Monday, October 21, 2013

Lawful Remedy for the Ages: Forgiveness


rem·e·dy  (rm-d) n. pl. rem·e·dies (the Free Dictionary)
Something, such as medicine or therapy, that relieves pain, cures disease, or corrects a disorder.
        2. Something that corrects an evil, fault, or error.
Law A legal order of preventing or redressing a wrong or enforcing a right.
        4. The allowance by a mint for deviation from the standard weight or quality of coins.
    tr.v. rem·e·diedrem·e·dy·ingrem·e·dies 
To relieve or cure (a disease or disorder).
        2. To remove, counteract, or rectify.

Remedy (the Free Dictionary-Law): The manner in which a right is enforced or satisfied by a court when some harm or injury, recognized by society as a wrongful act, is inflicted upon an individual.

In law, remedies are the corrections a plaintiff is entitled to by to a court decision. In other words, remedies are supposed to restore the person damaged. Remedy can come in the way of 1.) damages (money), 2. restitution (restores the plaintiff to the condition/position they were in before the damage occurred), 3.coercive (the court commands the defendant to do or refrain from doing something to or toward the plaintiff), or 4. declaratory (the plaintiff is made aware of the law, its meaning, or of their constitutional rights in a particular situation).

Now, we of the world community have been damaged, enslaved through ignorance and manipulation. Butthe piercing gaze of truth reveals a startling fact: most of the enlightened are willing participants in their enslavement. They know about it and refuse to live free as it would disrupt their lifestyles. They still support systems of control through the use of fiat money, engaging with their BAR-staffed courts, and voting in phoney elections. The few who are truly free live in constant peril of kidnapping because most of the awakened refuse to terminate their collusion with the domination system.

Inaction is implied consent.

So now, who are the villains? What is the remedy?

The media blackout in America is more like a grayout now. The masses are stretching, yawning, and about to fully activate. When what they've known all along on a subtle level finally becomes conscious, they're going to want justice; they're going to want remedy; some will want revenge. But we all know on some level that WE ARE EACH RESPONSIBLE for what we have allowed. Something inside told us all along it was wrong to feed the "beast" but we did it anyway because everyone else was doing it.

So when it's time to consider "remedy" I suggest we consider FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness is not passively allowing someone to damage us, but rather, it is understanding who is responsible for what. If we are victims, we choose to be through passive allowance. We transform evil by engaging it while maintaining our honor. This, to me, is what forgiveness does.

I wrote a book called, Forgiveness: The Hero's Journey. Here are a couple of quotes from it:

"Forgiveness is the practice of maintaining our spiritual center amidst all circumstances. It involves and requires our ability to hold our attention in the present rather than allowing our histories to taint present circumstances with fear, regret, perceived failure, and insecurity. Forgiveness is a practice that gracefully moves us from victim to victor by shifting our focus from our personal past to our objective present.

People who practice forgiveness are spiritual alchemists transforming offense, even abuse, into pure gold. They simply cannot be destroyed." 

So practically speaking, what does the remedy of forgiveness look like in actuality?

I believe transparency is a key. Here is what a proposed procedure could look like:

1.  Bring all charges publicly, in the open, transparently for all to see.
2.  Make all procedures public, allow all evidence to appear publicly.
3.  Allow the accuser and accused to testify openly and in public. Much healing can take place here through the act of "telling our story" while others (jurors) listen objectively, reflectively, and compassionately.
4.  Allow the accused offender to confess, repent (express regret), offer reasonable restitution, and be forgiven if desired. Allow accuser to accept remedy and offer forgiveness.
5.  Allow rehabilitation for the offender if required.
6.  If court procedures and jury deliberations continue, allow them to occur openly and publicly.
7.  If charged, offer the accused a formal opportunity to confess, repent, offer reasonable restitution, and be forgiven (restoration), publicly.
8.  If the offender refuses offers of restoration and/or repeats the offense, detainment and/or containment would be recommended.

We are at an unprecedented time in world history. WE ARE CREATING ALL ANEW. What sorts of procedures would you suggest for peace, protection, and remedy?

In Love Always,

Cindy Kay


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