs to the data coming out? I am just trying o=to understand.

[8:58:43 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .:  IN LOVE, GRATITUDE AND PEACE:
Love, the only intent I have and DO is that all inbodyments are inpowered to succeed at all they CHOOSE TO BE AND DO!  All the data that was shared IS exactly how banking your DO'ing and that of many inbodyments who DO the same, you demanded that a choice be made by the inbodyments within the shell of the former assisted those inbodyments to make their choice visible to all the universe....ALL INBODYMENTS OF I DO BEAUTIFULLY IN THIS FINAL MOMENT OF THE FINALE!!  BE'ING AND DO'ING...SO POWERFUL YOU BE...AND YOUR DO'ING GIVES ALL INBODYMENTS NOTICE OF THAT POWER...BE AND DO IN LOVE AND ALL IS PERFECT EVERY NOW MOMENT AND PERFECTLY DONE.



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