Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OPAL Tour Launch - Tehachapi, CA October 25th - 27th

What a powerful gathering of souls happening in this moment of now! I admit when I was watching this there was barely a dry eye. The feeling of spiritual contact, of gathering and support for our collective efforts is absolutely enrapturing. I have personally felt the drive to share more and more of late, and this latest iteration of conscious evolution is taking hold of many. Each of us has a chance to take up our true purpose on earth. Each of us is here, now for a good reason, we chose to be here, and once we embrace that fully, the level of joy, purpose and oneness we all can feel will leave no doubt that there is a magnificent and grand purpose at work for which each of us is write a specific and wonderful part.
- Justin

Published on Oct 30, 2013
The OPAL Tour launched in Tehachapi CA, here are some highlights from the 3 days.

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