Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In-Joy, The Show 2/3 Oct 2013 8pm EST - Special Guest Robert Marques Chair of Saint Peter

This is going to be a really good show tonight. Judy Jandora of In-Joy asked me to help interview a very special Guest, Robert Marques the chair of St. Peter. In the post Acting as a Sovereign: The Chair of Saint Peter - Creditor to Bankruptcy of THE CITY OF DETROIT we heard the amazing presentments which can be summarized in the following:
“The City of Detroit, which is a legal fiction, is basically saying there is a bankruptcy,” Marques said shortly after he testified during the bankruptcy hearing. “The problem that most Americans don’t realize is there isn’t a bankruptcy. For one reason: All the world came out of global debt on July 1, 2013, when Iraq sanctions were lifted.”
What this means in relation to the recent actions of the Pope and his intent to reform the Vatican remains to be seen. 

I, Justin from Stillness in the Storm, will be co-hosting with Judy Jandora tonight on IN-Joy! Going to be a very exciting night!

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