Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stillness in the Storm - 17/18 July 2013

The Stillness in the Storm blog is live!  We are proud to introduce our blog (Justin and Julian).  

Our first post will be the show link for tomorrows show (Wed 7/17/2013 10am EST). Don't forget to go to facebook and hit "like" on the community page Stillness in the Storm  and scroll down to todays show so you can see the article links for this weeks episode.  You can also join in on the conversation by entering the chat via the blogtalkradio show link or calling in.

Live this Wednesday 7/17/2013 10am EST. Stillness in the Storm with Justin & Julian.

show link:

This weeks show:

- Zimmerman Chaos, discussing the divide & conquer or distraction

- U.S. Is Pressing Latin Americans to Reject Snowden
- Sympathetic Universe, Entrainment, Harmonic Universe
- Entrainment - Systems of motion unifying over time; Everything is motion
- Interconnectedness of All things. "All Truth is sticky and is interconnected. We evolve collectively as a signal organism in a sense, the Urantia Book describes this as the Supreme Being., the bible calls God, the Universe, the First Source and Center etc. This Great Intelligence divided itself up into infinite parts and we are those parts BEing and DOing."

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