Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Silver & Gold - Hidden Secrets Of Money 'Currency Vs Money' - Mike Maloney

I am presently putting together a post discussing the manipulation of gold and silver, by the powers that were, over the course of hundreds, if not thousands of years. Every 70 years or so there is a big push to go to a gold and silver backed currency. And this is touted as the 'savior' of our financial problems. There is a lot of validity to the idea that currency backed by real things, can solve a lot of problems in our world. However, we should not blind ourselves to the past either.

This video has lots of great information in it and can be used to learn about how defunct the system really is. The producer of this video hails Gold and Silver as the solutions, but I would argue this is just another phase of the control mechanism. If switching to a gold and silver backed currency stabilizes the economy at large, but at the cost of creating more poor and destitute people everywhere, then is this really the sweeping global changes for all of humanity that we have been waiting for? Probably not.

Gold and Silver historically have value because of social convention. Currency by Fiat is essentially the same thing. The only reason gold and silver are held in such high esteem is because of tradition, but gold and silver have no intrinsic value, unless, we, the sources of that value say so and agree to use it as such.

Regardless of the Agenda in this video series, it is still a great source of information.

- Justin

Published on Feb 26, 2013
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