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BK's Blog: O.P.A.L. Tour - The Ultimate Test (Doing what is right vs what is socially acceptable)

I cannot commend the O.P.A.L. Tour group enough for their decision to release this technology despite the patents which seek to suppress it. Just because someone writes a law on a piece of paper it does not make it binding on you. There are a labyrinth of man's laws on earth, and we could easily argue that the O.P.A.L. crew is violating it. But this Tour is about changing our world at the ground level; with each of you. 

This begins within, first and foremost. Man's laws, unlike Natural Law, only have power because WE CONSENT TO THEM AND GIVE THEM POWER. Free energy devices, from an absolute, perspective (divorced from the fallacy of man's laws) are the possession of ALL INTELLIGENT LIFE. No one has the right to 'own' an idea, and no one has the right to take the ability of expressing that idea from another sovereign BEing. They may gather a mob of people and incur violence against you, but this does not make them right. 

Paul has put in a great deal of work and I personally thank him for all his efforts (check out his website here, but humanity cannot be maintained in a state of suffering so that a few people can enjoy a monopoly on energy. And we as a collective should NOT ALLOW THIS to continue. IF we really wanted a golden age, we could create it with ease right now, but we would first need to stand up and take action. We need to become familiar with all these technologies and methods (not just physical, but spiritual and mindal as well) and be brave enough to use them, even if we have an angry mob of confused people trying to hold us back. 

It is courage that will take this planet from slavery to freedom, but only if we act on our knowledge. I know the road is tough, and it's hard to know what to do, but I thank each of you, who are being brave in your way, and standing in your truths. It is needed now more then ever. 
- Justin

O.P.A.L. Tour -- The Ultimate Test
October 9, 2013

by Brian Kelly

There is no such thing as problems; only challenges and opportunities. I don't think any of us could have possibly predicted what kinds of C&O's were in store for us when we introduced the Free Energy Tech aspect to the OPAL Tour. I would say it has been both a blessing and a curse, but I think bitter/sweet would be a more accurate assessment. In the beginning, it was all excitement and anticipation. Finally, something tangible, already developed and tested, that could actually help to build a bridge to total energy independence. An opportunity to make a true difference in the lives of so many souls, the world over. What a powerful and motivating force to fuel the energy behind the tour.

In my last post, which has been pulled down temporarily, I shared the latest development of Paul Pantone, the inventor of the tech, coming to the table to express his sheer discontent with our plan for distribution. In all fairness to Mr. Pantone and the technology he helped to create, I'll share in full transparency his position in paraphrased quotes. "You're trying to steal what I have spent 36 years of my life to develop." "Millions of dollars have been invested into this." "Your actions will disrupt all the licensing contracts I have from all over the world." These were his major points covered in a discussion Lisa and I had with him on Skype yesterday. He went on to share his plans of the controlled release of the tech; one unit per household, licensees having access to train in their county only, designed in accordance with government regulations and limitations in the U.S., as well as other countries. After 36 years this brilliant man has found himself in a position of being two months behind on his rent and struggling to make ends meet. A detail I debated sharing, but felt it needed to be shared for context.

I have to be totally honest and up front here. My heart goes to this man. He has been put through the ringer for years, thrown in a mental hospital, facing more challenges in 36 years than most people have to experience in a lifetime. I want to offer my personal apology to Paul for the last blog post I wrote up as it offended him and his son tremendously. I assured him that was most definitely not my intention. This is why I set the post to draft mode. Anyone who knows me would attest that I am not the type of person to intentionally harm or damage another, through my word, or actions. It's just not me. During the call, Lisa and I did our best to try to find common ground. Posed a number of questions trying to determine why after 36 years he has been unable to get the tech out in a more impactful way. Offering a range of suggestions to allow him the opportunity to experience a greater amount of exposure and success for the work he has done. Attempt after attempt was met with nothing but push back and resistance.

Over the past few years I have learned to understand there is a source behind every emotion, whether its fear, anger, hostility, upset, worry or any combination thereof. I've learned not to make snap judgments of anyone because of this Truth. You never know what might be the source behind their emotional triggers and responses. It best serves to not become offended or judgmental, but instead work toward taking the position of understanding, empathetic and compassionate to their situation. Clearly there's a major motivator behind the fear and anger that appear to be coming through both Paul and his son. I'm sure they are both great people at their core, but there is clearly more to this story than what we have been told or shown. Years of hard work and labor, challenge after unending challenge and attempt to get this out there, with very little to show for it by way of distribution or monetary gain. Being harassed and threatened at every junction, being told this can't work, this won't work. These types of experiences have the potential of slowly eating away at ANYONE faced with such tribulations. I know. I've been there. Not for that duration of time, but for long enough to know what it feels like. It hurts. It's discouraging. Enough to make you want to quit on a daily basis. Sooner or later, surrendering it all to God and the Universe is the only thing that will bring salvation.

These are the things that we have taken into account, in trying to disseminate and determine what we should DO moving forward. It has been a challenge far greater than I think any of us expected, before the tour even hit the road no less. One that has required us to really think, feel, discern and take every ounce of data into consideration before taking our next step. What we have ultimately concluded, is that the very foundation of this tour IS ABSENT LIMITS. The tech is just one piece of the energy that represents the tour, albeit a very important one. What we are experiencing is our first true test of living, being and breathing Absent Limits. Where do we choose to pay our energy? Into the old broken way of doing things? Or, into creating a new way that works for ALL?

