Sunday, August 25, 2013

Divine Cosmos: Synchronicity Key: David Wilcock's Epic New Video, Part 1!


At last! Enjoy David Wilcock's epic new YouTube comeback video! 50 minutes of incredible new information reveals that we are indeed witnessing the full exposure and takedown of the Cabal, thanks to the work of an international alliance.
Disclosure is happening now. Watch as David takes you through a guided tour of the biggest headlines of the last four months, and shows how these are all leading up to something very big!
Even better, you will find out that this is the fulfillment of a cycle predicted in over 30 different ancient cultures around the world -- forecasting a coming Golden Age of seemingly impossible wonderment!

Very few people seem to be aware of what is happening in the world right now.
You might be quite concerned, even nauseous, as the full scope of negativity and surveillance in our world is finally exposed.
Many people are going into a "dark night of the soul" experience right now -- feeling that all hope is lost, and doing whatever they can to distract the pain.
The news headlines we are seeing -- which I talk you through in this new video, step by step -- are building up to something much bigger than we could ever imagine.
I strongly recommend you read my previous article, CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve for the latest and most current information.
Many thousands of listeners were very inspired by the three-hour radio show I just did on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory as well.
I made some very bold predictions in this radio show -- and I wouldn't have done that if I didn't have very strong faith in their validity.

Now that Anonymous has revealed itself to be heavily staffed by patriotic US Military intelligence officers, the truth of the Alliance is finally becoming clear.
I have been in contact with multiple insiders who are aware of this alliance to varying degrees -- and of their plans to restore freedom on earth.
Edward Snowden headed off to Russia -- and then never left.
For years now, we have been leaking intel on this site revealing that Russia is at the forefront of this alliance to defeat the murderous Federal Reserve.
At one point it was called BRICS -- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa -- but it has since grown much larger than that.
A significant majority of the US military is now supporting the Alliance. This is a good thing, not a bad thing.
If the Federal Reserve cabal is not stopped, they will destroy our planet. We cannot afford to let them do that.
I have risked everything -- my life, my security and the people I care about -- to join this fight, and help spread the word about the positive nature of these events.

On some levels, this is a consciosuness war. The Cabal has systematically infiltrated and controlled the mainstream media -- in many different forms.
All the traditional outlets of magazines, newspapers, television news, television shows and movies have been compromised for many years. 
There have always been books and radio shows that revealed the truth, but without video publicity and mainstream press, they have been ignored.
The war is being fought for your consciousness. For how you think -- and what you think.
Surprisingly, this is all being allowed to happen by a loving, intelligent Cosmos.

The "Powers that Were" have been the biggest, most powerful organized religion in the world -- for at least hundreds, if not thousands of years.
The true scope of the secrecy involved -- and the nature of the crimes that have been committed -- would make most people shake with fear.
This group does have a spiritual philosophy -- known as Deism.
They believe the Universe was created by a "Great Architect" who set up a system of natural laws, and then abandoned us.
In their belief system, "there is no God" -- no loving consciousness overseeing our evolution.
Instead, they believe the objective is to "become God -- where none had existed."
In my new book, The Synchronicity Key, I completely collapse this false belief system with the arresting truth of scientific fact.
You are about to see the first of an epic new four-part video series where I make the case.

Many people come up to me in person, say they have "seen all your videos," but then say "You have a website?!" when I ask them if they read my latest article.
There is a large percentage of our overall audience who seems to be predominantly using YouTube to obtain information -- and our videos have millions of views.
This is the first of a four-part series we are now editing and post-producing for maximum quality. It's well worth the wait!

In the video I tease about the connection between Jimmy Carter and Cato the Censor of Rome.
This is one of the most fascinating and cutting-edge connections that I explore in the book -- as it is very much a present-day phenomenon.
I give extensive proof that Carter appears to be the reincarnation of Cato. There is an astonishing facial similarity, for example:

Some people might write this off as a coincidence, despite the scientific research of Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Jim Tucker with over 3000 reincarnated child cases with forensic face-matches.
The most stunning connection is how these two men have extraordinary similarities in many areas.
This actually includes them doing the same things at the same exact times, exactly 2,160 years -- one Age of the Zodiac -- apart.
We show the same phenomenon occurring, including the face-matches, with Hitler and President Richard Nixon.

The most fascinating aspect of this story is how Carter has actually jumped onto a positive timeline.
If Carter had repeated his karma as Cato, he would have become a strong voice that goaded us into World War III -- which would have started in 2011.
This would have been a repetition of the Third Punic War.
The previous two Punic Wars overlap with World War I and World War II very precisely in the Zodiac cycle.
Instead, in 2011 we had the Keenan lawsuit -- which synchronized with two different cycles, as I clearly explain in the book.

When Carter said "The US has no functioning democracy," he fulfilled the prophecy I'd already written into the book -- over a month before its release.
The cycles reveal that Carter will have a key role in defeating the Cabal and promoting Disclosure -- and the prophecy is already coming true.
Even if Carter never says anything more, simply making this one statement -- as a former President -- is good enough.
In the previous cycle, Cato didn't even live this long -- so clearly Carter has jumped to a more positive timeline, and shows that fate is not fixed.
As we learn our collective lessons, these same cycles can begin producing positive experiences instead of negative ones -- as we are now seeing.
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