Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Absolute Data Exchange: Heart at the Center of The Seed of Life

More amazing Data about Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio Phi. These numbers and patterns appear everywhere in nature and the elite use them for their own purposes. Discovering them can be one of the first steps towards seeing the interconnected nature of reality. 

- Justin

The New Technology and Research (“New Science”) is emerging…
7 faces, with 12 edges is the form of the heart [evolving a 5th chamber] study of the “Unseen” with the phi (Golden ratio) growing the form(s) as it is a dynamic asymmetrical vortex energy. You see all the platonic forms and the chesterhedron form within this heart-based energy. Frank also found in his research, of the “chesterhedron”, the Earth’s Heart and the dynamics of the energy flow at the poles… (My perspective is the so called new science is the returning acceptance of the ancient wisdom and knowledge that exists in alchemy and natural philosophy when spirit and science where united as in holistic research. The occulted knowledge shall become common and part of the Absolute Data Exchange.)

Frank Chester: Pyramids and Pylons Lecture part 3 of 5



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