What we want Paul to understand is that our intention is to help him, not harm him. To assist in bringing exposure to the technology. To create the space that can allow him the opportunity to not have to struggle financially for the rest of his time on this plane of existence. Who's to say that this won't drag on for another 36 years if we were to just walk away from this? This exposure of the tech will help in ways that cannot yet be seen. There are 7 billion + people in this world. As Lisa said in her article here, controlled distribution is the epitome of limitation. What patents represent is controlled distribution to the extreme. I do not consent to systems of control any longer. I know I am not alone. What they represent is the old way of doing business. What this tour is all about is fostering a new way. Perhaps what would serve greatly here is an education on what has transpired with the UCC filings over the course of the past year and a half. In short, the patent process, inclusive of every patent and trademark, both active and inactive, physical and intangible, were canceled and reconciled on July 4th, 2012, by UCC #2012083304, made clear in the following excerpt:
"THAT full, faith and credit, guarantees, by the people of The United States of America, made in the past or present, known or unknown, for any and all operations, indentures, debentures, accounts pledges, covenants, contracts, signatures, hypothecations or other property(ies) (inclusive of all chattels, general intangibles, payment intangibles) of the UNITED STATES, and several STATE OF...thereto, are cancelled, NUNC PRO TUNC, PRAETEREA PRETEREA; Any and all authority and protections previously granted to allow or permit such guarantees to be made on behalf of the people of The United States of America, especially those by Executive Order, are cancelled or revoked NUNC PRO TUNC, PRAETEREA PRETEREA"
This means that every patent is no longer valid. All systems of ownership and control have been reconciled back to Absolute. I urge anyone who disagrees to look into the filing for themselves, where they will find it stands as law, unrebutted.

Bob Wright said it best here:
ALL former contracts with the DEBTORS inclusive of FEDERAL GOVERNMENT patents, titles otherwise have been terminated...PERIOD. ALL titles of Ownership terminated...PERIOD.
What I don't think this man realizes is that filing a patent with the Govt he actually signed all rights to his own creation to the Federal Govt which is why they can now dictate how it can be used as he so stated in the beginning of his conversation...
I personally believe that every idea is born as a result of the Universe's intent to manifest every "thing" in existence into be shared and enjoyed by ALL, unrestricted and uncontrolled. I believe THIS is a part of what IS the new paradigm. The question is how willing are we ALL to start living this new reality? Haile Selassie said:
"Any who may wish to profit himself alone from the knowledge given to him, rather than serve others through the knowledge he has gained from learning, is betraying the knowledge rendering it worthless."
Fact of the matter is, we have stolen nothing. We have neither harmed nor victimized anyone. We cannot control whether someone chooses to see it as otherwise. The victim mindset is self proscribed and does not come from exterior forces. Our intent in this mission is Pure. We are committed to help The People in any and every way possible. Fame or fortune is of no interest to us in any form. The tour is about sooooo much more than the technology. It's about Unity. It's about letting go of ALL broken down old systems that no longer serve us. All we have to do is decide collectively to no longer pay any energy into any of's that simple. Are WE ready to live Absent Limits? Are YOU ready to live Absent Limits? Are YOU Paul?

Mr. Pantone, please know we respect you. We love you. We are willing to support your many years of hard work and tireless labor. Your genius should be rewarded not suppressed. It's time to embrace the change...

We have passed the test by following our hearts and choosing Absent Limits. Let us learn from this valuable example and move forward with this Tour and our mission to change the world, with a greater sense of clarity and purpose. This is the "stuff" that builds strength, courage and perseverance. We are The One People. We are Absent Limits. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? It's Time...

Please help to support our mission!

The Illusion of Ownership:

Like the sound of a passing train,
all experience is just passing by.

Thoughts, images, feelings, sensations…
all appearing and disappearing…
all just passing by.

If a crow makes a sound nearby, we don’t take any ‘ownership’,
But if the mind makes a sound, it somehow becomes ‘mine’.

It’s interesting to explore how the ‘I’ takes ownership
of every sensation, thought and emotion that appears.

And being busy taking ownership and fighting with appearances,
the ‘I’ forgets that it is itself an appearance.

The fundamental ownership is that of the body/mind.
One starts by claiming physical sensations and asserting ‘my body’.
We own every thought that appears and say ‘my mind’…

Once that happens, then on behalf of the body/mind,
one starts owning all the emotions and fluctuations…
and then the wife, the child, the house, the car…
right up to ‘my’ country and ‘my’ planet.

One has to believe the illusion of ‘me’
before one can create the illusion of ‘mine’.

It’s surprisingly blissful
when perception is experienced without any ownership…

Everything is seen as magically appearing and disappearing…
and there is no one catching or claiming ownership,
or even saying good or bad.

There is just effortless witnessing…
just spontaneous experiencing.

Life is experiencing itself moment to moment…
free of any judgment whatsoever.

All concepts of ownership exist only in the mind.


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