Tuesday, October 22, 2013

American National's People's Court: A Step Forward or a Deal with the Devil?


Today I received a recording of a public call made among people calling themselves the American National's People's Court establishing their grand jury. On the call, they are discussing how to set up grand juries in order to be recognized by the Jesuit General and United Nations for enforcement by the provost marshals upon presentment of their true bills and for lawfully re-purposing buildings according to the intent of the Motu Proprio.


You may listen to the entire call here.

Here are a few of the notes I took while listening:

[11:53] "...what is the criteria for the National Liberty Alliance? I do not know. So all I do know is that the Jesuits made initial contact and said this is a principles of the council and the law council and the fire council, uh, as well as the signatory to bring forth thirteen grand juries with twenty-seven members in each one and their findings will be taken and submitted to the United Nations and the Jesuits would enforce the findings of the grand juries, etc., uh, end then it would bring rise to us creating a new type of compact or, uh, charter based upon, not the corporate charter but the de jure charter based upon a republic that was put into perpetuity through an act of 1861 when Congress walked out in...contempt of Congress... [15:20] "...the, uh, Jesuits have basically said that the new charter will be based upon the Unanimous Declaration of Independence and not the constitution because the constitution was the bankruptcy document that was signed, uh, signed, you know, witnessed by foreign agents, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and uh, that created the bankruptcy..."

[16:40] "...we have had communication three different times with the Jesuit Generals, there's a meeting planned in the next two weeks to meet with them to discuss this stuff, these issues, so that's where we're at..."

[17:00] Here someone makes the point that the Jesuits were the enemy in the past and wants to know what has changed. Answer at [17:08] "Well, if you read the Motu Proprio...it's an offer to correct the wrongs that they've had their hands in for the last, you know, thousand years, so uh, you know, I hate to use the term 'come to Jesus meeting' but, you know, obviously Pope Francis is stepping outside the normal responsibilities and actions of the previous Popes..."

At [40:30], someone objects to involvement by the Jesuits. Here is the response: [40:55] "Well, you need to understand something; when the Jesuits notify the provost marshal, the provost marshal is going in to execute. So that's why it's very important to understand chain of title or that chain of supremacy, chain of command."

Start listening here for context for quote: [51:54] "...yeah [the Jesuits] don't want any reference to any codes, statutes, or regulations; it's all based upon the unalienable rights, uh, done by our creator. In other words, you know, we don't murder, we don't kill, we don't rob, we don't thieve, we're not bearing false witness; you know, sort of like what falls under the Christianity terms of the Ten Commandments, okay?"

[87:15] "...Based upon what the suggestion was from the Jesuit General, the spiritual grand jury is three times three times three; that's three times three is nine, nine times three is twenty seven. So of that twenty seven you probably want to have a foreman, and a clerk; and your judge, thirty people....[92:27] "I believe there's 516 or 536 sitting Sheriffs and former Sheriffs who have signed up with Oath Keepers. Now, in my opinion, those Sheriffs are pretty well informed. Those Sheriffs would probably be likeable candidates to either join in the capacity of sergeant at arms or the foreman or just become a member of the jurists if they're in a retired position or be open to taking the findings of a grand jury that's been seated based upon the offer from the Jesuit Generals to convene a 27 member spiritual grand jury...and to act on those proceedings and provide a writ of assistance...after the findings of the grand jury are done, simultaneously you notify the county sheriff who happens to be a member of the Oath Keepers as well as the Jesuit Generals in regards to the enforcement arm by what they suggested would be turned over to the provost marshal."

end of notes

There was a "Treaty of Peace" signed in 1795 between the Cherokee Nations of Indians (one of multiple branches of Cherokee Nations), and the United States War Department, United States Secretary of State, and the president of the United States. Apparently, the Jesuit Generals have promised to make good on this treaty as long as certain guidelines are met. These guidelines include 13 grand juries being set up across the United States according to the Jesuit General's standards and ruling on presented true bills. I am still researching to find the wording of the treaty.

Our option to this, as I see it, is to set up our own communities and procedures according to Natural Law: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." We don't need government and we surely don't need Vatican law governing our affairs. Some say working within the system to change the system can be a good thing, but I'm not convinced. While I agree that graduating the unenlightened masses into freedom rather than shocking them into it could be good, I would rather see true confession, repentance, and restitution by the Vatican along with a hands-off policy when it comes to other peoples' affairs. What do you think?

In Love Always,

Cindy Kay



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