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Restaurant Security Camera Shows Michael Hastings’ Car “Crash”

Revealing Data. The video shows a bright explosion. I am not an expert but it looks a bit sketchy. If Michael did die at the hands of the PTW, it suggests he was on to something. His death would highlight the need for standing in truth when our world is based on so much fiction. Michael wouldn't be the first martyr who died for their beliefs and I personally thank all those who stand in their truth, in all the countless ways, as it heals the collective a little bit each time.  

- Justin

Restaurant Security Camera Shows Michael Hastings’ Car “Crash”

American journalist Michael Hastings reports from the Obama campaign trail the day before the general election November 5, 2012 in Des Moines, Iowa. Credit: Getty Images

Although the footage is from a distance and doesn’t show in detail the scene of the “explosion” of Hastings’ car, I feel it is more than adequate to prove that “A” car was traveling at an extremely high rate of speed through a red light— but the car of a driver like Hastings who drove like a “grandma”? The vehicle in no uncertain terms went up in flames, but there was apparently no explosion according to witnesses.

If you have seen images of the rear of the car, there was significant damage there, as well, which is curious when it was supposedly a “front end collision with a tree”. The rear damage could be related to the explosion/fire of the gas tank.

After watching another video, it appears the tree was on a boulevard in the center of the street.

Under what circumstances do you suppose a car motor in a solid piece of machinery like a Mercedes would eject and travel 100 feet from the vehicle? What kind of force would it take?

I’m thinking out loud here… did the engine land in FRONT of the car somewhere beyond the tree, where momentum would take it in a sudden collision with a stationary object? (unless it hit the palm tree and then dropped there). I thought I read that it landed further down the street, which could have meant it traveled roughly perpendicular to the path of the car rather than in line with it. That would defy the laws of physics I learned in school.

There are many ways to sabotage a car, we’re learning; all used by various groups to control a “situation”. The Boston Brakes is a very popular and effective one, and never leaves anything that can be traced or proven to be sabotage, but the cyber-attack is very probable.

Or was it a “terrorist attack”? And did they cremate his body against the wishes of his family due to reasons of “national security”? Or was it because it wasn’t Michael Hastings at all? Pretty hard to tell, isn’t it? Who do we believe? Maybe “they” have Hastings and the driver of the car was a patsy.

Will we really believe it if the toxicology reports come back indicating drugs or alcohol in Hastings’ system? How do we know it was really Hastings’ blood and tissues they analyzed, or if they actually did an analysis at all? It’s all hearsay and doesn’t stand up in MY court. It’s been a month—what’s the holdup?

This is L.A. after all, where the forensics around Michael Jackson’s death were appallingly bungled, contaminated and covered up—and lets not forget O.J. Simpson. I’m not seeing transparency in this town at all.

Aha! I just did a search on “where did Michael Hastings engine land” and, of course, MANY people are WAY ahead of me on this. I feel that after 30 days the coroner should have released their findings, particularly after immediately cremating the body. That raises a bright, red flag.

The longer they wait to announce the results of the investigation, the worse they look. Let’s watch them squirm, shall we?

New Stunning Surveillance Video Shows Fiery Michael Hastings Car Crash

Newly unearthed footage captured on a Los Angeles restaurant’s surveillance camera allegedly shows the final moments before journalist Michael Hastings’ vehicle burst into flames on impact.

Hastings was killed after his Mercedes Benz smashed into a tree on Highland Avenue on June 19. His vehicle was traveling at extremely high speeds before the vehicle hit the tree and was immediately engulfed in flames.

The video was reportedly captured by one of the surveillance cameras at Pizzeria Mozza, a well-known pizza restaurant located just a few hundred feet from the site of the crash. The owner of the restaurant, Nancy Silverton, gave the footage to police the day after the accident,according to LA Weekly.

In the unsettling video, Hastings’ vehicle is allegedly seen speeding down the road seconds before the car wrecked and went up in flames. Watch below (Warning: Video may be disturbing to some viewers):

A number of questions remain unanswered in the death of Michael Hastings. Many are hoping that autopsy and toxicology test results will help answer some of those questions. However, more than a month later, the L.A. County coroner’s office has not provided an official cause of death or the results of a toxicology test.

The lack of answers surrounding the circumstances of the Hastings accident has allowed conspiracy theories to thrive on the Internet. The LAPD said they found no signs of foul play as the coroner continues to investigate.

Hastings, who was just 33-years-old, is best known for his Rolling Stone profile on Gen. Stanley McChrystal, which ultimately forced his resignation.


Here’s another video which clearly shows the motor but I can’t tell where in relation to the car it is. Some report the engine was 50 feet from the car, others 100 feet, another 200.

Here’s a video that explains why cars may or may not burn or explode.


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