Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Elite Idealogy's: Predictive Programming of Society Consuming Itself for the Greater Good


On June 7th of this year (6+7= 13/13) Universal Pictures released a horror/thriller movie entitled “The Purge.” The title of the film initially seems rather nebulous but the viewer, whether consciously or subconsciously, is immediately exposed to the films’ objective of near future predictive programming. The opening title sequence shows CCTV clips of people shooting and viciously beating others, faceless people are setting buildings ablaze and victims bloodied from their brutal attacks are slowly having the life drained from them in the streets. The date stamps on these CCTV clips are from various smaller suburban towns all around the United States and take place during the years 2017 to 2021. These are clips from past mandatory and sanctioned by the US government annual “purges.”

Not unlike a human spring-cleaning, the purge of humanity is facilitated by members of society and occurs on the Spring Equinox, March 21st. This date conveniently has an occult significance as it is a Sabbath holiday requiring human sacrifice. It just so happens that the purge takes place on this particular day and only between the hours of 7 pm and 7 am (a nod to occult numerology). The people are cued to the commencement of the purge by a televised emergency broadcast system message that we have heard many times before (except this is not a test). We are introduced to this new “violent utopian” America where, in 2022, there is only 1% unemployment, the economy is great, violence is at an all time low, and a new government has taken over.

The movie explains that humans are inherently violent beings due to the vast amount of wars and genocides in the past. Therefore, the only way to keep people’s ingrained blood lust in line is to allow lawlessness for 12 hours (another occult number) every year. During this time there are no police, no ambulances, no government, or firehouse interventions. It is everyone for themselves and no one can get punished for their actions. Well except for high-level politicians and government officials as they are protected and essentially immune from the carnage. This begs the question who can control who gets purged and who doesn’t. Those who are wealthy and can afford over-the-top security systems and an arsenal of weapons have a chance, but those who are less financially well off or possibly homeless are the proverbial sitting ducks.
We meet the Sandin family, we first see the patriarch, James, he sells these security systems to protect those who can afford it and as a result has become very wealthy. He’s even looking into buying a yacht, with a garage in it! James and his family are the envy of the neighborhood and have the largest house on the block, even amongst the already wealthy suburb. James isn’t a bad guy, while he supports the purge 100% (because he benefits financially from it) neither he nor his family partakes in the actual killing. They just barricade themselves in their mansion with an extreme security system and watch TV to wait it out.

Charlie is the youngest child in the Sandin family, he is kind and appears to value human life. However, he has a favorite toy, a rolling, transhuman infant robot complete with one glowing red-eye, because the other side of the dolls’ face is machine-like a la terminator style. The robot is affixed with a surveillance camera and is featured throughout the film and is often recording the catalysts for events both good and bad that happen.

The killing itself is referred to as “hunting” several times through out the film. The term hunting is easier to fathom than murder. The “haves” tend to hunt the “have nots” and the wealthy even have parties celebrating this necessary societal “cleansing.” Murder has become a right, especially to those who can afford weaponry and/or security. At one point a group of disguised rich kids, wearing menacingly smiley human facial masks and frolicking around as if it were Halloween are chasing down an African-American homeless man that they feel entitled to kill.

You see they are “fine, educated folk” and are better than the “dirty, homeless, pig” they are intent on murdering. In this “New America,” when you are killed your soul is cleansed and in addition by taking a life you are cleansed of any jealousy, hatred, or envy you had for that person. You see dying and murder is now seen as a positive, almost spiritual experience. A new belief has taken hold that it is your duty as an American to sacrifice other innocent Americans so that the world will ultimately be a better place. Towards the end of the movie the jealous neighbors who were always friendly with the Sandin family pre-purge make a circle, join hands, and start chanting “blessed be our new nation reborn” as they are just about ready to kill a woman and her two children, evoking a ritualistic feel to the act.

Clearly, this is a damaging message and only serves to normalize and feed into the survivalist, and every man for himself mentality that is already brewing in America. Showing that mandatory, government sanctioned human sacrifice is the only way to cure the crumbling economy and other societal ills is irresponsible at best. This movie is just another vehicle to program the masses to fight against one another verses encouraging us to come together. The occult symbolism and overtones only serve to tell the viewer who’s to benefit from this “New America” and it certainly isn’t you or I. For those of who may have missed this film or perhaps didn’t fully subconsciously absorb the message the first time, do not fret as it is rumored that The Purge 2 will begin filming soon.

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