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UPDATE 8:00PM EST - Claire spoke to Kiri - Help Kiri Flyer

UPDATED 8:00PM EST - The following update was produced via a facebook thread in the The One People: Shifting Banking Discussion GroupThank you Claire and Turikatuku for all your dedication to Kiri. (If you have not read about Kiri's story before browse the article list below which details her DOV deposit process, initial court appearance and more).

Kiri's Status Update

Turik and Claire spoke to Kiri where she is being held at New Plymouth Correctional Facility at approximately 8:00pm EST. Kiri is Ok. Kiri has asked that efforts and campaigning be directed toward the Hawera Police Station NZ and the MP's there. She is eating and being treated well in New Plymouth Correctional Facility. Presently Claire is working to have Kiri released so she can see her family and children; not status on that at this time. 

There is no status as to what the charges were or what the we can expect in the coming week.

Turik and Claire have created a to funnel food staples to Kiri's family. The details for contribution are in the flyer posted at the being of this article (it also posted again at the bottom of this article in a larger form).

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Below is the original Facebook thread used to create this update:
FREE KIRI CAMPBELL UPDATE: To bring you all up to speed, we just spoke with Kiri in New Plymouth Correctional Facility. She is OK, hasn't eaten and speaking occasionally with her Lay Representative Claire Muncaster. Kiri clearly said that corruption is running rampant through the NZ Police Force but particularly the Hawera Police Station NZ and she asks that CN's be directed there and to Parliamentary alleged MP's. New Plymouth are treating her with the upmost of Respect. Right now we are just working on ways to get her released to her family.

We are now focusing on raising some funds as the NZ Police have taken all Kiri Campbell identification and debt cards, therefore her children are now feeling the hardship of this situation.

To help right now, we have opened a account to help pay for food staples with payment via credit card. If you want to help, this is the only option that I can think of right now for the immediate situation at hand. Inbox me if you can help contribute online.
As for blocking Bronny NZ, I wouldn't be too worried about it as she is blocking us from the The One People Groups that she admins as well. We are now directing the information through Peter Kondongonis and The One People - New Zealand.

Communication with Claire is limited as she too is being watched by big brother.

Again thank you for your support.
Turikatuku Gumada and Claire Claire Dulaine Muncaster
Here is a larger version of the Help Kiri Flyer:

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