Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vortex Mathematics - Sacred Connections to Numerology, Consciousness and the Torus

Great compilation of videos here Lucas. There is a direct connection between mathematical principles and numerology. Vortex Mathematics is an amazing methodology of discovery, and I think it is probably the most resonate with what actually IS. Especially when you consider the Torus and how it has been reproduced by nature everywhere we look. Watch the film Thrive for more on this. The elite have invested much in these 2 schools of thought and we would do well to familiarize ourselves with these most fundamental relationships in creation. 

- Justin


Vortex Mathematics – 18 October 2013

Matem├íticas Vorticiales @ TED Charlotte 2010 – Randy Powell. 
Marko Rodin on Vortex Mathematics

Randy Powell: Intro to Vortex Math [Full] [1/2]

Randy Powell: Intro to Vortex Math [Full] [2/2]


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