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New Scientific Discoveries Prove Darwin was Wrong - New Genes via Genetic Mutation is Impossible

Thank you Guthrie for sharing this with us. I have known about the glaring inconsistencies and logical problems in Darwinian Evolutional Theory for sometime, but this article lays out all the data in a nice way. Furthermore, the Dating methods employed the world over are based on an erroneous model of the atom. Dewey Larson is a fantastic resource to further investigate this. 
- Justin


We are trained scientists and everything you read on this website is based on the latest scientific discoveries published in the most respected peer reviewed scientific journals.

Nothing we write on this website is based on the Bible or any other religious books.

But we are persons of faith and proud of it. In fact, we have no doubt we are better scientists because we embrace Divine Providence, just as all fifty-six of our Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. Our only goal is to seek the truth - wherever that leads us.

The truth is that there is a very powerful worldwide Darwin Conspiracy, run by atheists, that suppresses the facts about "ape to human evolution" theory and feed us lie after lie after lie.

We are here to combat the Darwin Conspiracy that prevents you from easily learning about the latest scientific data and information that are related to evolution theories. We promise to do our best to provide you with only what is factual and true, without bias.


Researchers in genetics and embryology are learning something new every day. The more they learn, the more obvious it becomes that it is impossible for humans to have evolved from apes.

We wish to reiterate and emphasize that this website will inform you about the latest scientific discoveries based on peer reviewed research papers published in the most respected scientific journals.

For purposes of clarity and ease of writing, on this website, we will use the term "Darwin Busters" to refer to scientific evidence that strongly contradict "ape to human evolution" theory.

Since 2001, many scientists conducting research in genetics and embryology have discovered more than just a few Darwin Busters.

Here are four Darwin Busters:

Darwin Buster One: Darwinians have been dead wrong whenever they have claimed that the "genetic matter of ape and humans is 98% identical." The ape and human chromosomes are remarkably divergent and too different for "ape to human evolution" theory to adequately explain. For example, the human Y chromosome has twice as many genes as the chimpanzee Y chromosome and the chromosome structures are not at all similar.

Darwin Buster Two: There are laws of embryology that directly contradict "ape to human evolution." One reason is that genes work together in teams to form body parts during embryonic development. This makes it impossible to add genes to any genome because there is no way to coordinate any new gene with existing genes. Yet "ape to human evolution" requires apes and humans to be able to add genes - for example, the chimpanzee Y chromosome has 37 genes and the human Y chromosome has at least 78 genes.

Darwin Buster Three: The laws of genetics prevent "ape to human evolution" from ever taking place. One reason is there is no genetic mechanism that creates new genes. But "ape to human evolution" relies on apes and humans having the ability to create new genes with new functions. New genes are required in order to have morphological changes, such as gills into lungs or more efficient brains. So called "gene duplication" is not evidence that organisms can create new genes. Although bacteria can duplicate existing genes by mistake through "gene duplication," this only occurs in single sex bacteria and this is not evidence that apes and humans can create new genes with new functions.

Darwin Buster Four: Darwinians have no explanation for why humans and apes have a different number of chromosomes. Darwinians claim that "chromosome fusion" of two ape chromosomes into a single chromosome resulted in humans having only 23 pairs of chromosomes while apes have 24 pairs. But there is not one example of "chromosome fusion" in mammals. Darwinians claim that 1 in 1000 human babies have a "fused chromosome" but this is an out and out lie. They are actually referring to Robertsonian Translocations, which are "translocations" and not fused chromosomes and does not result in a change in the chromosome number. Besides, scientifically derived facts refute "chromosome fusion" can occur in apes or humans.

We have just provided you with a summary of four Darwin Busters. Each one busts and invalidates "ape to human evolution."

But of course almost all atheist scientists refuse to admit any of them because they worship Darwin And almost all scientists are atheists because people of faith no longer seek careers in science.

Also, you probably have not even read any news about any of this because there is a very powerful worldwide atheist Darwin Conspiracy that actively suppresses the truth about evolution and instead spreads lies.

