Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Unlawful Seizure - All in service of the Absolute Plan

Justin (left) and Julian (right) standing at front door
beside the notice and invoices.
The 5th of August has come and gone. Julian and I are now in our new place in St.Petersburg Florida. St. Peter is the GateKeeper to heaven. It is interesting that we left the housing development named Valhalla only to arrive at the Gatekeeper, St. Petersburg. What the greater meaning of this is, I honestly do not know, but I do have a belief that nothing is coincidental and a faith that all things are in service of the Absolute plan.

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Message from Julian, in regards to this show: "I apologize for my upsetness, I have learned much from continuing the shows and filleting myself on air in a sense."

The Energetics

Julian and I loosing our home to an unlawful and defunct mortgage company, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, was an event in energetic reconciliation. It is easy to get caught up in the distraction of feeling battered by the system, especially when it seems the whole world (of sleeping masses) is telling you "its your fault, why didn't you just pay the mortgage, you got what you deserved, etc." I know I felt my programing asserting itself when I felt like I had lost the battle, or felt bad when the hammer was coming down.

We have developed enough of an awareness about the subtle energetic side of events, especially in relation to our day to day hustle and bustle lives, that we know ALL THINGS are in SERVICE of the ONE; the one Prime Creator, whom we are embodiments of. What we mean by this is that we know no matter how chaotic or how horrific events seem to be moving toward or actualizing, there is always a place for it in the ABSOLUTE PLAN. Not even the slightest speck of dust or event is not accounted for.

Heather, one of the Trustees of the former OPPT, mentioned in her recent Interview with D from Removing the Shackles and Mel Ve of Freedom Central, essentially all plans service the absolute plan and are enfolded within. My way of saying this is "the conspiracies of god are interwoven in the conspiracies of man."

For example, there is a growing reaction from Kiri and her agenda (allegedly to use the funds from the DOV to further a Maori freedom agenda in NZ) - we can not know, only believe - because Kiri is the only one who has the knowing; we are outsiders looking in. I agree with Heather that Kiri in her doing, is included in the absolute plan. No matter what all things are in service of the one.
What this unlawful eviction has done, is to display in transparency, how corrupt and unapproachable the "Justice System" really is. All those who have been making themselves aware of this have yet another example, grounded on earth, to draw on. The sheriffs, the deputies, the clerks of the court, the judges, my neighbors, my family, all who are aware, now have the seed planted. An actuality which is grounded in space-time and will in time be reconciled.

No matter what, anything that is actualized out of the infinite potential - anything that is limited by manifestation, is a link in the chain of the absolute plan for all of creation; and beyond.

Unlawful Eviction, the details

We finally received a response from the emergency motion we filed on Thursday the 2nd or August. Now, the last time I filed an emergency motion, I received a response from the judge with their justification for denial of my motion. This denial has no such justification again very suspect of improper process.

the response sent from the court with regard to the emergency motion filed on August 1st 2013.
Notice the lack of any justification or reason or lawful process..

I decided that I was going to place "signs" or Notices on my property to inform the sheriff/deputy that their actions are unlawful and they are aiding in an unlawful seizure by a foreclosed entity. Here is the NOTICE OF UNLAWFUL SEIZURE I placed on the front door and garage door; there were also 8 other notices dispersed throughout the house:

"NOTICE OF UNLAWFUL SEIZURE" offer to contract to the would-be enforcers and agents of
a foreclosed entity. Also premade invoices for both the deputy and sheriff involved.

Just like when you park your car next to a sign that says "NO PARKING ANYTIME - VIOLATORS WILL BE TOWED" the enforcement agents of the defunct bank are accepting my terms and conditions. This is in effect a contract or agreement which can be enforced using the UCC system. I have not familiarized myself completely with how to do this yet, however I will educate myself and do what I feel is needed to continue this process.

Let me be clear: my intent for Invoicing, perusing commercial liens and civil actions is to help bring the fraud of the whole system to light. My case is a good example of the courts completely ignoring Justice, to enforce Just Us systems of control. 

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, US Bank National Association, Ronald R Wolfe and Associates Attorney's at Law and the whole of the Private Commercial Court System, have all been foreclosed upon last year for deceptive acts and practices. Any action they take or their agents take is unlawful and for the greater good of all, must be revealed!

Our unlawful eviction serves as an example, amongst millions of such examples, how the lie of Justice and Fairness, is shattered by the actions of our would-be executors and earthy law keepers. The would-be stewards of the earth, the Powers that Were, have defaulted and gone against their mandate and now exposing the truth will really set us free!

Exposing the Truth

In our world there is a constant program of prestige and social acceptance being promulgated to the masses. "In order to get the life we want, we must not be socially excommunicated; we must fit in, be normal, go with the flow." We are taught at an early age that socially unacceptable things in our life, are "your business" and if you share them with the world you're "embarrassing yourself" which could have major ramifications.  This is an example of a social control mechanism keeping people separate and compartmentalized, preventing reconciliation and repurposing.

Julian and I feel that exposing this story, just like any other, even at the risk of social ridicule, is needed now, more then ever.  We are healing as a society, as a species and as a planet filled with life. The ONE PEOPLE will become one if we are brave enough to share openly and honestly with others and allow the reconciliation to occur.

Our 'former home' due to unlawful eviction - Valhalla
UPDATED 7:44pm 8.06.2013 - Julian pointed out to me that the ship on the Uhaul Truck is a Viking ship. We rode out of Valhalla (viking heaven) on a Viking Ship, to the Gatekeeper of Heaven; St.Petersburg.

Special thank you to all who shared your energy with us over the past week.

"A Bridge to Light" Photo by Julian Robles
This is a bridge to Pinellas County, home of St.Petersburg.
- Justin 

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