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Can you Own an Idea? RE: Why I'm not going on OPAL Tour -- by Chase Binnie (Patents hold back Humanity)

Thank you Chase for sharing your truth. This is needed now more then ever. Chase brings to light some very profound issues. I eluded to them briefly in this post.

Chase addresses something we should not overlook, that Paul has spent many years developing, caring and nurturing this technology and is very upset that it is going to be released without his consent. But there is more to this story then just an upset inventor. This is a moral issue and it is at the core of what it means to be human on earth right now.

The O.P.A.L. Tour Question

The issue here is: Should the O.P.A.L. Tour release technology which the inventor asked not be released because they own the technology. Simple issue yet, profound impacts in consciousness for those who are brave enough to ponder them.

Do Patents help or enslave Humanity?

This is an issue of ownership, and what is 'right'; in the absolute spiritual sense. In the world of man, where man decides by FIAT (noun 1.a formal authorization or proposition; a decree.) what are "law's" there is a technology called a 'patent' which allows for someone to claim ownership of an idea. Let me say that again to make it abundantly clear to you. There is a legal process to allow for people to take ideas, concepts, dreams, systems, living organisms, and document that they OWN them. Now with this patent, they can enforce their ownership over the idea by preventing any other being from using it, unless they get their permission.

Definition of a Patent:
"a government authority or licence conferring a right or title for a set period, esp. the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention."
They literally become the masters of the technology and all others are but 'users.' A dependency is created whereby the users are now slaves to the master. This is a technological slavery system and it ultimately is used to hold back tech to allow others advantage in the world. Patents ALWAYS LIMIT AND ALWAYS HINDER EXPRESSION. This is their main stated purpose as detailed above. Imagine what would happen to the medical industry if free healing devices were freely available to all? The medical industry will use the patent system to 'protect their interests' and stop at nothing to prevent free medical tech from being widely available.

Lets consider an example of how this system works at large in our world today:
Lets say you develop a new way of growing food that can use existing technology in your house, in a fast and cheep organic way, and want to give that technology away to help humanity. You start talking to your friends and family and your local community. Everyone agrees this is amazing tech and wants to start using it to help their friends and family. After 3 months your technology is in half the homes in your community. One day someone from a big company like G.E. hears about your tech and decides to go see it in action. He visits one of the locations and is given a demonstration, and he tells the demonstrator he wants the plans so he can bring them home and use them in his area. But instead the man from G.E. goes to the patent office and patents the technology you developed. Now in the world of man, you are stealing the tech you originally invented in the first place!

6 months later, your community is raided by the authorities and you are dragged into court and charged with patent infringement for not only using the tech you developed, but also giving it away to people for free. The authorities shut down all your technology and G.E. takes your tech and shelfs it in their vault. This once amazing technology which had the potential to feed billions of people with cheap, organic, easily accessible food is now unavailable.
The above example is EXACTLY HOW THE PATENT SYSTEM is used in our world. Everyone I am sure has heard of Monsanto and GMO foods ravaging the planet and humanity at this time. But do you know what Monsanto did was to patent genetic material taken from family farms and then sue the farmers for using their 'Intellectual Property?' Farmers who had owned their farms and seed stock for generations lost everything; my neighbor here in florida had a family farm in Maine and lost everything because of the very system I just described.

Can you own an idea?

For all those who think using the tech is 'bad' or 'criminal' ask yourself who has the right to own an idea? The ultimate answer according to Natural Law, (the laws which are self evident and omnipresent in creation) state that knowledge is the inherent right of all intelligent life. Therefore, no man, or group of people can RIGHTFULLY claim ownership of an idea.

No matter how many laws we write on paper and no matter how many people you get on your side, owning an idea WILL NEVER BE LAWFUL ACCORDING TO CREATION, THE UNIVERSE OR GOD. I am not stating opinion, this is not a belief I am asking you to consider. I am telling you the facts. I strongly consider you research Natural Law if your confused by these concepts.

What this issue means for YOU, and our new World

The greater issue here is what do YOU think is right, and will you continue to empower a system which is against natural law. I think we can safely say everyone wants to be recognized for their hard work, and Paul's dedication to this technology is amazing. But no matter how much work he has put into this tech IT IS NOT PROPERTY. It is the right of all intelligent life to use knowledge as they see fit. And no other being has the RIGHT to stop them from using it. The universe agrees. 

Now on earth, if you asked people on the street what they thought about giving away technology someone had a patent for, they would probably respond by saying: "this is breaking the law! The patent owner has ownership!" This reveals the degree to which humanity has lost its way and disconnected from source. Again no matter how many people you get on your side saying it is right to own an idea, it NEVER WILL BE. It maybe socially acceptable to say patents are valid, but in reality they are not, and we are hindering all of humanity by continuing to give energy to these systems of slavery.

The question we all should be asking ourselves is do we want to live in a world that not only goes against universal law (natural law) by trying to prevent others from expressing knowledge, but do we want to be accomplices to this violation? Do we want to live in a world where we continue to go along with limitation, suppression, mob rule, slavery systems, corporate power, etc?

The Choice (All of humanity must make)

It is hard for many to answer this because Paul's feelings and emotions are being effected. Yes releasing this tech will hurt him in that his desire will not be met, but is his desire for the good of all, and is it resonate with Natural Law? And who is ultimately responsible for having an unrealistic desire? The illuminati desire to enslave humanity, will we honor their request too? Does Paul have the RIGHT to claim ownership of an idea? THIS IS THE ULTIMATE MORAL QUESTION EACH OF US MUST WRESTLE WITH.

In My Opinion, I think to continue to support a social system of 'mob rule' where we attempt to break natural law and prevent others from expressing themselves is THE VERY WORLD WE ARE TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM. This issue is MONUMENTAL. Your choice will help create a new chapter for humanity, and on earth inaction is choosing to accept the prevailing authority. 

• Choose to honor Paul's request: to suppress technology, and maintain the systems that enslave humanity. And give power to the patent system which keeps knowledge under the thumb of would-be controllers (all be it well intentioned).

• Choose not to honor Paul's request: resonate with Natural Law, send a message to the would-be masters of this world that we are no longer honoring slavery systems and knowledge is free to all and can be used by all as they see fit.

PS - Thank you so much Chase for being brave and sharing your truth. I think creating a space for discussion and discourse, Collective Healing, as I like to call it, is so important in our changing world. This is the inner work that is needed so much now. And I also want to commend you Chase for being brave enough to create a space for loving conflict in a world were so many want to turn away from all conflict. Conflict is what allows un reconciled things to come into oneness. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart <3
- Justin

Why I'm not going on OPAL Tour -- by Chase Binnie

There is a discussion developing on the 5d Media Forum and I strongly suggest you garner your opinion. Sharing is what allows us to come together in oneness.

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