This is why we created this website. We are here to combat the Darwin Conspiracy and bring you the scientific information you need to make your own judgment about "ape to human evolution" theory.

To help you to begin to understand the truth about "ape to human evolution" theory, we prepared the following short summary of the theory, and we provide you with some details about the first Darwin Buster we listed above. In the future, about every five weeks, we will add details about the other three Darwin Busters.


Darwinians have asserted that humans evolved from the African ape, and they have proposed the following theory as to how "ape to human evolution" is supposed to have occurred:
Ape to Human Evolution Theory In a Nutshell 
Darwinians tell us that the biological differences between humans and apes can be entirely accounted for in the differences in their genes (DNA).

They have claimed for decades that the "genetic matter of apes and humans are 98% identical."

They insist that apes evolved into humans because of gradual changes to their genome. The biological instrument for "ape to human evolution" is changes in the genome, especially the genes.

Darwinians further theorize that each such change in the apes' genes was minor but over the course of over six million years, the accumulation of such small changes in the genes of apes resulted in "ape to human evolution."

Darwin's supporters boast that there are "genes that make us human" and that soon they will find and identify all such genes.
In summary - Darwinians claim the ape genome evolved into the human genome through changes in apes' genes and very few changes were necessary because the genetic matter of apes and humans are 98% identical.

But since 2001, scientific researchers in genetics and embryology have discovered proof that virtually every detail of "ape to human evolution" is contradicted by scientific facts.

Below are some of the recent discoveries that prove "ape to human evolution" is impossible.



Scientists in genetics and embryology are learning something new every day.

One of the things we now know is Darwinians were lying to us when they insisted that the genetic matter of apes and humans are 98% identical.

During the last 12 years, there has been a steady flow of scientific discoveries informing us that Chimpanzee and human chromosomes are so remarkably different that it is inconceivable for the ape genome to evolve into the human genome. For example:

In 2010, Nature published a scientific paper entitled "Chimpanzee and human Y chromosomes are remarkably divergent in structure and gene content." (Nature, by the way, is the most respected peer reviewed scientific journal for evolutionary genetics.)

The paper was the product of several teams of well-respected geneticists all of whom were fervent supporters of "ape to human evolution."

Nonetheless, they found that:
• The human Y chromosome has twice as many genes as the Chimpanzee Y chromosome. Humans have at least 78 genes and Chimpanzees have only 37.

• The Y chromosomes of Chimpanzees and humans are radically different in the arrangement of their genes.
Both of these facts make it impossible for apes to have evolved into humans because there are no genetic mechanisms that would account for the vast differences between the ape and human Y chromosomes.

Below are maps of the Chimpanzee and human Y chromosomes:

The top map is the Chimpanzee Y chromosome and the lower map is the human Y chromosome.

"Ape to human evolution" theory asserts that the Chimpanzee Y chromosome (top one) evolved into the human Y chromosome (the lower one) and few changes were necessary.

That is obviously baloney - there is no way that could have happened.

There is no genetic mechanism that could have rearranged the genes in the Chimpanzee Y chromosome to become the human Y chromosome.

The two chromosomes are so different it is like comparing the chromosomes of humans to those of chickens.

The regions of both chromosomes are color coded to identify the gene family or DNA type as follows (MSY means male specific region of the Y chromosome):



The same research paper also revealed that the human Y chromosome has at least 35 more genes than the Chimpanzee Y chromosome. Below is the gene table:

The human Y chromosome has twice as many genes as the Chimpanzee Y chromosome. Humans have 41 more genes.

This means that in order for the ape Y chromosome to evolve into the human Y chromosome, apes had to add 41 genes. In order for apes to add genes, they would have to have a genetic mechanism to generate new genes and insert them into their chromosomes.

But apes do not have any "gene generating system."

Nor do apes have a "gene insertion system."

This means that "ape to human evolution" theory is missing the genetic mechanisms necessary for evolution to actually take place.

This is ABSOLUTE CONTRADICTING EVIDENCE that proves "ape to human evolution" is impossible.


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