Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SITS 13th Nov 2013 - Megan Hussey and Saqqarah - Authors of Mythrotica

Justin and Julian, of Stillness in the Storm, will be doing an interview with Megan Hussey and Saqqarah, writers of Mythrotica; metaphysical and romantic stories based on mythological legends of Greek literature. 

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The Adventures of Aphrodite: The authors who bring a legend to life

The Adventures of Aphrodite represents a magical collaboration between two creative artists; two authors and activists who summoned the power of the Divine Feminine in their beautiful tribute to the exalted goddess of love.

Saqqarah is a nurse, author, entrepreneur and holistic practitioner.  Drawing on her experience as an energy worker, she applies the principles of metaphysics and sacred geometry to empower the rise of the Divine Masculine and Feminine through the vehicle of sacred sex.  She invites readers to examine central themes prevalent in erotica fiction such as control, power, and domination and uses erotica to bring awareness, conscious relationships and personal transformation. 
Her book, The Root: Discovering Power, unravels the issues of root chakra dysfunction and creates a transformative experience that explores the psychology of personal relationships, self-power and sexuality. The Mythrotica series eroticizes the ancient myths of the world to discover central themes that are prevalent in how humans behave and interact with one another.
Her work can be found on her site Metaphysical Erotica.

Megan Hussey
Megan Hussey is a feminist erotica author known for writing paranormal-based fantasy romances, with more than 30 titles in print, audio and e-book forms, and for her work behind the scenes in the women's erotica industry, having written for companies such as Playgirl, Chick Media, Good Vibrations, Little Black Box Gifts and Trejix Toys. Megan won an Honorable Mention for Love Romances and More Cafe's 2007 Vampire Book of the Year award, for her book "Under Cover of Night: The First Book of Nuit". This book also was acknowledged among the best short fantasy works of the year by Preditors and Editors.  She was also a nominee for the Erotic Romance Reviews for Women Golden Shoe Award; and her book "The One that Got Away" received a Recommended Read rating from the Erotica Readers and Writers Association.  Many of her stories revolve around fantasy characters such as mermen, and strong, real woman heroines.  Visit her website at http://goldenmuse.tripod.com/   

The Root and The Adventures of Aphrodite, can be found at these links on Amazon:
And if you'd like to know more about my work, please visit http://goldenmuse.tripod.com/

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