Thursday, August 15, 2013

Federal Reserve System Explained - Understanding Bank Credit vs Money

I found a series of 12 wonderful videos with a simple, visual explanation of all the Key concepts behind the entire scheme of Currency, Credit, and how public vs private debts are managed with the Federal Reserve system.

Lots of great Data here to expand our knowledge base.  

- Justin

#1 Federal Reserve Explained # 1 HJR 192 US Bankruptcy, UCC-1, 1099-OID

#2 Federal Reserve Explained # 2 US Dollar Note, Redemption Sovereign Bonds UCC-1 1099-oid

#3 Federal Reserve Explained # 3 Economic Security act (SSN) STRAWMAN Jedi NInja Bankers

#4 Federal Reserve Explained # 4 Debunking the Myth: "The fed charges interest on the all the dollars"

#5 Federal Reserve Explained # 5 Destruction of Money - Liabilty - National Debt - Money Trail

#6 Federal Reserve Explained # 6 Bonds: Redemption Maturity Debt Mechanics of Bond issues

#7 Federal Reserve Explained # 7 Fractional Reserve Lending Banking Complex Taxes Inflation 1099-oid

#7.1 Federal Reserve Explained # 7.1 Fractional Reserve Lending Banking Complex Taxes Inflation 1099-oid

#8 Federal Reserve Explained # 8 If "cash" is an "IOU" how do I get paid? UCC HR-192

#9 Federal Reserve Explained # 9 Debt Note Shell Game Re-Upload

#10 Federal Reserve Explained # 10 Gold Prices reflect dollar decline. Increased debt weakens dollar

#11 Federal Reserve Explained # 11 /Standing revisited, Discounting Notes/Commercial Paper


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