Friday, November 22, 2013

Sacha Stone Interview: Bob Wright, Brian Kelly, Lisa Harrison Published on Nov 15, 2013

I thought Sacha Stone's message of personal empowerment is so poignant right now. The human race is being subjected by an evil cabal, however, we are actively accepting their offers and we may not realize it. Keep doing the work from without, but ensure it is also being matched with work from within. For even if the Cabal magically left earth tomorrow, if we have not reconciled ourselves within, and removed the mind virus we previously accepted, a new slave master will be happily elected by the sleeping masses. 
- Justin

sacha tone interview

Published on Nov 15, 2013

Sacha tone interview bob wright brain kelly lisa m harrison

Here is a link to Sacha's website, New Earth Project:

the new earth project is a pioneering planetary initiative which intends, through the power of numbers, to demarcate a line-in-the-sand between humanity and over-reaching big-government. this historic sovereignty movement will define a world shaped by conscious people, and bring about healthy, joyful and prosperous lives for all it's residents, members and affiliates. people around the world, in all walks of life, are finally realising the artifice and fundamental injustices of our current model of reality. we are rising up and demanding that overbearing government stand down. none of us wish for our world to be coloured any further by the engineering of drone-wars, surveillance-culture, forced-vaccinations, food- stamps, corporate-insanity and media-manipulation. we reject the wholesale manipulation of our information and our livelihoods and are ready for a different civilisational download... one determined by humans with open hearts, open minds and a sense of reverence for all living beings. the new earth project is the unified sovereignty movement offering not just an exit-strategy from the wage-slavery paradigm - but also the means by which we can realise heaven on earth, in our world - in our time.

"the new earth movement is uniting humankind in a common cause promoting self-determination, freedom and prosperity amongst all people of the world. we offer beautiful homes in enchanting locations, within fractal communities of conscious people. we invite you to contribute time, resource and creativity towards manifesting this great collective vision"

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